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Lauren Stone
This time yesterday I was already in bed asleep 😴
Shirley Carter. A gun. A wedding. Hell hath no fury. #EastEnders
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Moved out almost 2 months ago and I still don't know where the nearest petrol station is
Morning 🌻 it's an early one, had a nice dream last night which has made me a little more optimistic than I have been 😊 #early #morning #black #coffee #pulpfiction #mug #happy #realisation
Well my flat is freezing today
British Prime Minister Cameron tells #UNGA: "we need reclaim their religion from these sick terrorists."
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Bunfight was 50 times busier than last year and I only went for 2 societies :')
Missing a few people pretty bad. πŸ˜”
Going to dye my hair today to cheer myself up πŸ’†
In desperate need of alka seltzer but worried it will make me sick? #help
I wish I had blue or green eyes πŸ‘€
This is difficult 😁
Things change quickly
Pizza Hut have the best Pepsi dispenser
Feeling good today
Hobbit and hobbit ❀️ #night #ootd #pub #eyes #hobbit #drink #film
If you are struggling to make small talk here are some topics of conversation 1) Weather 2) Transport 3) Tea 4) Scottish Independence
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If you see someone in Nandos wearing skinny jeans, a Hype t-shirt and Air Max, best believe they've already tweeted "cheeky nandosπŸ‘Œ"
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After tonight.....kat & Alfie ! Enjoy the ride you lovely people x
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Goldfish has 'high-risk' surgery to remove life-threatening brain tumour
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πŸ†πŸΎ #ootd #leopard #croptop #self #brunette #red #denim
A year ago today Hank Schrader said to the bad guys, "Go fuck yourself" after some time to rethink,...DITTO motha fuckas!
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The sky was nice tonight. πŸŒ™πŸ’• #sky #pink #sunset #southampton #clouds #weather
Current mood: 😢
Would have loved to see @The_JamesJordan win #cbb last night but @THEGaryBusey was a worthy winner πŸ’•
I think this may actually be a good thing. πŸ˜‰
Christmas shopping has begun πŸ˜‰
Donations top Β£1m after Manchester Dogs Home fire as Ricky Gervais adds support @rickygervais #ManchesterDogsHome
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Tonight's EastEnders will be dedicated to John Bardon, who will be sorely missed
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Could really do with one of those cars with a reversing camera
'Reeva? Reeva honey is that you?' That should have done it. Saved a lot of bother and all that.
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''he could not have foreseen killing whoever was behind the toilet door'' It's always a small risk when you fire a round of bullets?
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Headache from hell
β€œ@stefan655: @Lord_Sugar when is the apprentice back on?”........SOON
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Woooo Eastenders won big at TV choice awards....the tables are finally turning #deserved
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So happy and excited for #EastEnders tonight winning best soap!! ❀️ sooo happy for Lindsey too!
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Happy Birthday Martin Freeman <3
I have such a guilty conscience
If I'm researching and a page doesn't load, it means give up
Only one 9am start this semester πŸ˜‹
Worst nights sleep in a while, accompanied by a dream about brain surgery, credit to the Saw films
Conservatives promise to scrap Human Rights Act after next election via @guardian