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Lamont Arnold
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What's up with us saying "hit me up?" What's so special that someone should just hit us up because we say so? Why don't we hit someone up?
G:There are 3 countries in the US. Me: oh really what are they? G: U.S., Canada, and Mexico Me:Bruh #Guestography
Time to get to work, in my zone
Lmao stole this from @geminiloveee #repost #regram
Yooo who's car is this right now at Wal-Mart? How the grinch stole my whip lookin ahh #walmart #funny
Thats going to be a touchdown! War Damn! #Auburn
A big person might need this much chocolate
Its time! Lets make it happen #lions #thanksgiving
Yup..she's sooo sexy mhmm #jdm #honda #civic
That's not even a real sentence bro lol I want another
Oakland better get it together quick, fast, and in a hurry!
Charles never ceases to amaze me
Broooo lol that's funny right there #selfie
Carolinas line is the most depressing thing to watch
Cortland Finnegan just got drugged by Joique Bell lol
If it's curly I straighten it, if it's straight I'll leave it curly #dumblyric
Oh snap, gas is 3.07! I'm about to drive my tank to empty out just so I can get some of this stuff!!
Everyone loves a great montage
"She Needed A Hero So Thats What She Became"
Watching "The heart wants what it wants" video like "don't worry wife I'm here for you" lol #selena #selenamarie #selenagomez
Still screamin War Damn!!
Why is this dummy standing like this? And the mannequin too? Lol really tho who stands like that @yungmelonmuncher
Hahaha please go follow @_gl0ali_ this guy has no chill at all lol I'm in tears at least once a night
The only time I can cheer for the Saints, why? Because they are playing the Packers of course!
This is the kind of stuff I look at for minutes at a time lol #spongebob #invaderzim #adventuretime #pets #cartoonpets
One does not walk into Death Valley expecting to skate by
Let's go Honolulu Blue, get out of my face all you halftime fans we don't want you here! Lions beat the Saints 24-23
@_slumlord_12 on everything I thought this was @demardra_ lmao
@aj_guest Remember that time when I mossed the ish out of you?! Photo creds to @purple00fox #football #california #beach #mossed
I wonder if this was on purpose lol #dtf #funny #lol
Halloweentown comes on tonight, I know what I'm doing
I so needed Miami to win that game!!! :(
Stepping out with @yungleft
And there goes JJ Watt
My man @therock on the return, I love watching this guy on #wwe
Trying to go one on one with the great one on #wwe oh how I miss The Rock
Cali Livin #SanDiego #California
Sumset Cliffs #beautiful #nature
Lions lost, I think I'm going to be sick
"New Mexico is in Mexico right?" -friend
Cuz you're fine and your mine! #honda #civic #firstcar
Haha look what AJ made #pop #explode #freezer
Lions win! Where the new fans at
Hahaaa, that's the truth..truth!!
:P it sucks for you that I kept these @cookiegurly