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Lamont Arnold
Lank in a candy store before I hit the movie theatre, yea buddy #turndownforwhat
Back at my 3rd home lol its not much but I can call it home
Keke Palmer playing Cinderella? I don't hate that idea! #CrushIt
So im ready for that Aaliyah biopic whenever it comes out
Why pressure someone to share a picture or video to show their dedication
Got Bang Bang, can't wait to give it a few listens
Happy Birthday to the Little Cuz @HighxClvss__ Love you kiddo
Old Western towns must get crazy muddy when it rains. Just a funny observation #LankOriginal
Someone tried to rob Daniel Bryan, it was going well I imagine until my boy Goatface caught him,threw him in a chokehold, and awaited cops
Mad im out to sea missing #SDCC, I will not miss it next time though!
The past is in the past for a reason #thoughtforfood
The funny things about life :) just thinking makes you laugh
I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the love of my life @selenagomez :P she knows its absolutely true!
I would quit flying..for like 2 years Man Cheats Death Twice By Not Boarding Both Malaysian Flights!… via @ebaumsworld
Mann I really want to go to Summerslam
wen ur waitin 4 teh shower to warm up nd ur standin there like
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Nothing is ever good enough, we take everything in this life for granted and wonder why we're treated the same -5star
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The harsh reality of it is you just can't be #1 with a #2 mentality #thoughtforfood
Live life the way you want cuz in the end all you really have is memories....
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Shortly after he was born, my nephew was taken away from us, I know it was for a reason, but I cant figure out why. Maybe im not supposed to