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FUCK DA POLICE... In style Like my page MrTechnicalDifficult
SEARCH & DESTROY YOUR PUSSAY! (Creepin on Gamer Girls): via @YouTube
Just cruisin with the wind in my hair
Creepy Snapchats are only creepy if you get caught and these people got caught red handed
This got me pumped for number 2. Probably the most influential movie on why I'm doing what I do for a living.
She soooooo sexy! Tag someone you think would be a good match for her!
Before Bad Lip Reading got popular there was this guy... Camel Toes & Boners:...
SO F*CKIN FUNNY. I never knew that perfectly normal pictures could look dirty just by adding the "Brazzers" logo....
haha another "in the hood" prank where theres black people so it must be the "hood" lol I guess this one is in...
Typical white people... (Like my page MrTechnicalDifficult)
Haha if you missed this post from yesterday it's pretty funny. Lots of unexpected boners and camel toes. Back to...
Outdoor weddings in the rain
I guess the key for getting very sexy girls is being a professional athlete or a YouTube star in my case haha
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 11 Widely Believed Myths that are False
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE by MrTechnicalDifficult
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HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND... (Like my page MrTechnicalDifficult)
Is an unexpected boner the same thing as a girl with a huge camel toe? I remember back in 2nd grade I thought it...
This persons snapchat story is insane
I was aware there were multiple types of breast but this sure made me aware
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 19 Crazy Facts that will Blow Your Mind in One Sentence!!
Kids get caught head handed either staring or grabbing the boobs
Tag a friend that you want to give nightmares...
I told you guys to send me snapchats of your funny faces... NOT THIS! JERKS!
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster Driving RC Car with First Person View
I seriously got lectured by a prostitute on morals lol (FULL VIDEO:…)
When Rachel & I fight... zero exaggeration Dumb & Dumber Fans:...
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 8 Harry & Lloyd Quotes You Need to Know Before Watching "Dumb & Dumber
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster INVISIBLE MAN PRANK 2 (MTD Classic)
Scream Before You Chew Prank By Daniel Amos
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 8 Harry & Lloyd Quotes You Need to Know Before Watching "Dumb &
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist AFTER RELATIONSHIP TITTIES (Chatroulette)
Kid goes off on his mom for getting pregnant Kids Caught Enjoying Boobs:...