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slutty white schoolgirl bitch deep throat
.@WOWAwardsShow I hope the rest of the week goes well, break a leg! :)
.@WOWAwardsShow It once was tradition to throw your shoe on stage if you enjoyed the show, but I thought perhaps that wasn't appropriate.
The @WOWAwardsShow last night was phenomenal as always. I'm so inspired. #WOWInWLG ❤💛💚�
Update: @Uber_Wellington is fantastic. Never taxiing again. Let's hope @Uber_Auckland is just as efficient! Thoroughly impressed.
Hopefully testing out @Uber_Wellington en route to @WOWAwardsShow tonight, let's see how this pans out!
They don't call it windy fucking Wellington for nothing, fuck. 💨💨💨
Just landed in Wellington, had the greatest man next to me. I sat down and instantly said "Wearable Arts Awards?" Love 'em. 😝
Excited for @WOWAwardsShow tonight. Let's go, Wellington! ✈💃
So grateful for our new home and for our welcoming gifts. Officially a Remuera Bitch. Life is getting better, #ThankYou 💖💖💖
.@electricmash I have to mute and unfollow you, sorry.
.@electricmash Oh my God, why are you tweeting the same thing over and over. Stop.
Why was there a boxer in #EauDeGaga's film? But yasss at the stiletto nails coming back. She's werkin' that lense, but a tad underwhelming..
Um @ladygaga, love you babes, but #EauDeGaga's film is a bit dreadful. You look absolutely smokin', but the #CheekToCheek promo doesn't fit.
I never make the same mistake twice. I make it 4 or 5 times, just to be sure.
The performance by #ScarlettJohansson in @LucyTheMovie is unbelievable. The movie is a visual ecstasy. 🎥
Oh! @ladygaga's complete #CheekToCheek is out! Let's have a listen 💖
Aucklanders! Aj Major is selling her loft bed since we move house too often to be re-assembling all the time....
This is amazing! Photoshop Redesign | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration…
Teens experiment with a mysterious new drug and are thrusted into a nightmare realm where dreams kill. #BlackSugar 🎥
@Nutellandro you ain't kidding im in there somewhere I can't even get to my own show! 😭
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Dear #Apple, Thank God those irritating clicking sounds while changing the volume are gone. #OSXYosemite Beta 3 is much better!
I just signed the petition to allow performers to use their stage names on their Facebook accounts at via @Change. 💖
I actually love Nature Boy so much! Gaga's vocals pour out beautifully. #TonyGagaNatureBoyOnVevo:
cause of death: drag shows i can't afford to go to
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"Facebook has become such a part of our lives, but we are all dedicated members of a club which doesn't give a crap about us" - @LADYBUNNY77
sometimes I can't concentrate until I've listened to Sharpay & Ryan's Fabulous
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I feel high when I listen to Tove Lo and that's such a great feeling
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This photoshoot is phenomenal! 💖💖💖
I'm in love! By Cristian Girotto Retouch X David Benoliel!
@ZakkdLarte accidental... I happened to have it in my suitcase.
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my phone's in my hand almost every second of the day so if you think I'm ignoring you I probably am
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I don't mind if the government spies on me. To be honest I kinda like the idea of the prime minister looking at my nudes
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Due to conditions (cough Jamie Autin ) I had to be in bed w/ Bianca Del Rio last night. Joan...I might be laying next to u soon. #nervous
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Just arrived in New Zealand. I see no rings. I get the frustration.
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Spotted @MarcMacNamara at @TheBiancaDelRio last night. Had a little moment, but didn't know whether to come say hi or not. You're gorgeous!
"Why don't we swap crap & bring @Joan_Rivers back. Like Katy Perry for example. What a useless piece of shit she is!" - @TheBiancaDelRio 😂
People who get pissy about @TheBiancaDelRio doing the "same show every night" need to learn a thing or two about being a touring performer.
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@TheBiancaDelRio was the fucking funniest thing I've seen since Britney's VMA comeback concert
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.@TheBiancaDelRio You made me cry my fucking makeup off you bitch. I knew I'd laugh, but not that fucking hard! 😂