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Happy ☀
Watched the best movie 👌👌
My emotions are like playing cards everybody uses them by leaves them in the end. 👌
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Good night last night 👌🎈🎉
Why am I so paranoid. #sad
Can I be blessed with a booty. Thank you 🙏
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Schools soo stressful :(
Knowing that one person always has your back 👌#relievedd
Bring on the holiday <3
Best mood ever
So happy I got the job! :')
The less you worry about what people think, the less complicated life becomes.
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You always want what you can't have
Had fun at my job interview today, fingers crossed
Everytime I fall for someone they disappear. #fucme
That moment when you know the truth and they continue to lie..
Cant believe its 2014.. Happy new year guys <3
Soo happy right now
Love Christmas xx
Just got bored so decided to get the camera out. Does this now count me as a #photographer lel :P #radical
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you were white girl wasted last night, how's your head today? RT @thewhitmore: ✈✈✈
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The best excursion when you go to the gym and then stay in the pools after 👌
All my prayers go out to AP. That is the most depressing news I've heard in a long time.
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So happy justice crew officially dropped their new single 'everybody' @JusticeCrew #dropped
Started school again I'm so happy 😒
The trick is not make an emotional bond
This is about Miley's music video Wrecking Ball read it before you judge.
You're so pathetic..
Nothing's the same
He should have no problem then
Looking through all my old stuff and I find my camp video from 2010 everyone looks so young. #memories
One word to describe Melbourne weather. Temperamental #weird
How can Iggy Azalea look like so many different people and still be perfect @IGGYAZALEA she looks like Demi in this
Someone kik me? alltakenn
That annoying moment when you know someone with a amazing voice who won't try out for any talent shows and you know they would win
no school for me today Yay!
Yay finally the weathers picking up
"I'm going to start eating healthy" Psh whatever never works
I've learnt just because one guy breaks your heart not all guys will, theyre not all the same but it does make it harder to trust them
I swear twitters following people for me... I went up by 4
Done with guys. Again.
So most people prefer Miley's old style put I say rock with it! Shes amazing 😘#MileyCyruss