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Nail polish heir Robbie Schaeffer jumps on his passion for bicycling
Gym Rat: Quick, effective workout on Da Vinci BodyBoard at Pilates Studio City
Small steps everyone can take to arrive at greater joy
The loopholes that help bad habits block happiness
From @latimes: Most voters not worried about Ebola threat in California via @LATerynbrown
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No one measure could help reverse Ebola's course in W. Africa more than burying the dead properly.
A single disgusting image can reveal whether you're liberal or conservative, scientists say: #science #politics
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RT @skarlamangla: ICYMI: Panic, not Ebola, is the biggest enemy, civic and health leaders say… via @LATerynbrown
Violent genes: new research identifies two. Could screening for them make us safer?
A nutrient from the cocoa bean may turn back the clock on age-related memory loss.
Remember those ads: Milk -- it does a body good? Maybe not, says this study from @bmj_company
Ekata is a Western-fitness, Eastern-philosophy, no-TV club
Women's sports clothes that address gender-based challenges
Broga Yoga, Detox Retox and more put guys' twists on yoga
Opera singer Eric Jordan sings his way through stroke recovery process
A dietary supplement hailed as a weight-loss miracle proved too good to be true. Whodathunkit?
Green coffee bean "clinical trial" appears to have had some methodological flaws
Where are you reading the new California section? We want to see your pix! Use #CaliforniaIsBack
The @CDCgov says medical waste from #Ebola patients should be incinerated. No can do, say CA & other states.
Medical waste from a single Ebola patient fills 8 55-gallon barrels/day. Where does it go? Hospitals want to know.
Number of the day: 440. That's how many gallons of medical waste a single Ebola patient generates EACH DAY!
Healthful food tips for the grab-and-go lifestyle
Try This!: The 'Baby Salutation' stretch, no child required
Ryan Kwanten on sports: 'You name it, and I'll try to compete'
Clinical trial debunks the conventional wisdom that losing weight quickly is worse than losing it slowly
Whether you lose weight fast or slow, most dieters gain most of their weight back. Study in @TheLancetEndo
Crash diets work just as well as slow-and-steady diets. (But neither works all that well in the long run.)
Data on California Medical patients shows Obamacare is working, @UCLA study finds
'There have been no reports of dogs or cats becoming sick with #Ebola,' @CDCgov says
Though dogs have been infected with the Ebola virus, it doesn't seem to make them sick
Good news, dog & cat owners: There is no evidence your pet will spread Ebola @CDCgov @VetsWSAVA
ICYMI: Researchers make fecal transplants more convenient by putting poop pills on ice
First triathlon goal becomes a reality in Goleta
Sean Hannity proves he's a do-and-diet kind of guy
Running shoes made to fit the shapes of feet
Recovery exercises are also a controlled workout
ICYMI: Falling mortality rates for the U.S.'s top killers mean Americans can expect to live longer than ever
Extremely close-up view of HIV in action reveals a vulnerability in its infamous "spikes." via @montemorin
This mouse study from @UCBerkeley suggests grapefruit may be nature's diabetes drug. via @PLOSONE
Grapefruit juice helped mice avoid gaining weight from fatty foods & helped obese mice slim down a bit.
Scientists use powerful microscopes to observe weaponry of HIV in action. Findings offer hope for HIV vaccine
Mice who drank grapefruit juice gained less weight on high-fat diet than mice who drank sugar water. @PLOSONE
In school success, do home and classroom environment trump heritable traits like intelligence and determination? Not even close....
Would you want to know if Alzheimer's is in your near future? A new test could help tell.
Which comes first, sexting or sex? New study is first to answer that question with data, via @AmerAcadPeds
Nobel prize honors 3 decades of brain research on how we navigate space, and hints at so many more mysteries.
The @NobelPrize winners' work on the GPS system in the brain helped scientists understand Alzheimer's
Disease detectives on the hunt to confine Ebola virus…
Nip the flu bug in the bud by managing stress
A dose of websites for wellness seekers