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Back in my day as a youngin' a McDonalds toy would satisfy me. Now kids have to have crazy toys with razor blades...
The only time I will ever say a spider is kinda cute (Like MrTechnicalDifficult)
The finally found Paula Deens replacement... Dudecomedy
One time I was drunk in college I was riding my scooter to Jack in the Box and literally puked at full speed and...
I was not expecting that... (Like MrTechnicalDifficult) SHARE!
I was pretending to be a little kid on xbox live and some little shit thought he was cool picking on a 6 year old!
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist MY MOM'S FURCHINA (Little Kid Prank on COD Ghosts)
I liked a @YouTube video from @OTTComedy Buying a Ferrari with Monopoly Money
This hot weather makes me want to cliff dive (Like MrTechnicalDifficult) SHARE!
A little twist to the drinking game "flip cup". I LOVE IT! (Like MrTechnicalDifficult)
I guess the cool thing now is to light yourself on fire in the shower... fuck stupid kids (Like...
Normally I'm not going all out for a catch but when the game is on the line in bottom of the 7th I had to go all out. I regret it but made the catch
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster MY MOM'S FURCHINA (Little Kid Prank on COD Ghosts)
My little brother let me hit him in the balls with a RC car going 50 MPH... and I got him good (Subscribe to...
MY MOM'S FURCHINA (Little Kid Prank on COD Ghosts): via @YouTube
A child predators favorite "milf show" (Like MrTechnicalDifficult)
This guy is insane/asshole. The girl in front of him was going too slow on this alpine coaster so he decided to...
She said go down the slide not super man dat hoe (Like MrTechnicalDifficult)
Had to get serious for this poop
@LauknessMonster my mom says i'm losing brain cells when I watch you. I told her I lose brain cells when she judges my shit.
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