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Lance Houston… shameful, embarrassing and disappointing..... But should be expected... @BostonGlobe @BayStateBanner @NAACP
Hail Brittania!! #uk #fashion #diva #beauty #cosmopolitan #vogue #london #style #canon6d #50mm12 #swimsuit #editorial #topmodel #model #photoshoot #smile #sexy #lifestyle #unionjack #madamoiselle #imgmodels #imgirls @fashionfrique @parsons_fashion @lamodels @tomford @imgmodels @natashagalkina @genev
#laquanmcdonald #blacklivesmatter #plannedparenthood #police #policebrutality #racism
So let me get this straight we can't sell cigarettes, buy skittles or hold toy guns but a man who shoots 5 cops isn't shot? #LaquanMcDonald
Let a black man fix his face like he might shoot a police officer. You know the rest!! @ShaunKing #BlackLivesMatter #LaquanMcDonald #16shots
I had a dream that I lived in a country where my vote counted, the police treated me fairly and my #BlackLivesMatter ed #LaquanMcDonald
I have lost all confidence in the DOJ Office of Civil Rights. These #LaquanMcDonald type killings dont stop @tariqnasheed #BlackLivesMatter
Black Suspects v White Suspects Very Different Police Response #BlackLivesMatter #LaquanMcDonald #PlannedParenthood
#LaquanMcDonald hurts no one but gets shot like a dog in the street The Colorado shooter shoots 4 cops at #PlannedParenthood & is taken in
1) loose cigarettes 2) broken tail light 3) child support 4) mental illness…
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Since when did a celebrity posting a tweet become taking a stand for civil rights? #BlackLivesMatter #LaquanMcDonald #PlannedParenthood
As far as I am concerned, this should be the pic if the year!! #obama #shade #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies #potus
I have probably lost some jazz & photography clients because of my views... It's cool tho. I'm standing strong #BlackLivesMatter #NotOneDime
I'm looking forward to visiting Ibiza, Monte Carlo and Barcelona for some great fashion photoshoots : @KarlLagerfeld @IMGmodels @GiGiHadid
Slow ass service today on the @MBTA
This is how my day begins!!
Am I out not hip anymore? I only recognized about 20% of the names of the people who are performing in the #MacysParade.
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Lots of folks out here with their fake feminism ....
Double thanksgiving gigs today in Boston!!! then its time to chowdown!!!
Aunt: Can I have some dark meat? Me: I heard thats what you been asking all your nephews! #ThanksgivingClapBack
OG Pimp: "I sure is hungry" Me: please take yo church pimp hungry ashy ass back to da 70's #ThanksgivingClapBack
Brothers in Arms: The extraordinary careers of Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning in twilight. @jemelehill @ColinCowherd #NFL @SportsNation
Aunt: you know I don't eat from everybody's house Me: you don't have no house, you homeless #ThanksgivingClapBack
I don't think I could live in any other state. Massachusetts born and bed. North shore, Martha's Vineyard, colleges, hospitals ... Home
Watching pbs learning about miles standish. Pilgrims as essentially religious refugees. What you think of that @realDonaldTrump @AnnCoulter
Patriots win tonight!! & I win tomorrow!!
Am I the only one who can't seem to find light bulbs in any store? Wtf!!!
In my lifetime I have never seen a DOJ civil rights investigation result in anything. Im 43. #BlackLivesMatter @deray #TamirRice @POTUS
I had no grey hair in my beard before I had kids, now I'm hoping to look like this guy #grecian #gandolph #og
Am I the only person who hasn't memorized their own cell phone number?
No lie, I have watched the movie Predator about 400 times..... It's always on cable.... Get to tha choppa!!
The moment your ex threw all your clothes out her house but forgot the 1 mill lottery ticket in your pocket
The moment you find out your ex threw all clothes out her house but forgot the 1 mill lottery ticket in your pocket
A hoe gonna be a hoe even if she goes to church on Sunday's..., #hoefacts
Arne Duncan offers advice to colleges about racial harassment
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Just increasing the number of black students and faculty on campus doesn't solve everything
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I totally walked passed @onedirection at the battery wharf hotel in Boston a few months ago.. Didn't know who they were.... Sorry guys!!
The last time a celebrity followed me on Twitter it was a cousin of a friend who's brother knows someone who knows @Beyonce n @KELLYROWLAND
I almost never get retweeted.

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