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ahhhh apparently this whole moving out thing is happening who would have thought it
There's got to be a selfie challenge in here someone. I'll get as many peeps as I can into a photo in 30 seconds! RT to vote #nonstopsummer
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FINAL TEN DAYS!! If you couldn't pledge before, please help us now to get this film made!
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The picture that represents my life…
Though the pretty boy with glasses singing take me to church is adorable BUT NO
Watching glee for the first time in 3 years and realising NEW DIRECTIONS NEVER DESERVED TO BEAT VOCAL ADRENALINE. EVER.
I'm doing the same rebudgeting almost every day for uni and its still the same but I still just want to check
I let @katiecarrollxo so my makeup and I am not unimpressed
Soup and crusty bread is brilliant when you feel ill
She was Cambridge material seven years ago and is Cambridge material now <3
Say it louder for the people in the back
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Have you spotted these two today? Serious Cosplay fun at #NineWorlds
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I seem to have forgotten how to socialise properly this weekend, not a good time for it to happen! #NineWorlds
We're giving away 5 goody bags featuring all our #NineWorlds authors! RT & Follow to enter.
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Leanne is currently letting out her inner geek and going through the itinerary for #NineWorlds
So its taken the same time for @sveiss to get from London to Blackpool as it has for us to get from one part of London yo another...
London, travelling is a bitch today. We're stuck in the centre with no clue what to do right now
#nineworlds will be awesome. Getting there from central London, however, not so much.
#NineWorlds bound! Assuming that I don't get destroyed the soul-sucking vortex that is the British motorway network, of course.
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Note to ASDA: My item IS in the bagging area. If I was going to steal it I wouldn't have fucking scanned it first.
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To Laura at @LushOxfordSt thankyou so much for doing my makeup! I hope you see this and know how much I appreciate it. Xx
London bound and playing card games
I never realise how fucking disgusting I look on a night out until revs mirrors
I'm gonna be London touristing and doing @London_Geekfest in the next week, and I am super excited
My life has three sections: no panic attacks, worried about panics attacks and panic attacks
@peaches_og :D
Why the long face mate
So many things have gone bad today and I just want to punch someone
I literally cannot describe how I feel other than the word meh I want to just walk with my head to the floor
You gotta do what you gotta do. Take what you can get. Dog eat dog. Winner takes all. #Promo
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I envy people who can sleep without first considering the dangers of it
when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem
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#growingupfat shopping becomes depressing because you don't know if you'd fit anything .
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I haven't got anything to say other than here, have a picture of my face
Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by elbows! Elbows: Arm hinges!
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Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by hinges! Hinges: Door elbows!
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I think I may just end up being compulsive and getting n half my head shaved at the hairdressers today
Cannot believe Katie woke me up after I've had so little sleep I literally feel like death
i literally cba with anyone tonight i just feel like i have a weight on my head
The best mornings are spent overcrowded and hungover singing old songs and complaining
i cannot stand the people that preach about not judging then comment on peoples clothes and hair and makeup like are you taking the piss?
Cannot believe I did my knee in when I need the ability to be proactive the most
Nothing can beat today at all :D

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