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Just found out "cracker" means that you crack a whip. So I get called a slave owner by black people... I wonder if they know...
This is my ankle, I had surgery on it, and the pain is totally worth the mess you get😝
All women want is sex. All guys want is to cuddle and talk about our feelings.
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Yeah, I can dance with one bad leg, #topro
Surgery is done... Some one come cut my leg off #ouch #inpain
Well surgery today... Wish me luck.. #ohshit #nervous
Sorry officer, Jesus took the wheel. *Leans in close* You gonna arrest Jesus?
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Well, sittin here talkin to the doctor about surgery...... #stressed
Dad: Why are your eyes so red? Son: I smoked weed, Dad. Dad: Don't lie to me, you were crying because you are a faggot.
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I'm meeting a surgeon on Monday..... #pissed #fuckthis
is it too early in the school year to say fuck it?
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Now we wait for the radiologist to tell me the news..... #worried
Well tomorrows the day that decides if I get to play sports, hopefully it'll go we'll. #fingerscrossed
You were born an original, don't die a copy
This may sound bad but if Obama tries anything because of this school shooting I'm gonna be upset #PeopleKillPeople #notguns
I farted while lifting a heavy object today. It's was very embarrassing, I had to apologize to the man in the other urinal! xD
Dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower sounds like a mini bomb going off.
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Damn foot, keeps me up all night and there's no one to talk too... This is why I play guitar:/ #writeanothersong
When Reagan was president, we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Steve Jobs. In Obama's America, no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs
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