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Lady Aleena
I like superhero films/TV series because I have never read the comics nor care too. I will stick with the onscreen storyline.
The only way to enjoy a film/TV series based on a written work is to never read the written work, sorry authors.
Fixing my website will take far longer than an hour. Fixing my main computer will take days. My back hurts to much to do anything standing.
I have around an hour to kill but have nothing to kill it with which interests me enough to get started on it.
It is sad when a network creates a shared cosmology then ignores it. #EWA #Eureka #Warehouse13 #Alphas #ByeEWA
We are not only saying #ByeWH13, we are saying good-bye to the shared cosmology of #Eureka, #Warehouse13, & #Alphas. #ByeEWA
Tonight's #Warehouse13 episode would have been more perfect if they had used ALL of #EWA.
When did computer programs become apps? #computers
The news of an impending pregnancy should never begin or end with "Oops!" Every pregnancy should be well planned out far in advance.
I wanted a hysterectomy when I was 14 yrs old when I learned of it in sex ed. I was angry when I was told I had to wait until I was adult.
Who else in my time line is pregnant?! @ndbex @lilnightmusic
I've have to get back to working on my computer and web site. I am chain smoking because I am not typing enough to keep my hands busy.
My cat really wants my lap.
Wondering why Darla, Angelus, Drusillia, & Spike were so feared other than the tesseract of evil. @juliebenz @David_Boreanaz @julietlandau
Tweeting, listening to the #BeeGees, and slowly simmering spaghetti sauce; a very slow Sunday.
Typical Maryland #weather: we go from shivering to sweating in days! @SchuermanWxWHAG @alanauglis @stephaniesinewx
.@EddieMcClintock @saulrubinek @allisonscag @AaronRAshmore Welcome back to my TV tomorrow night. Please tell JK hi from me. :) #Warehouse13
I am surprised my timeline isn't filling up with #Warehouse13 welcome back tweets. I take it the love has waned?
Sneezing into a tissue, take a breath between sneezes, inhale the tissue. #mylife