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Had an amazing weekend, but now I am ready for hot chocolate and home
I am actually pretty happy at the moment, its awesome
I am SO excited for bed and SO excited for tomorrow I am a big ball of tired excite
Doctor who and sunday dinner. Eeep!
That iconic scene in the Simpsons movie
I need a back rub and a hot chocolate with a shot of whiskey in it
I just need a fag, but all of them were taken. And I can't go buy anymore because I have just learnt my money is gone too. Yay.
Why is it only ten in the morning I want today to be over now
#throwbackthursday - times change for the better.
I think I may dress up as a UCAS application for Halloween
College has angered me so much and I am so tempted to quit
So my cat hasn't been well lately and spent two nights in the vet but now she is back and I am officially the happiest person in the world and probably coming across as a crazy cat lady to some people but I just don't care I spent twenty minutes in my brothers office like this, who needs friends whe
is it actually safe to get on a double decker bus in this wind?
So I have a notebook behind the one I write things to remember in that until about ten minutes ago, I hadn't looked at in months. It was mostly filled up and included a story, a five month old declaration of love that was never declared, a three year old suicide note and this painting. I feel the li
My cat is not a well cat. 'Things I want to remember. September 2014 onwards.'
After the week I have had nothing has ever been more relaxing.
More Americans have married Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola.
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I have five days to write this 5000 word essay and I have less than a page.
"@eriezerik: CONGRTATULATIONS @KatieeCaroll mum to be ey ey ey !!!!" why did noone tell me wtf!!!!
Had a lovely day in Ormskirk or something yesterday with @erikamzazzu and @katiecarrollxo (though there were no good photos of me with @katiecarrollxo sorry bro)
An image of class
After hearing some of the original fairy tales if Disney ever run out of ideas they can easily just make some changes to a Stephen King book
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Football was hilarious
Just played a game of football in college with the girls I am officially dying 😷⚽️
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Dog just ran into college hahaha high school gym all over again
Listened to S Club 7, Steps and Rachel Stephens tonight. God this music is terrible and brilliant.
hey hey heyyyyy! here is the FIRST video in the 'Whatever Wednesday' series!… i shall be DM'ing retweeters later!
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Plot twist: Diana infiltrates the tent and puts everyone's bakes in the freezer #GBBOfinal
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At least I can get on with this essay now
I want to eat everything off bake off god this low carb diet is depressing #GBBOfinal
TIME FOR THE #GBBOfinal! all the extreme emotions of a reality show final combined with the danger that my stomach might digest itself
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I am literally so excited to see who wins #GBBOfinal
I just had a really nice breakfast and now I am in a happy mood.
A lot of pictures have been taken today. At this point I was bloody sick of it :')
I now have a star stress toy on my college lanyard because that's when I get the most stressed, haha
So this happened. @missarranrigney
Well even if some people don't approve of it I quite like my new piercing
Watching @LastWeekTonight is the highlight of my Wednesday morning every week. #NotMyChristian
I am going to have a mental breakdown before I get to university jesus christ