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Laeticia t'adore
Yeah she's a real bitch at times but she's my realist bitch I tell ya. Love my Cousin to the fullest ❤️😘😭🙌💎💋 @cherrycocaiine
My soul mate or nah!!
So many people come and go in my life. But so far you've been consistent. I love consistency more than anything. 😘😍♥️😚
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Dans la vie chaque probleme a sa solution
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“@AceNash_: eyebrows to females is what a hairline is to a guy” looool FACT
At a certain age , u can't be entertaining someone you don't see a future with 💍
If u hurt me this the person u gota deal with ☺️ she's gorgeous Inside and out but just as weird as me 😍❤️ love u
Havnt been on IG in years 🙊
@TODAYshow: Ex-Con saves baby who crawled onto the highway” ex about Good Samaritan
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Wake up every morning with the idea that something wonderful is possible today.
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" Not perfect but im always finding new things i love about me" - new post coming today on my blog 'self love'
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If I wrote a book about my life, it would be very interesting.
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I'm gona miss my half @xo_jenney 😞😓 6 weeks without arguing with u 😕 just imagine
Everyone wants you when you taken 😶
Snapchat: latisha_t 🌴
Some gota realise that they ain't gettin any younger smh !🚶
@JonRichard: Compliments about personality are always more refreshing than Compliments about ones about looks. Honestly.” 💯�#factct
I swear some people have kindoki and they don't even know it ✋ #congolesepeople
@_LolaAde: A road man licking ice cream has to be one of the funniest thing to watch.” Looooool just tryin to imagine
@JayWittz: @Allisvanity_L definitely ! 👀👀”😌😊
@JayWittz: Lips are actually such an important feature 👀😍”yepp
@TiaToldYouSo: Text my dad I need money and he said so do i😕”loool he's sick 😭
Accepting myself the way I am & starting to love myself was something I learnt the hard way! Nothing people say will break that again☝️👍
I'm not English anymore uno, Ordering a pizza.
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Shoulda woulda coulda but you didn't England...... You didn't.
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@tlowe14: “@gr8rukh: Balotelli's fiance 👀” So he basically won twice tonight 😒”mothers 😫😍
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@RayRomario__: England are a joke fuck the Queen fuck the feds fuck deal or no deal fuck fish & chips fuck England”😂😂😂😂
This girl always be doing dumb shit when I ain't checkin up on her @JennieAmor 😞 sighs
28 days from now I will be a new person with a new beautiful life 👏 glory be to God👏
“@IAMNXVYAH: Boyfriends deserve to get spoiled too .. Y'all females ask for so much and do so little .”👏👏
Life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you!
@MANLIKESeun: I wonder how many girls would be happy going to a museum or gallery for a date?” I would love to tbh
@Jay_yatooiyarny: Having good weather and having nothing to do is the worst”😞 damn right
There's always a little truth in every "I'm only joking "
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If she cheats it's over , if he cheats you gotta give him a few chances to grow as a man . Life ain't fair .
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Why waist your time on someone who is trying to give someone else they attention ? 😳
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