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Elaine L.
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I love how the one hippy guy exclusively wears long johns on The Amazing Race Canada.
And from behind, in the third challenge @IamAmirJohnson and @LaineyGossip win third and final challenge @TheSocialCTV
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I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson comes out today. Read it. You will love it SO MUCH.
Texting w/ @Sasha_Tong. We were eating Oreos in pyjamas at the same time. Unplanned. We cannot be the only ones.
Figuring out Halifax dinner plans. True or false? @TheWoodenMonkey doesn't take reservations but has the best view?
Heading to Halifax next weekend. What to do? Where to eat?
Captain America just high-fived me. Festival complete! #etalktiff
Is this (one of) George Clooney's wedding invitation(s)?
We are celebrating @stayfabulous today on @TheSocialCTV. It's her birthday! Or, as she would say, her "anniversary"!
Hey @JESSI Keira Knightley is coming for you. But. Um. She might break her promise. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
I was Keira Knightley's husband's umbrella holder for about 30 seconds tonight. And actually good at it. #etalkTIFF
Mesmerised by Keira Knightley's lips at the Moët + Chandon party for Laggies #etalktiff
Celebrating women in film & television with @WIFT. Here's to #TIFF14!
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So, that Mike Tyson interview escalated rather quickly.
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Shit. I'm breaking everything this week.
After his super intense film. And a fine performance. And someone wants to talk about his yummy. In front of his cast mates. No one spoke.
During the Q&A for The Imitation Game tonight, a fan asked Benedict Cumberbatch "Can I have some of your yummy-ness?" #etalkTIFF
Chris Rock's new movie sparked an INSANE bidding war at TIFF. // @LaineyGossip #fb
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Three superheroes, a stripper, a vampire, a drummer, and a physicist. It was a good party night at TIFF 2014.
Admiring Hailee Steinfeld's gorgeous Dolce&Gabbana dress tonight at The Keeping Room premiere #etalktiff
More detail on how Andrew Garfield supported Eddie Redmayne at The Theory Of Everything premiere #etalkTIFF
Thoughts on The Riot Club: Max Irons, Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth
Big crushing on Cara Delevingne at TIFF -- up close!
Charlie Hunnam's best red carpet and a romance update
via @LaineyGossip: "[jessica hay] was full of sh-t. but she’s lucky with her guesswork this one, non?"
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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin are doing it anti-Brange. Telling us EVERYTHING about their wedding in advance.
Prince William & Princess Catherine confirm second pregnancy. Big Prince George will have someone else to beat up on.
Everyone wants the spotlight today but nothing beats a royal baby.
The Squawking Chicken gets a ride in a #etalktiff Infinity to the Breakup Buddies!
Tom Hardy, Cara Delevingne, Riot Club, Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Andrew Garfield - don't want my all-Brit weekend to end! #etalktiff
What do you think I just asked Eddie Redmayne? #etalkTIFF
Felicity Jones shares a laugh with @LaineyGossip on the 'Theory of Everything' red carpet: #FelicityJones #etalkTIFF
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Andrew Garfield just snuck past The Theory Of Everything carpet w/a look of such pride 4his friend Eddie Redmayne. 1of my top moments so far
THANK YOU to the BEAUTIFUL host @stayfabulous of etalkctv for the great interview and for having me on…
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Fans fashionably paying tribute to the great #JoanRivers outside of her funeral. etalkctv @ Temple…
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Apparently @BenMulroney is the supreme leader of an Asian clone army. #etalktiff @Tanya_Kim
Received many compliments last night about my glow. Ty @WSkinCare & @LaineyGossip for putting them on my radar. I travel MTL -> TO for it!
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What I love about this is that it's a slip-on cover. So you can still eat the contents. Which I assure you I will.
Met Jon Stewart. Then interviewed Tom Hardy for the second time this weekend. Am floating. #etalktiff
Jon Stewart just shook my hand. This is going to be a good day. #etalktiff14
Started my morning with an interview with Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari. Not too shabby! #tiff14
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Or maybe someone farted in my face #etalktiff elevator