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Missionaries stricken with Ebola virus deserved special treatment and access to experimental drug, expert says
U.S. to accelerate clinical trials for experimental Ebola vaccine Start date moved up to early September
You can't trust your drug dealer, researcher warns
Emergency physicians are bracing for a rash of overdoses of a new street drug called acetyl fentanyl
"Sentinel chickens" form a simple and efficient front line of defense against West Nile disease
This is pretty cool: Injected bacteria eradicated tumors in pet dogs and shrunk it in a single human, says a new study. Clinical trials...
Health tip: When doing side crunches, remember: Abs should be doing the work, so don't crane your neck #LATfit
Injected bacteria eradicated tumors in some dogs and shrank a tumor in a human. Clinical trials are next
FDA is being pressured to define "natural," and the agency has been petitioned to ban its use on food labels
Food buyers lean toward 'natural,' a claim that's hard to define
Choices abound when buying eggs
'Get Up!' or lose hours of your life every day, scientist says
We're all in the clean-plate club, researchers conclude
The death of Robin Williams has focused new attention on Parkinson's disease
Surfer Bethany Hamilton aims to motivate girls with 'Body and Soul'
Side crunches can make love handles vanish, if done properly
Robin Williams had Parkinson's disease, his wife said today. Depression can be a symptom of Parkinson's, experts say
Robin Williams had heart disease and depression. It's no coincidence, and more common than you might guess. Scientists are exploring...
A new sleep aid, Belsomra, suppresses the action of the brain's arousal system, a novel approach
Fewer teens, blacks and Latinas are giving birth outside marriage, but more women over 35 are doing so
FDA approves Belsomra, the first in a new class of sleep drugs
Excessive sodium consumption causes some 1.65 million deaths by heart disease and strokes yearly, study says
Manufacturer of experimental Ebola virus drug ZMapp says the supply is "exhausted"
Good news: Regular exercise quickly cuts breast cancer risk. Bad news: Benefit quickly ends when you stop
For women past childbearing age, a modest amount of exercise drives down breast cancer risk