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I'm too old for this shit I'm too tired for this shit I don't have time for this shit
Don't shit last now a days I swear.
Spoil a loyal girl 💆💇🎽👗👠👛👝👜💎💍💖✈️💸 She'll spoil that ass right back 😘😍💋😋👅💦💦🙊🙈👄🍆💓👫💏💑
I will grind by myself , spoil myself, remain honest and stay loyal to myself.
Niggas Will Say They Promise 😣, Swear To God👊 ,Put It On Somebody's Grave👊 , They Mama 👈& Look You Dead In Your Eyes 👀 & Still Be Lying
It's better to bruise a heart with the truth, than to break one with a lie 💯
Those Relationships Where You Talk About The Future Together >>>>>>>>>>😊💑👪💵💲💍
from 😏 to 😒 real quick
We had sex🐱🍆 OUR business! We break up💔OUR business! We argue🙍😾OUR business! Everything we do is OUR👫business✋ Not everybody else's 💯
gotta appreciate the ones who actually make an effort to be apart of ur life💯🙏
@seriouslydesia: “@TwerkGoddessss: So we not friends ? @JOHNNYxBANKS”no” we're bestfriends 👫❤️
on some real shit 😤 I just want something real 😍😩🙌💏🔒
Hoodie Weather☝️ Football Season🏈 SweatShirts♨️ Haunted Houses🎭👺👹 Scary Movies👻🔪 Sweatpants👖 Cold Nights🌌🌑❄️ Halloween🎃🔮 🍂🍁
nowadays $20 ain't nun but money for food 😂😩🍔🍟
If I have to question your loyalty, I just won't fuck with you no more PERIOD!! 👌🙅💯
#RT If You Listen To Rich Homie Quan Tyga Gucci Man Lil Durk Lil Wayne Migos SD Chief Keef Fat Trel Lil Reese Lil Snupe Future 2 Chainz
if a female continues to come back to you 💏 regardless of the situation👌 then that's your rider 💍👫🚙🔐🔫💕😍💯
Slow tongue kissing be the shit 😋👄👅💦😩💏💦🙀💦
When you fuck with that one person 💕👫💘🔐 Life be boring without them 😒🙊
Quote this with a cute selfie 💁 *I'll#RTT to my 146k followers*
#RT If You See Your Addiction: Tattoos 😫 💉 Kissing 😘 Education 🎓 Shoes👟👠 Sex👅💦 Weed 🍃 Lightskin's 😍 BrownSkin's😍 Darkskin's 😍
i saw you.. 😳 i wanted you.. 😱 i got you.. 😬 i liked you.. 👫 i loved you.. 💏 now i ain't losing you.. 💑🔐🔑👌
Walk Pass Me Ima Walk Pass You 🚶, Don't Text Me I Won't Text You, Don't Speak To Me I Won't Speak To You 🙊. I Ain't Kissing No Ass 🙅
My "screenshot game" is strong 😂💪
If I care about you, Ima stick with you through it all💑✊💯💍
Dry texting🌵📱= I'm not feeling you like that!!!
You don't like me? Join The Line 👫👫👬👭👭👬👫👫👬👭👭👬👫👫👬👭👫👬👭👬👬👭👬👭👭👬👬👫👫👫👬👬👭👪👭👭👬👬👫👫👬👭👬👬👫👬👭👬👫👫👫👬👬👭👭👪👬👫👫👫👫👬👬👪👭👭👭👬👫👫👫👫👬👬👭👭👬👬👫👫👫👭👭 Long wait isn't it?
I want it ALL!!💏👟👕🚘🏡👪💍💎💰✈️💯
You Gone Hurt Ya Own Feelings , Tryna Hurt Mine 🙅
#RT if you see your STATE✊💯 Fl☀🌴 GA🌳 Cali🌞 IL🔥 NY🌃 MD🎡 LA🚢 TX⛅ NJ🚗 NC👆 SC👇 VA🙌 WA👊 WV👏 TN💀 OH💂 OK😈 AL😬 KS👽 KY💥 CO💨 MI🍀 UT🌾
When people walk away, 🚶 let them.✌ Your future is not about people who walk away. It's about the people who stay in it for the ride.🚙
this would of been hard for the album cover
By age 25, I want to be comfortable 🙏🙌👌💍👶👫🏩
A female should always smell good. 👃🌺💐🌸🍓🍇
Parents always think we can be cool 5mins after we got done arguing ... Hell no it's still beef!
I knew I matured when I realized every action don't need a reaction... Sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the lame shit they do 💯
My "Fuck It" game dumb strong 💪💯