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Curled my hair and I look like a furball woo
funny how apparently im too young but then you're gettin pretty close with a 14 year old ohhhhhh
iPods in bits now aw😓😓😓
this was written in one of the toilets at school and it made me smile
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fairytales & firesides by passenger is my favorite song in this world please just take a minute to read these lyrics.
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Off at half 10 lully #:)
DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A ᶠʳᶦᶜᵏᶫᵉ ᶠʳᵃᶜᵏᶫᵉ
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History can fuck off #:)
Saturday I can feeeeel u
so apparently the numbers on the toaster are minutes? ive thought for years it was degree of toasty-ness
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I think we'd all love to have a fashion blog and get free stuff😔�#goalsls
Need sleeeeeeep
Don't forget your colouring pencils for CSPE tomorrow guys xx #struggles
Lovely day off tomorrow
Well let's not talk about that maths exam lol
Gonna look dragged up all week #prepareyourselves
Thoughts of Friday and Saturday are the only thing getting me through this week
helping your friend to get some random person off of their best friends list
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So hard to find boots I like😪
I could quite happily live the rest of my life having failed the jc #bollox
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Fridays are a happy day but they're also a v V v tired day 😴
I hope it snows this Christmas ❄️❄️
HAPPY THANKSGIVING❤️❤️ 🇺🇸�@thealexcloudloud
Friendships are so difficult these days😴
Third set of log tables this year wow
How is it still foggy now
My snapchat has gone to the point where if you snap me twice you're in my best friends
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Woke up and thought it was Friday so disappointed now😅
Project is really starting to come together💃
Oh Friday you are lookin goooood😌
I think we all need a list of anyone who was ever thought to themselves that we are attractive to cheer us up on bad days #yaaaaa