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My life has three sections: no panic attacks, worried about panics attacks and panic attacks
@peaches_og :D
Why the long face mate
So many things have gone bad today and I just want to punch someone
I literally cannot describe how I feel other than the word meh I want to just walk with my head to the floor
You gotta do what you gotta do. Take what you can get. Dog eat dog. Winner takes all. #Promo
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I envy people who can sleep without first considering the dangers of it
when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem
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#growingupfat shopping becomes depressing because you don't know if you'd fit anything .
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I haven't got anything to say other than here, have a picture of my face
Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by elbows! Elbows: Arm hinges!
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Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by hinges! Hinges: Door elbows!
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I think I may just end up being compulsive and getting n half my head shaved at the hairdressers today
Cannot believe Katie woke me up after I've had so little sleep I literally feel like death
i literally cba with anyone tonight i just feel like i have a weight on my head
The best mornings are spent overcrowded and hungover singing old songs and complaining
i cannot stand the people that preach about not judging then comment on peoples clothes and hair and makeup like are you taking the piss?
Cannot believe I did my knee in when I need the ability to be proactive the most
Nothing can beat today at all :D
i wish my anxiety didn't get worse when i'm tired and i need to sleep it is such a fucking pain
How I test my foundation coverage in a shop when I'm not happy with putting random splodges on my face; bring makeup wipes, put it over my tattoo, wipe half of it off and see how well covers.
I still think it will
I just rang Stephen to make sure that the fried bread I made wasn't going to give me a heart attack because of all the oil in it
that's a nice fedora you've got there son
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Why can't people take a hint fucking hell
Gay marriage is legal, Erika found six pound docs and I have chocolate cake. Everything is awesome
My belly ache just went away when I found some docs for £6
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"@TheFunnyTeens: making plans with friends like: " @eriezerik YOU, THIS IS YOU
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Rock FM just seriously fucked up
The weather is nice and I have no social life
Stephen knows San Fransisco buses and trams better than Blackpool ones
'you don't know 600,000 people' 'i probably do, there's you, erika...' katie thinks 2=600,000
I literally have no clue what to wear tonight why do I hate all my clothes
@LanLiggins has baked me a cake with 30 chocolate bars on it HAHAHAHA I FUCKING LOVE HER
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No ones awake and I need to show every person in the world the cake I just made
I wish I could be drunk k 24/7
#StopYuLin2015 if you care about the dogs, don't forget about the rest of the animals being killed every day for food
Also the rest of my makeup
Wiping off my eyebrows is the best part of my day
trying to do 50 things at once and all i want to do is go downstairs and hunt for chocolate
I got interrupted during a drunk self by my darling adopted mother
And the day will be spent going between binge watching OITNB, cleaning, and doing things I do not want to do
Crippling chest pains
Overtired and underslept and over worried and yet somehow still watching bloody community
Sorry, I can't clean, this cutie pie is on my lap so I can't get up. (I've been cleaning all day and I need to clean more, but I guess it will have to wait)
Finally heading to bed at 6AM, yaaay.

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