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best news I've heard all week
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"Hmm, we can't call her a terrorist yet but how do we associate her with it?" - Daily Mail.
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Gotta appreciate that my flatmate didn't laugh at me and just invited me for a fag and let me ramble half asleep
Stupid front window
Of course drunks would bang on my window when I need to be up in the morning
When you have a cold and realise you should appreciate being able to breath more on a day to day basis
Well thanks for catching me up. I'm just going to do some proper research into it now & re-watch the first episode of Black Mirror 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
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getting home from a night out and doing the budgeting for your shopping trip tomorrow #studentlifeorjustweirdolife??
Customer service people can seriously be fucking ridiculous sometimes. Gr. 3/3
So, I am not at the house yet the logic is that I can refuse the delivery at the house I am not in (2/4)
'So, I've just moved house and sent my order to the wrong address and need to cancel my order' 'Can't cancel. Just refuse the delivery.' 1/3
When I tell people I live near Blackpool they just look uncomfortable
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I'm currently eating breakfast even though I've been up since 11 #studentlife??
71 people dead in the back of a lorry. If you think people are risking this just to get the dole you are fucking deluded.
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my chair isn't gonna go down my fucking stairs, this is a joke
I do nooot want to move
don't want to move
I'm just gonna go live in Iceland I am fucking sick of everything
Many news outlets seem to be confused between the two.
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So apparently everyone who I meet St uni is going to have something crocheted as a birthday present..
'Ahh, maths!' I agree #gbbo
i don't even want to move let alone three weeks early and it's just depressing
I felt that it was time for a change. Also, my old phone case was completely battered.
England is such a good country for promoting literacy. So great to hear they have big festivals just for Reading
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i literally completely forgot about bake off this week what the fuck is wrong with me
I wish I'd just bought a stupid Leeds ticket and not some anything this summer
I am in such a crap mood tonight wow
I'm getting more and more annoyed that I'm not going to Leeds every minute
i always think 'why does the sherlock theme make me want to find my phone' and i just realised it was my ringtone for a year
wish i was out tonight
WHAT A FAB NIGHT! Gonna miss ur face Lan#supervolunteer.gudluck @ uni @urpotentialuk @Linda_FCBI @FCBI_Blackpool
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ahhhh apparently this whole moving out thing is happening who would have thought it
There's got to be a selfie challenge in here someone. I'll get as many peeps as I can into a photo in 30 seconds! RT to vote #nonstopsummer
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FINAL TEN DAYS!! If you couldn't pledge before, please help us now to get this film made!
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The picture that represents my life…
Though the pretty boy with glasses singing take me to church is adorable BUT NO
Watching glee for the first time in 3 years and realising NEW DIRECTIONS NEVER DESERVED TO BEAT VOCAL ADRENALINE. EVER.
I'm doing the same rebudgeting almost every day for uni and its still the same but I still just want to check
I let @katiecarrollxo so my makeup and I am not unimpressed
Soup and crusty bread is brilliant when you feel ill
She was Cambridge material seven years ago and is Cambridge material now <3
Say it louder for the people in the back
Retweeted by Lan
Have you spotted these two today? Serious Cosplay fun at #NineWorlds
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