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Lady Aleena
I agree, why can't superheroes have normal childhoods, why do the good ones HAVE to be orphans? @twindy5
There are 2 flies flying around my living room right now which are annoying me but I don't feel like getting up to get the flyswatter.
Hello everyone, say Hi! to my mom who is still with me. :)
Darn it! All but one of my favorites movies with mutants are science fiction. Only one is fantasy.
I also currently categorize movies with mutants as monster movies, however I am considering recategorizing them as science fiction.
I currently categorize movies with spellcasters as monster movies, however I am considering recategorizing them as fantasy. Thoughts?
Hello everyone! I am sorry for being so antisocial lately, but on top of helping my mother, @twitter and @TweetDeck both have js problems.
Oh & @CBS, the next time you spin-off a series, keep the parent series out of it until at least season 2. Spin-offs sink or swim w/o parent.
Dear @CBS: How am I supposed to like a show you don't trust? Get @NCIS_CBS off of @NCISNewOrleans so I can't make up my mind.
What is going on with @TweetDeck? I keep getting unresponsive script warnings in @firefox.
Women are oppressed by the concept called marriage. Yet they dream of getting married. #EpicHypocrisy #Feminism
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Today I'm tweeting with an audience. If you see this tweet, please say hello to my mother! :)
The question is, are Gotham & Metropolis interchangeable in the joint cosmology of #Batman & #Superman? @henchman_41 @DCComics
Question for @DCComics fans: if Gotham & Metropolis both represent NYC, how can #Batman & #Superman exist in the same cosmology?
Last night I missed @NCISLA_CBS b/c I was trying to record @NBCBlacklist & @Castle_ABC. My @comcast DVR wouldn't let me record 2, watch 3rd.
Tonight is going to be a tough one. The @NBCBlacklist, @Castle_ABC, and @NCISLA_CBS at 10pm. What to watch live and what to DVR?
The @NBCBlacklist is very bold. W/ ep. 2 going after #216, I see they expect to have at least 10 seasons. @nbc please give it to them?
Watched @CaptainAmerica: The Winter Solider the other night. The end begs the question, how will @AgentsofSHIELD continue now?!
If the @weatherchannel has given up doing the #weather, then why are they still called #TheWeatherChannel?! I don't get it!!!
.@weatherchannel YOU'RE LATE! Where is the local weather on the 8s? Why are there fat guys on my TV instead of my weather?!
I just put the back of my hand on my cheek, and my fingers are COLD!
I need to get up out of my chair, do something with my hair, put some clothes on, and get out of here to do some shopping.
I am trying to decide whether to wear socks & tennis shoes or to wear my sandals. It is a tad chilly outside today, though it may be warning
.@CBS are you trying to kill @NCISLA_CBS by putting it against @nbc's @NBCBlacklist and @ABCNetwork's @Castle_ABC?!
.@Syfy you gave #Haven a 23 episode order which is great, but then you forget to tell @TVGuide its 5th season premiere is tonight?!
It bodes very ill for #Haven this season with @Syfy moving it to the 8pm (kiddie) slot. Had it stayed at 10pm it stood a chance.
.@AnnCarters I wish for a new series which is procedural instead of serial. I don't have the energy for every episode ending w/a cliffhanger
Some of you get excited over people I've never heard of before your tweets. I guess the lack of new good TV is to blame.
What woman who is of sound mind would join #ISIL/#ISIS? I don't get it! #womendontgo!
By the way, thank you for following me.
Go have fun at a really old site. :)
Everyone! Stop telling us about the number of people who have followed or unfollowed you! Nobody gives a hover-fuck.
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I'm going to sit here & cry. I looked for the CD soundtrack for Two of a Kind w/@olivianj & #JohnTravolta. Sellers want $100+ for it! :(
3 out of the last 4 #NicolasCage films I watched for the first time bummed me out: #SeasonoftheWitch, #KickAss, & #Knowing.
How old does a film have to be before what I say is considered a spoiler?
Last night I watched a film I really wanted to see, then it bums me out at the end. I paid for it, meaning I paid to be made depressed!
I am just upset I can't get instant satisfaction when it comes to buying CDs/DVDs/blu-rays. Waiting for them to be shipped is agony!
The only items I buy at @BestBuy anymore is TV's and disk players, meaning I may go to one once every 3-4 years since they downsized films.
Am I the only person who detests waiting 2 weeks to watch a DVD/blu-ray bought online? I miss large selections in STORES, dammit!
Darn it @googlemaps, @redbox is NOT a video store! They are just vending machines for crying out loud.
The second you resort to scare tactics and intimidation, you aren’t acting like a human. You are a terrorist.
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.@Walmart Your CD/DVD/blu-ray selection is becoming more pitiful each time I visit your store. You used to have a great selection!
.@Walmart Before taking a seasonal item off the shelves, please check the weather. We still have summer weather this September.
I wish @netflix would STOP being "original" & get more films & TV series. I loathe it on @HBO, @Cinemax, @SHO_Network, & @STARZ_Channel.
Browsed 8 genres on @netflix & found 1 film to add to my #instantqueue: a&a, classic, cult, drama, music, musical, romance, & sci-fi/fantasy
Dear @netflix: Please work harder on retaining & expanding your collection. My #instantqueue is emptying fast!