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Dreams - I dream of you in colours that don’t exist.
The devaluation of black life in America is as old as the nation itself and has yet to be confronted.…
"Darren Wilson Never Stood Over Mike Brown's Body" -Bob McCullough
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for anyone who wants to talk about Mike Brown's "lack of innocence" as if that made it okay to shoot him down
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Beyoncé is spreading Mike Brown's family statement on Instagram to her 21M followers #FergusonDecision #Ferguson
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It's so upsetting that this isn't about whether or not Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown, it's about whether he DESERVED to die. Unacceptable.
For 108 days police lied and said Darren Wilson chased Mike Brown, 35 feet, tonight Wilson doubled down. Madness.…
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Not enough characters on Twitter to express my thoughts about the Mike Brown non-verdict. We are reversing in time, and all for the worst...
The 2015 #CartierTrust Drag Calendar that I designed is available now at @kryolanofficial, one of my favourite shops in #Newmarket!
Getting my nails done with the gorgeous Miss @trelisecooper
Only love can hurt like this...
Change - Somebody said you got a new friend.  Does he love you better than I can?
Please support my Barbie baby @TheLiamBeale by liking this photo and helping her win #PrincesstoQueen2014 ❤💛💚�…48BH
I better change my name back, but I'm still a _darr deep down! @seanalyze @char_darr @anabelwatson @RossMisson @MasonTheKiwi @YoSamuelJames
Memories. - I guess what I hate most is everything reminds me of you and everything I do reminds you of...
That's it, I'm done. Dead. "@MasonTheKiwi: Zakk_darr'Larté"
I've never realised just how funny the _Darr family are! 😂😂@seanalyzey@char_darra@anabelwatsons@RossMissons@MasonTheKiwii@YoSamuelJamesmes
The Body Shop has a product called The Sparkler which Annabelle sprayed all over my face and it really gives you that post-Family-Bar look.
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Gender roles would indicate that living with men will guarantee your makeup doesn't get stolen but I can testify that this is not the case.
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Did you know that _Darr is French for "bae"?
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A very warm welcome to the newest Darr @ZakkdLarte 😘 xx
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.@char_darr I feel like that was my introduction to an AA meeting or something. "Hi, my name's Zakk..."
You owe me, @seanalyze. 🎈🎁🎉
I'm screaming alaskas brother is Gigi's boyfriends
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Happy birthday @seanalyze, you beautiful bitch 😘 So good to see you last night - I'll come rape ya' in St Lukes soon! 💖xo
Love you too, princess xo @LaceyNoel27
Can't stop watching #ChasingTime - this is your best video yet, @AZEALIABANKS! 😘…l
if you're a homophobe just remember homophobe spelled backwards is ebohpomoh and that makes no sense just like ur views
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so is anyone secretly in love with me yet
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this is the most random ensemble of people i have ever witnessed in 21 years that i have been on this planet
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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence
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Yes straight boy on the train, I see you looking at me. You either want to bash me, or want to make love. I'll go with the second option..
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girls do not spend an hour(+) doing makeup for you to tell them they "don't need it" I will step on the back of your heels I swear to god
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Much love to you and Lacey, don't let the jealousy of others erode at your beautiful souls. #TeamLacey ❤💛💚�@LaceyNoel27e@misssmissyissy
I followed Zakk D'Larte back on Tumblr to be polite but he is reblogging the weirdest shit ever and it's making me uncomfortable 😨😨😨
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Um, @Massad - when did you go blue?! 😂 😘
Why the fuck is @Eminem still allowed to be famous? Talking about raping @IGGYAZALEA & punching @LanaDelRey in the face? Fuck off, old man.
What else am I going to do, watch the show? "@TearawayMag: Could we have a round of applause for @umusicNZ live tweeting"
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