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I will be avoiding all public restrooms for the rest of my life... SHARE!
Weird guy gets the "shocker". Why the hell would a carnival even have something like this. How long can you...
Instant karma for killing such a beautiful creature (don't forget to like my page MrTechnicalDifficult)
Life lesson from Riff Raff! (Like my page to become an orphan MrTechnicalDifficult)
Well I know what I am asking Santa for Christmas! (Like my page for an instant boner MrTechnicalDifficult)
This dude misses a sucker punch then connects then gets instant karma haha love it
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster On Top of the World! (Blade 350 QX Quadcopter)
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist THE TALKING RC CAR PRANK
On Top of the World! (Blade 350 QX Quadcopter): via @YouTube
This guy is homeless and he survives by picking up women and mooching off of them.
Seeing cheaters get publicly humiliated is awesome!
Yes we enjoy Curious George together... Dont hate!
This lady camped out for 3 days to see this building implode.... Shouldn't have brought her dog!
I dont normally like this dude but this prank was so simple and everyone has a good time doing it.. THUMBS UP TO HIM!
The look on this dudes face is priceless as he takes a selfie video of white kids fighting like a bunch of girls.
This baby was devastated after listening to a Kanye West song then got down to some 2 Chains (Like my page for a...
Ok it's getting better... Phew lol
Girls can do with their legs what they want but DAMN its weird seeing girls who are against shaving...
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 15 Awkwardly Funny Face Swaps
I'm a douche but Kanye West is on a whole other level. He makes the whole stadium stand for a song and calls out...
People are still doing this? It was sooooo last month. F*CK HER RIGHT IN THE P*SSY!!
HE LANDED THE FACEPLANT TRICK! (Like my page for an instant boner MrTechnicalDifficult)
I wouldn't really call this a prank but this dude asks to take selfies with hot girls and just gets a close up of...
These two girls get into a fight and a teacher tries to break things up. One girl then attacks the teacher which...
Baaaaaaaaiiiin (Like my page for an instant boner MrTechnicalDifficult)
The people over at College Humor did a perfect reenactment of crossfit douche bags.
All neon and camo son
Just pretending to be a kid who is addicted to koolaid and energy drinks and needs rehab! (Like my page for an...
This bully drunk guy talked some shit to an "old guy" and got knocked out
Any time @LauknessMonster shares something on facebook, I always look forward to the photo comments. Lel.
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I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 13 Secret McDonalds Menu Hacks
These guys were bored during the late shift and made something awesome with store items!
This is crazy. He backs out of his garage right into a tornado then tries to go back in
Best music cover I have ever seen! (Like my page for an instant boner MrTechnicalDifficult)
Officially street legal
So I have been showing all these vids of girls cheating haha well here is two girls teaming up on the cheating...
@LauknessMonster It's weird seeing my personal FB friends liking your videos. STAHP IT
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The best kept secret for hitting on girls... MENTOS