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Lady Aleena
Watched @CaptainAmerica: The Winter Solider the other night. The end begs the question, how will @AgentsofSHIELD continue now?!
If the @weatherchannel has given up doing the #weather, then why are they still called #TheWeatherChannel?! I don't get it!!!
.@weatherchannel YOU'RE LATE! Where is the local weather on the 8s? Why are there fat guys on my TV instead of my weather?!
I just put the back of my hand on my cheek, and my fingers are COLD!
I need to get up out of my chair, do something with my hair, put some clothes on, and get out of here to do some shopping.
I am trying to decide whether to wear socks & tennis shoes or to wear my sandals. It is a tad chilly outside today, though it may be warning
.@CBS are you trying to kill @NCISLA_CBS by putting it against @nbc's @NBCBlacklist and @ABCNetwork's @Castle_ABC?!
.@Syfy you gave #Haven a 23 episode order which is great, but then you forget to tell @TVGuide its 5th season premiere is tonight?!
It bodes very ill for #Haven this season with @Syfy moving it to the 8pm (kiddie) slot. Had it stayed at 10pm it stood a chance.
.@AnnCarters I wish for a new series which is procedural instead of serial. I don't have the energy for every episode ending w/a cliffhanger
Some of you get excited over people I've never heard of before your tweets. I guess the lack of new good TV is to blame.
What woman who is of sound mind would join #ISIL/#ISIS? I don't get it! #womendontgo!
By the way, thank you for following me.
Go have fun at a really old site. :)
Everyone! Stop telling us about the number of people who have followed or unfollowed you! Nobody gives a hover-fuck.
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I'm going to sit here & cry. I looked for the CD soundtrack for Two of a Kind w/@olivianj & #JohnTravolta. Sellers want $100+ for it! :(
3 out of the last 4 #NicolasCage films I watched for the first time bummed me out: #SeasonoftheWitch, #KickAss, & #Knowing.
How old does a film have to be before what I say is considered a spoiler?
Last night I watched a film I really wanted to see, then it bums me out at the end. I paid for it, meaning I paid to be made depressed!
I am just upset I can't get instant satisfaction when it comes to buying CDs/DVDs/blu-rays. Waiting for them to be shipped is agony!
The only items I buy at @BestBuy anymore is TV's and disk players, meaning I may go to one once every 3-4 years since they downsized films.
Am I the only person who detests waiting 2 weeks to watch a DVD/blu-ray bought online? I miss large selections in STORES, dammit!
Darn it @googlemaps, @redbox is NOT a video store! They are just vending machines for crying out loud.
The second you resort to scare tactics and intimidation, you aren’t acting like a human. You are a terrorist.
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.@Walmart Your CD/DVD/blu-ray selection is becoming more pitiful each time I visit your store. You used to have a great selection!
.@Walmart Before taking a seasonal item off the shelves, please check the weather. We still have summer weather this September.
I wish @netflix would STOP being "original" & get more films & TV series. I loathe it on @HBO, @Cinemax, @SHO_Network, & @STARZ_Channel.
Browsed 8 genres on @netflix & found 1 film to add to my #instantqueue: a&a, classic, cult, drama, music, musical, romance, & sci-fi/fantasy
Dear @netflix: Please work harder on retaining & expanding your collection. My #instantqueue is emptying fast!
What is with my current mild obsession with @johncusack and #NicolasCage movies?
BTW, I saw the trailer for #50ShadesOfGrey & wonder what the big deal is. Hasn't anyone seen #Secretary w/@mgyllenhaal & #JamesSpader?!
I'm yawning, and I've been awake less than 12 hours. This is ridiculous.
Oh, since I fell around a month ago, I am still in physical pain from it & the depression of not being able to do anything substantive.
I wish I could have as great convention experiences as you have had. I went to only 1 & was so bored, I ended up volunteering as security.
This is one of those days where taking a shower did nothing for me. I dried my hair, however, it is still soaking wet from postshower sweat!
TV series which have week-to-week cliffhangers are the ones I avoid. I prefer series which are so sure of themselves, they don't need them.
I prefer to watch TV series which allow its viewers to go into comas and the next new episode after they wake up is watchable.
"This is our home too" works when you're talking about caring for the planet. Does Not work when talking about another person's house.
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I'll have no interest in your cause until you've put down your phone/tablet, gotten off your ass, & put in some "sweat" equity.
I wonder if the people who tweet @operationSAFE messages almost every day actually get off their butts & volunteer to help abuse victims.
Now I want JELLO! damn it... @Ladykuro @talkwordy
Hubby just came up with a GREAT use for a 3D printer. Create cake/JELLO molds of people for their special days!
Tonight I was sitting almost directly under a @tikibrand torch using their tiki oil, and I still came in with 2 mosquito bites! I can't win!
(cont) Why can't I have the option to be euthanized when I am told I have an incurable disease? It isn't fair.
If my cat's vet told me she had an incurable disease, I would have the option to euthanize her to spare her the pain. (cont)
Never start cooking a meal when you are planning on using a leftover without checking the leftover is still good.
With the A/C set at 74 deg., I would think I wouldn't sweat this much just vacuuming the house.