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so after i tweeted last night i put on pyjamas and then apparently fell asleep since I remember nothing after sitting on my bed
.@MetroUK This article is so ill-informed one might assume you just hurriedly posted pics of a murder victim's body to gain traffic. Oh wait
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Sadly I haven't and the pain is still there, but i feel as nauseous, unbalanced and high as I would
The past couple of days, it gets to around 6 and I feel like I've had a good dose of my pain meds
She doesn't seem to hate the car ride without the carrier...
My bed just looks stunning to me tonight because I have either con crud (an illness you catch at a convention because lots of people in small area) or I am having a bad time with my FM and I have not worked out which it is yet. Anyway, point is, my bed just looks like heaven right now.
After con blues are occurring.
So now to end the evening watching Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along blog before a day with my favourite little muppets tomorrow!
After a long ride home from London and a stomach full of sushi, I am exhausted but content.
Just saw a girl in a black ballgown propose to a girl dressed as Iron Man, in song format. Iron Man said yes. Highlight of #nineworlds.
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Due to strong winds last night Blackpool Tower is now in Fleetwood.
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I have had a brilliant weekend at nine worlds, however I have a hell of a lot to pack.
Thankyou to all the people at nine worlds for making my first ever con a weekend to remember. Such a good, kind hearted group of people!
Time to go and spend money! #nineworlds
I've had people ask to photography me, if anyone happens to see this please tweet me a photo, I am the girl in a tardis dress! #nineworlds
Day two of Nine Worlds - the dress I have been babbling on about and panicking over the past week.
Day 2 of London and Nine Worlds: some of the last two days purchases.
Nine Worlds, you are early and I am tired.
London, I am in you. #nineworldsgeekfest, I shall be in you tomorrow.
Halfway to London and it is a lovely sunny morning on the outskirts of brum.
The bloody cheek of some people
Sewing is hard. Hopefully it will be worth it.
So, turns out while I've been watching Simpsons since 1am morning happened. Weird.
Shoutout to all the wonderful people with chronic illness who manage a day to day life with unreliable health. You rock.
And there are some people no longer in my life who i want to smack with a prawn cracker because I dislike prawn crackers as much as them
There are some people in my life who i am eternally grateful to
I have to do a lot before Wednesday night since we go so early Thursday and I am still sat watching simpsons
I need to start sewing my tardis dress like seriously
Oh also this is progressing
I am way too excited and I feel like my family are going to get sick of it the more excited and high-pitched I get but I DO NOT CARE
Things are happening
My three favourite rings - The 'spinny' ring, the 'infinite fuck you' ring, and the 'I promise you this will hurt when it hits your face so don't piss me off' ring.
I'm so disappointed that @London_Geekfest is the same weekend as @SummerInTheCity. However, my geek side will always win.
I'm still awake, so technically it is still Thursday. And no one can tell me otherwise. #throwbackthursday
My hair feels so much nicer now it's cut, I am so happy I finally got the nerve to go to a hairdresser
“There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you.” If you listen. 'Put your seat belt on.' ‘Watch your step.’ ‘Get some rest.’”
Getting my hair chopped today and I am terrified
"nice shirt, xander" -no one, ever
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if you ever need a situation to be more uncomfortable and sexual, just invite spike
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Me and Ros, masters of trolling
Trying to do a big clear up in my room and get it moved around slightly - lots of my dead art stuff had to go. This is all that was left from a full one of these black boxes and two drawers. :(
I am in a very good mood today
Still can't believe it #nineworldsgeekfest #nineworlds