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Elaine L.
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Yes! Prime Time Genie Bouchard all the way to midnight. #USOpen
Mathew Knowles is still a typical stageparent. The Rowen to Beyonce's Olivia. #beygency… @LaineyGossip
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Somehow these three always end up on the same page...but one person is always in a side box.
. @scarletfu Her premiere was last night. Today's conversation was supposed to be all about her. And they cockblocked her once again. HAHAHA
Holy. Fuck. RT @AP BREAKING: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married Saturday in France, says a spokesman for the couple.
We're getting ready to launch #TheSocialCTV's Season 2 -- in less than a week!! Who's ready??
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Just came out of an @etalkCTV team meeting about TIFF2014. Now I can feel it. Countdown to festival time! (But 1st, a long weekend to fuel)
Beygency at work RT @etalkCTV BET suspends producer after joke about Blue Ivy's hair: AP source
Felt compelled to find this video today. It gave me some blue balls. Have I been corrupted in my old age?…
I haven't slept since waking up Sunday morning. Meanwhile these two are also hard at work.
An unexpected surprise: the Emmy Awards deliver a heartthrob -Cary Joji Fukunaga. Here's a past&present photo gallery…
Working on a second all-nighter in a row. Is a coca-cola at 1am a good idea or a bad idea?
God, #Emmys, just find an award to give to Beyonce and get her there. Let her save you.
Isn't it time we took away Heidi Klum's supermodel card? Like the way people think Cuba Gooding Jr's Oscar card should be revoked?
Everyone call in Beyoncé and don't show up to work tomorrow
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There is nothing else. Nothing left. Nothing but Beyonce. #VMAs
Wait. So Maroon 5 is like the house band now? Yeah. Beyoncé did that. #VMAs
You know why Maroon 5 is outside? They're getting the stage ready for something better. #VMAs
This Beyoncé concert is taking forever to start #VMA2014
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Just enjoyed a rewind with @JESSI and @danjlevy creeping on JLo's vagine. Positive we saw at least a labia. #VMAs
How did Taylor Swift, the friend collector, lose Sam Smith to Katy Perry in the famous friend draft? #VMAs
This #VMAs hallway cam is everything. Keep it locked on Solange please.
Where do all the regular microphones go? #VMAs
The Yonce models are there. Beyoncé is all that matters tonight. All. That. Matters. #VMAs