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People still havent learned that snapchats never actually stay private... tisk tisk
That stare... Follow my page MrTechnicalDifficult
I liked a @YouTube video from @Youtubable 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS - THANK YOU
Yes I love pretending to be a ginger in my spare time... SO haha...
I liked a @YouTube video from @MrGeorgeBenson FIFA 15 - INSANE 1 MILLION COIN ROBBEN WAGER!
GIRL LOVES FRECKLES (The Chatroulette Ginger): via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster INTERNET GIRLFRIEND on Chatroulette
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 7 Facts about ISIS Everyone Should Know
Why would you stand in the bath tub to wash your cat? Like my page MrTechnicalDifficult
if you got some weird weight loss thing from my snapchat... i was hacked
He seriously couldnt buy it before banging it? haha new store slogan "Buy Before Bang". Dude has some issues
Best invention since the pube trimmer MrTechnicalDifficult
Best invention since the pube trimmer MrTechnicalDifficult
I guess this has been around for a while and its the first time I have seen it but DAMN... it made me so happy......
Just met @LauknessMonster and Abel! My life's complete 😁. It's a shame I look stupid in the 1 pic I got w/ them.. 😩�
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Girl goes insane because people cant tell if she is a guy or girl. Tag someone who would be a good match for her!...
I liked a @YouTube video from @SoCloseToToast BEST of BEAT BOT (Voice Trolling on Call of Duty)
She got so drunk she mistook the county jail as a bar.... Hahahahahahha then slapped with a DUI...
Representin' follow @dudecomedy
Got a drunk friend? Chuck him off the balcony! (Like my page for big boners MrTechnicalDifficult)
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist YOU'RE NOT EVEN A SEAHAWKS FAN! (Chatroulette)
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster YOU'RE NOT EVEN A SEAHAWKS FAN! (Chatroulette)
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 8 Sex Hacks / Tips To Get You To Boner Town (Life Hacks of The Week)
Maybe I need to start doing some in person meet ups with these child predators. This is a story back in May and...
Sasha Grey reads some dirty/creepy texts. I might even have to try some of these if I am ever single again...
I do stupid things for the internet but this guy took it to another level. The boiling water challenge. DO NOT...
Share if you have ran into a kid like this on xbox live! Story of my life MrTechnicalDifficult
Elmo is kind of a dick and a little bit racist... Like my page MrTechnicalDifficult
WHO IS THE ASSHOLE? When you slap a dude in the face with pizza theres a good chance he is not gonna be happy...
I liked a @YouTube video from @LauknessMonster I AM LUI CALIBRE (Most Annoying Kid on Call of Duty)
Catching all the child predators I can. Please share! (Like my page for more MrTechnicalDifficult)
If you're gonna make your tits look bigger in photoshop you better be an expert! SHARE!...
YOU'RE NOT EVEN A SEAHAWKS FAN! (Chatroulette): via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @whatviral 12 Boob Facts That Will Shock You
I liked a @YouTube video from @Youtubable Dressed Up As A Girl Prank On Omegle #13
Girls soccer coach accidentally sends his whole team a snapchat of him jerking off. Real question is... why does...
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