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Lady Aleena
I'd love to talk to a #VeronicaMars fan to see if I could get a screen shot from the "Leave It to Beaver" ep. for the Malcolm T Wiggins mug.
I thought animated .gifs went out with the new millennium. Why are they back?!
.@twitter @Support PLEASE give me a way to set ALL animated gifs to paused on the web and in @TweetDeck! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
And I'm finding myself chain smoking lately. It's like I have nothing else better to do.
I'm sick & fucking tired of the pain associated w/sticking a needle into myself every fucking night to inject insulin. I feel like giving up
Btw, I'm not going to watch @supergirlcbs b/c of the title alone. She is not a female child, so should be Superwoman. #misogynisttitle
I don't know any happy, in a normal way, TV cop's/agent's family. One family member is kidnapped or killed somewhere along the way.
Male TV cops/agents should get vasectomies, female TV cops/agents should get hysterectomies. #Badthings happen when cops/agents have kids.
If a TV cop/agent is introduced w/a spouse, divorce/death of said spouse WILL happen. #sadbuttrue
.@HawaiiFive0CBS I want @michelleborth AND @LaurenGerman back permanently! Oh, and STOP SPLITTING UP #MCDANNO!
I am sick & tired of TV cops/agents not having happy home lives.
.@HawaiiFive0CBS So happy-ever-after for the #Noshimuri's by Xmas, & #McRollinsForever by the end of the season or I quit.
.@HawaiiFive0CBS Another reason to remove a male is to begin to even out the genders. Currently you are at 6 men & 1 woman! WTH?!
.@HawaiiFive0CBS Also, bring back Kath permanently! I'm sick of that game too! Annoying Jerry out, Kath in! #McRollinsFOREVER
.@HawaiiFive0CBS You've until the Xmas ep. to get rid of G. Wainwright for good so Kono/Adam can be happy ever after! I'll quit if not.
My TV crossover project has stalled from lack of information. :( I need gads of help.
Never thought I'd miss my naivety. It's actually a bad thing but it's so much easier to see things through rose-colored glasses.
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While watching @ScorpionCBS tonight, I was wondering why the Navy didn't bring in Eric or Nell from @NCISLA_CBS to deal with the problem.
I wish I could find more #tvcrossover fans. There are so many posited which I would love to see proven.
Any #TwinPeaks and/or @FRINGEonFOX fans on right now? I need info on the possible crossover I've read about.
Tweets From Phones Are More Egocentric, Study Finds —
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Is it possible to sprain an ocular muscle from eye rolling too hard?
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guh ... I wish the #Westphall people would prove their crossovers & be half as discerning as @ThommyHolbrook.
.@eBay Thanks! Now I have the song stuck in my head and was singing while I was vacuuming.
I should clean the heaters before turning them on.
The steady beat of gun violence resonates at schools around the U.S. Terrifying.…
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I can't believe I now have to turn on the heat! :(
Now I wish to see @DavidBowieReal & #JenniferConnelly together on screen again dancing. #Ladyrinth @gates_mcfadden
Why is it whenever I see @gates_mcfadden tweeting, I think of #Labyrinth instead of @StarTrek: #TheNextGeneration?
.@WoottonNicholas Would you do a fan-service & bring @annabethgish on @ScorpionCBS, pretty please? (Love interest for Cabe?!) ;)
Watching @PersonInterest & couldn't place @ricocolantoni 'til remembering him as Ben in @Numb3rs_CBS who was under constant surveillance! :)
.@mark29891 I prefer the quote "A person is smart, people are stupid."
Foal born with a patch that looks like another horse.
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If @Walmart & other stores want to push holidays, have a permanent #Holiday section in your store.
I went into @Walmart the other day and saw #Christmas items on display. Can't they wait until the week before #Thanksgiving?!
My hands are shaking because of our bills. My nerves are shot! I wish there were a destresser I could take.
I wish this feeling of foreboding would go away, it is stressing me badly.
My cat is very eager to get into my lap, putting her front paws on the arm of my chair, and looking pitiful.
Whenever I can get a stranger to smile, it is as if God is smiling at me. Have a nice day everyone!
I get the impression when people start favoriting my tweets during a conversation, the conversation is nearly or completely over.
Unusual relief with embedded painting of Madonna and Child -- early mixed media ?
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Posting reviews for unreleased/unaired films/TV series seems so rude. Let viewers see it w/o outside prejudice. @RottenTomatoes
.@CantrellJason I'm glad someone understands.
Dammit! I got my hair tangled in a scrunchie!
.@CantrellJason I get worried there is something wrong w/my brain. I begin to wonder if it is b/c I didn't take English Lit. seriously.
I sometimes feel so alone in my choice of favorites in film/TV. Those which most like, I find hard to watch or just boring.
Is it just me or are the most critically acclaimed films/TV series also the most boring?

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