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Stephen is now teaching erika computer stuff and it's beautiful she will be an ops gal in no time
Erika is stephens number one fan and it makes me giggle
I have to go to the library but my bed is so comfy
I wish I could get rid of this bad mood but that would involve changing my life and that's not gonna happen yet
oh my jesus fucking christ i could strangle someone today
Its days like this I cannot wait to go to uni
Come to Cleveleys! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and B&Ms are already playing Xmas music. #tourism #seasisde
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Today is the sixth day of heathy eating/exercise. Tomorrow, I get pizza.
When you tell someone repeatedly 'I hate that picture, do not use it' and they decide 'well, she hates it but fuck it, lol'
Yesterday was actually a pretty awesome day
Never been more pissed off than I am right now today has just been the most annoying fucking day
Blackpool - when the sun is going down and everyone is going home.
'eyebrows are sisters, not twins' well mine are fucking distant cousins
I'm sat in alone eating microwave pasta in a Friday night
I can't believe I gave away 3/4s of my clothes yesterday i miss them so much
Every time i have a bath I'm like 'is my tattoo going to wash off' and it hasn't yet but i'm still nervous
Telling me about yourself and then ignoring me, just like old times.
I also want to watch Netflix but I lost the TV remote and the sky remote will not let me access Netflix such first world problems
I want food but I do not want to make it and this is the same thing happening every day that makes me not eat breakfast
I'd like to thank my family, cats and the illuminati for this amazing opportunity
i won a fruit bag on maccies monopoly
If you ever hear anyone say 'Sorry, I got distracted by Nicktoons' then it will be me saying it. Always.
My legs hurt when I move aaaand they hurt when I don't move. My solution? Cut them off. Bye bye legs.
someone has got to get me out of bed
I don’t understand people who are against animal testing. Like, I’m sorry, do you want Mr Fluffy to get good grades or not?
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I didn't get a job that i really really wanted and now i just want to drown myself in alcohol
"I love our NHS"- Really?? Astonishing news. I wish someone would give Cameron a personality. #BattleForNumber10
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Why will no one hire me I am fucking brilliant
I thought the TV was saying Hello to me but sadly it was an advert and it said hello to everyone watching Fox HD
Zayn left one direction, jeremy clarkson left top gear, i left my bed... when will this pain and suffering end?!
The only #cut4zayn would be a slice of cake to congrats him leaving a shit "boy band" ✋😂
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Just witnessed a girl slit her throat with a knife on tumblr in the name of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, what the actual fuck is this
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Is it worth staying up to find out who A is, that is the question
I'm worried and I have no sodding idea why
I want to be able to buy things but i did not tet the memo that doing so involves money
I'm very stressed right now and if I get shingles again I may just have to move to a remote country and ignore responsibility
It's World Water Day! For every RT this gets, @LifeWaterUK will give 100 gallons of clean water to someone in need. #cleanwaterforall
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Get the fuxk out of my head
Controversial, but I think you should lose your job if you punch someone because you don't like ham. There, I've said it.
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Horrified customer of Cleveleys Morrisons finds banana inside pack of fresh tarantulas.
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Why did I bother coming in today ibuavent been in properly for weeks why start now
College is gonna drag today and we're only in for half a day
"Are you happy with your hair cut" "It's exactly what I wanted thank you" *cries inside*
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