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Lauren Stone
The noise of someone chewing gum is horrific 😁
@TheUnusualFact: Girls who have more guys as friends than girls go through less depression and anxiety.” Don't think so haha
The guy on news night is quite intimidating
My second favourite place 🌷🌳 #walk #evening #sunset #newforest #forest #ashurst #home #clearmind #relax
#oldie #curly #brunette #selfie #ootd #playsuit #summer
Damn mosquitoes
Why can I not open snapchat videos? 😭
Went to the sink to wash my hands and started brushing my teeth instead, it's the heat 😴
Went out to buy eggs. Came back with an Xbox. Still need eggs. #fml
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Cannot believe how self-absorbed some people still are
Evening walk 🍃 #summer #evening #walk #newforest #destress #ashurst
Preferably New Zealand
Would love to be in a different country
Really looking forward to going back to uni for some crazy reason #Iwillregretsayingthis
A second series of Fargo?? Really......
Never got around to reading 1984 so watching the film instead
Thought having bed next to the window would be good for hot nights but now it's covered in leaves and bits from outside
Need a film to watch
Can't sleep 😔
Driving myself insane
We're allowed to kill animals every day for no reason yet as soon as an animal kills for food only, they're a huge monster
So killing an animal which has killed a human is 'justice'? Fed up of these stupid terms, it hasn't committed a crime, it's called surviving
A bill to legalise assisted dying has passed its second reading in the Lords on Friday without a vote.
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