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Lauren Stone
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Such a lovely pub, made up for getting somewhat lost, cold and bitten by two dogs in the forest ❀️ #beaulieu #drift #inn #forest
Beautiful walk in Beaulieu today. Sky was the best I've seen, I was in heaven haha πŸŒ³πŸƒ #sunset #walk #forest #newforest #beaulieu #sky
Tbh I just want to go home to my cat so badly
So farewell Apprentice - it's been 10 yrs of fun working on a worthwhile show but now it's time to file the notebook and throttle back. Bye
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Going out to get cake to cheer myself up from the fact that tonight has been disastrously unproductive and rather lonely. 🍰🍩🍨 #assignments #essays #christmas #tired #food #junk #brunette #ootd #instaoftheday #night
Being rejected πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ˜‘
Cosplayers, what will you wear to see @TheHobbitMovie ? Here's Gandalf as @IanMcKellen at the London premiere.
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.@MarkWright_ deserve to win as he has had no previous training unlike some of the women still in the competition he has learnt week by week
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Feeling like you're the only loser left in Southampton. #sotonuniproblems
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I just can't have any time for selfish people
What is it with people who only ever want to talk about themselves and don't ask any questions or show any interest in anybody else's lives
It's also strange that people only want to buy 'pedigree' puppies from a breeder, adopting rescue animals should be a priority
It's strange hearing dogs being called 'fake' #fakebritain
I've come down with a mystery illness three days from the end of the semester ugh
If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? β€” vanilla with vanilla sauce
Jeez could The Sun get any lower!? Can't believe my parents still read that outdated crap 😁
From the paper that publishes a picture of a topless woman every day. #DontBuyTheSun
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Land Law: If 5 people buy a property together, how many will still be alive at the end of the problem question? #LawStudentProblems
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Majority of law graduates now become paralegals before doing a training contract:…
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Missing uni because my shower broke. Not our day.
That awkward moment when @Lord_Sugar turns up at your house while you’re ironing your pants... #theapprentice
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Had a kinda crappy day but nothing a beautiful sky can't fix ⛅️❀️ #sunsetobsessed #smallthings #realisingtheworldisbeautiful
I love Christmas but how many Christmas tree pictures can you see in one day
🌷🌸🌹 #feeling #good #happy #tired #oldie #ootd #brunette #hair #eyes #makeup
I know I post a lot of sunsets pics but I can't help it πŸŒ… beautiful sky outside my bedroom window 😍 #sunset #sky #orange #pink #purple #dusk #afternoon #evening #november
Three hours of cleaning, so worth it #Crazysaturday
#MakeovertheWorld and stop animal testing for cosmetics worldwide
So why does twitter allow you to 'quote' tweets on phone but not web -.-'
This month's article has taken me 3 hours so far, excluding planning, seeing as I feel I may have rushed the last few a little, this is good
Confidence boosts are so great
How do you find out what a song is called when it's purely instrumental??
Worked in three pubs and only just learned how to uncork a wine bottle hell yeah
Now this is what's needed after an evening of networking πŸ˜… #red #wine #chocolate #caramel #networking #tired #draining #university #lawyers #boyfriend
Wow what happened to people being there when you need them
All of the @DogsTrust dogs are so gorgeous, I want to adopt them all
Day off to do Christmas shopping and catch up on work πŸ‘›πŸ’• #shopping #christmas #university #law #work #brunette #eyes #pink #ootd
Mondays..concentration is low today πŸ˜“ #uni #lectures #pub #stags #break
How do people have time to apply like, 20 makeup products in the mornings
No has given me a credible reason why so much was spent on landing a probe on a comet. All I have seen so far is ignorant abuse from scum
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Finished my assignment. Have to reference it now.
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Mum's learned how to put smiley faces on her texts, so now she doesn't sound angry constantly, bless 😜
Haven't written an essay in months and I just can't
Had The Sims 2 music in my head constantly these past few days
You're the voice
How much easier would life be if we didn't need sleep
I can still remember how that music used to make me smile 🎢
Got no decent pictures of last night, but it was a good one πŸŽƒπŸŽ‰ #halloween #party #killbill #witch