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Lauren Stone
Life is good☀ #swim #sun #sea #beach #love #summer #July
It's misleading to call Yulin a Dog Meat Festival. It should be called a Dog Torture Festival. Because that's what it is. #StopYuLin2015
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Cannot believe the #YulinFestival is still going ahead. Absolutely disgusted... My heart goes out to all the cats and dogs that will suffer.
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Why am I so nervous 😓
Peasant ˈpɛz(ə)nt/ noun An ignorant, rude, or unsophisticated person. ‘This is a most civilised cocktail, you peasant’
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Scrapping the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights is a step in the right direction
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We will scrap the Human Rights Act and restore common sense to our legal system with a new British Bill of Rights:…
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Just had the most unlucky interview ever, now for a night of food and MITB ❤️ #self #me #personal #love #smile #brunette #pink #job #stress #deanambrose
Going to attempt the impossible and actually find Dad a birthday present today
Bournemouth yesterday 🌅💛 #sun #sea #sand #beach #love
Things were a lot simpler a year ago
Been all over the place lately 😖 today was really nice though 🌴☀️ #me #personal #love #beach #sun #best #friend #summer #brunette
It would be more of a suprise if Big Brother done a whole series without a secret room lol #BBUK
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The beach pictures are back 💛 my favourite time of year #summer #beach #sand #sea #love #relax #happy #content
Gorgeous day in Kent ❤ #chartwell #Kent #Churchill #summer #nature #love
@SkyNews Animal abusers are no better than paedos
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Job interview next week :D
Gutted that my motivation/general mood has been so low this week
#Eurovision2015 Not sure what's more cringeworthy - the UK's #Eurovision entry this year, or my EU Law Exam performance
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That exam couldn't have gone worse
Something strong to think about my loves before you slip into bed and whack ya nut down......
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So people many jumping to conclusions, hearing the human rights act is set to be scrapped and assuming no alternative will be implemented
Which bright future WWE Superstar will @JohnCena maliciously injure tonight? #RAWTonight
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I have resigned today from the Labour party. Full statement here...
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Whoever coined the term 'equality is equity' really didn't think that one through
Need to up my motivation next week
The Conservatives won. Same voting system which has seen Blair landslides and past Left Govts. Get over it. And respect the people's choice
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There's a difference between protesting against proposed measures and questioning legitimacy of a government. My issue is with the latter
majority of people are attempting to overthrow a democratically elected government and I'm failing to see the logic or morality in that?
Right to protest is indeed an aspect of democracy, my point was related more to what exactly was being protested, from what I've seen a vast
Love how in the midst all of the abuse in my notifications is somebody favouriting a picture of my cat from two years ago
@Launston I know, right? Worst thing? Everyone seems to have forgotten there was a referendum on the voting method - change was rejected!
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Everybody should read this. That's how ridiculous everyone sounds when arguing about percentages #londonprotest
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Embarrassed for this country #londonprotest clearly nobody respects democracy
Land Law kills me...these 2 weeks can't go quickly enough
Because berating others for their political views is really going to change things
'Are you glad to have won?' Journalists really do ask the most intelligent questions
Human Rights Act to be scrapped under Conservative Government | News | Lawyer 2B…
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So surprised but what a relief. #GE2015
Being the only person in the world that hates pasta is hard
Scotland voted no to independence yet SNP won every seat?
.@Ed_Miliband rightly getting grilled for his refusal to give British people a say with an EU referendum #bbcqt
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Weak performance from Miliband. Not up to the job of PM. #bbcqt
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