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I get to see my bestie in 1 month & I'm beyond excited @ZakkdLarte #WOW <3
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the smell of KFC absolutely ruins that 100m of Ponsonby Road
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You were so adorable in #CandidlyNicole @dolkaspeter! Just wanted to cuddle you all up! 💖@nicolerichiee
Who dat? Dat @JaimeRidge24. Who dat? Dat @JackieSian. Who dat? Dat X Factor Bitch! #lyricalgenius 😂…8
Like, logically I know that I have friends that love and care for me, but I feel like that outcast kid again and I don't know why... 💔
I don't know why, but I've been feeling all alone in the world again...
Feeling my oats #androgyny
Help! I use emoticons too much. 😭
I covered my notepad with the anaconda album art so I can take you with me everywhere @NICKIMINAJ ❤️ 🐍
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Serious question, does anyone have the cover art for @NICKIMINAJ's #Anaconda in ultra high quality?
"When there's only God to blame we forgive him. When it's our fellow man, we destroy him."
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I hate it when songs are 2:59 seconds long, like, really bitch? You couldn’t hold a note for one more fucking second? 😡
Okay, the most gorgeous boy just sat next to me. I could break down for a bit longer now @AklTransport.
Sorry to everyone that phone follows me, but do you know what I've had? It.
Did I mention that this is my first day with my new design client? I'm so fucking late.
And now my phone's dying, great.
Embarrassing, @AklTransport. There's a million ticket inspectors on this train but no one seems to know how to drive the fucking thing.
Fuck @AklTransport this morning. This is bullshit.
FULL VIDEO: Lady Gaga gets scared by a bug during "Gypsy" at artRAVE in Seoul -
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Um, @seanalyze. Did you know @theJamiesWorld follows you. I'm so upset about this right now, she is my Queen. #SlayMeCurry 👑
I wouldn't say that I'm a fan, but I am obsessed with you
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It's freezing! Chiffon is not warm 😭 ⛄
I asked Siri to "play Blazin'" and she started calling @TheLiamBeale lmao
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Thanks for the follow @KimDotcom! You intrigue me. Your album slays by the way, while we're here. #GoodLife is my jam!