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I officially stopped giving a fuck about everything besides my friends, family, and career. If you ain't that, fuck you.
I'm gonna love you , until you hate me.
Am I the only one who loves sleeping in a cold room?
Ion "lurk"...I pay attention 💯
Time ⌚️ is money 💰
We think too much, and feel too little.
I'm very protective over what's mine.
Do not let your struggle become your identity.
I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.
I rather be hated for the person I am , than loved for someone I'm not.
Sometimes , you have to know when to just walk away. Maybe it's about that time ..
goofy girlfriends are the best 💏
if you're not serious then don't waste my time
Any artists need management ? Text me now (201)-312-6637
when you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
If I wake up tomorrow would you still be here?
I'm in her mouth just like toothpaste 😋
every inch of you is perfect from the bottom 👇 to the top 👆😏😍
Everyone has their secrets.
i love my haters more than my friends
Baby you're so classic 😏
girls will never give up on an argument
@M_Gooney: I don't know who that guy jonny who retweeted my tweet but it was funny” Oh I thought you knew me bruh , it's Lamar from RC.
Don't y'all just hate people who lie about the dumbest shit??
R.I.P. Joan Rivers 🙏 (1933-2014)
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Is it too much to want someone who is worth the time and treats me like someone.
Practice what ya preach.
This could be us , but you didn't text 😉
I don't trip over shit anymore . People change . That's well known & expected.
Twitter needs so get me #Verified already.
When someone treats you like an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation.
I'd rather have quality than quantity.
Sorry means nothing if you keep doing the same thing.
girls will never give up on an argument
More rest and sex is all a nigga needs
I always keep it real. All I ask is for you to do the same.