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A lot of pictures have been taken today. At this point I was bloody sick of it :')
I now have a star stress toy on my college lanyard because that's when I get the most stressed, haha
So this happened. @missarranrigney
Well even if some people don't approve of it I quite like my new piercing
Watching @LastWeekTonight is the highlight of my Wednesday morning every week. #NotMyChristian
I am going to have a mental breakdown before I get to university jesus christ
We're all praying there'll be a day when I don't oversleep for college, right?
hopping problem? shopping problem.
See, the issue with my hopping problem is that I'm running out of fingers
Follow @TweetsbyBirdies and RT this for a chance to win a Win a 100 GBP Apple Store Gift Card #birdies #giveaway
So I am going to have to bullshit about how I want to do this and that and the other and probably not even get into university anyway.
But none of those seem appropriate for a personal statement, sadly.
I want to write a book and play a gig and make a video of a large group of people dance to @thetomska's 'Everybody do the flop' song
But I have many ambitions
I feel like I have no ambitions
This week I have kind of lost faith in the youtube community. Actually, no, I've just learned not to idolise people.
This has been the worst week on Youtube. Please stay strong & remember that good people still exist on it.
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Wasn't even late in the end, because @LanLiggins brother is an absolute star 🌟
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I am in such a good mood this morning its gonna be such a good day
However I have a comfy bed, a warm home, some amazing things to look forward to and some lovely poetry to read. These are the good points.
My house is still a mess, I am still not showered and I am still having a quarter life crisis. So that's the bad points of this evening.
I feel as though it may be time for me to clean my room.
I have been so spoiled by @sveiss from his america trip. Damn, I am lucky to have a brother
Last thing - the #hyperboleandahalf book I have been eyeing up was brought home to me. I am very happy today.
Seriously, I adore my brother and my american family and all the gifts i've been brought home and I am so chuffed! Thank you thank you thank you!
First set of things from Stephen, eep!
Looking at cambridge entry requirements, more for a laugh than anything else.
It's okay, Scotland. If at first you don't succeed, try again in a few years time.
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Stephen is bringing me back some amazing stuff from america, including a owl basket courtesy of Kelly and a tie dye button up shirt, eeeeep!
Ros made dinner and I made dessert. We're a good team I think?
First day back at college. First lesson ends, and I get held back and shouted at. This is gonna be a goooood year
Back to college tomorrow.
I have to be up in four hours. Fuck.
The woman across from me on the bus is counting out a lot of money in her hand. Like over a grand. I'm worried she's been paid to kill.
Thanks so much for all the guidance you've given, you're a great help.
Told 'write a rough draft of your personal statement' with no explanation of what you should/shouldn't include.
Taught how to write an essay, not how to research to find the stuff for the essay.
I hate my sodding college.
I wonder what would happen if you used superglue instead of skin glue to close a wound
RIP to the Geckos that died in space doing what they love. Fucking. It's a sad time.
I should really do my personal statement. And look at uni. And become a responsible adult.
Anyone remember when I met John and Hank Green and John said happy birthday on my purse? Because I do @caitsenglish
Cute lunch with @erikamzazzu
Just been woken up by some outside noise and had about fifty notifications on my phone. Not in the mood to chat for the next year yep sorry
Last night before I drank a tad too much