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Lady Aleena
Hubby just came up with a GREAT use for a 3D printer. Create cake/JELLO molds of people for their special days!
Tonight I was sitting almost directly under a @tikibrand torch using their tiki oil, and I still came in with 2 mosquito bites! I can't win!
(cont) Why can't I have the option to be euthanized when I am told I have an incurable disease? It isn't fair.
If my cat's vet told me she had an incurable disease, I would have the option to euthanize her to spare her the pain. (cont)
Never start cooking a meal when you are planning on using a leftover without checking the leftover is still good.
With the A/C set at 74 deg., I would think I wouldn't sweat this much just vacuuming the house.
Why does it take the suicide death of a celebrity to bring mental health to the fore? I have suicidal thoughts at least once a day.
I have to vacuum the house, but both arms hurt so much, they ache when I think about it. I want to be pain free already!
Do I count as being left handed even when my kindergarten teacher forced me to learn to write with my right hand?
How am I to exercise with a bone bruise on my tailbone & two arms which hurt when I pick up anything heavier than a feather? (& my bad hip)
The summer blood shortage grows. Give blood. Give hope. The need is urgent. #ChooseYourDay #redcross
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(cont to Looking for a #foodie!) I'm now using real onions in most food where I used to use (dried/minced) onion (powder/salt).
Looking for a #foodie! I'm about starting to use cloves of garlic in my recipes instead of garlic powder or salt. Good or bad? (cont)
On the day a great comedian dies, I decided to make a red sauce wearing a white shirt. @robinwilliams, I hope you see the funny in heaven.
Dear Robin, my captain. May your coming dreams be sweet. Nanu nanu. #Restinpeace Robin Williams
I now appreciate a slowly moving timeline. I just tried watching the super moon hashtag and was overwhelmed at how fast it was going.
With so many people in the US with diabetes,I'm surprised insulin isn't put in the drinking water, but drug companies won't make $$ then.
I won't be taking my diabetes seriously until all of my aches and pains are eliminated. I don't want to be in pain AND starving.
Oh, and my doctor says I have diabetes. I wonder how much money doctors make from drug companies for each diagnosis.
Today I found a letter from a former employer who forced me to resign after 1 mistake. Never look into the past too closely, it hurts.
In case you give a flying fuck, I've slipped into a deep depression in the last few weeks due to increased pain but don't want to spread it.
Am I the only person in the US NOT watching that second shark and tornado film?
Hello! I know its been a while, but I have issues. Hubby and I are watching my timeline together tonight. Oh, I literally busted my ass.
The only thing my doctor has done for my pain issue is prescribe pain meds, 800mg of ibuprofen, which is killing my stomach!
How will pricking my finger 3 times a fucking day get rid of my hip and arm pain? Insulin is NOT a pain killer.
I finally get in to see a doctor, and they completely forget my pain when they see my blood sugar levels. I HURT, so ignore everything else.
Is it strange I don't care about the possibility I have diabetes because I am in so much pain I can't walk at times?
*flashes everyone*
I have gone past being the answer to life, the universe, and everything. :( PARTY!
Okay, off to get naked and wet. I might be back in about an hour.
I wish I were about 1% as successful as most who follow me.
I hurt my left arm cleaning today, and I do almost everything, except write, left handed! !@#$ %^&*
My heart is breaking, I'll never be able to hear some songs ever again because they were never released on CD or in digital format. :(
Is no one else tired of every single TV series out there having "big bads"? Can't we go back to just the "baddie of the week" stories?
I feel left out, everyone else appears to have had at least one drink this evening. I can't due to my prescriptions.
I cut wires every color of the rainbow tonight and a few colors dulled by age.
Sometimes I feel like I'm tweeting to a wall.
I'm a little desperate to be #ecofriendly & want to #recycle #VHS tapes, #floppydisks, etc. I just can't find a place to do it free. :(
GUH! I called @BestBuy to see if they recycled 3.5" & @Iomega disks, & the rep. didn't know what an #iOmega disk is!
.@UniversalEnt It's a dark stormy night, great for #NR3onDVD, but you haven't released it yet. :( @NecRoughness @calliopethorne @scottecohen
It is only ~6pm here and I am flaking out. I have things to do still. I can't seem to get motivated again.
You know I've been cleaning, but my dark grey soles would fool you.
There is no fucking way in this world where I will pay $200 to upgrade from @Windows XP to 8. I have TWELVE computers in my house!
I need motivation to continue today. I can't seen to get myself together this afternoon.
Sigh. If you're going to do scripted stunts on your "reality" show, maybe hire a stunt coordinator?… via @Deadline
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I'm at the point in cleaning where I've to wait for certain events (dishes to dry & dryer finishes) to occur. The wait kills my motivation
Hubby and I will be ducking out of here in about 15 minutes to watch @Your4State news. Enjoy us while you can! *giggle*
*sighs* All my @PEZofficial are gone. *mopes* Time for M&Ms.
By the way, I am getting a sugar high from eating @PEZofficial, so I might get rather silly tonight.