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Lady Aleena
I have about a dozen ethernet cables I need tested to see if they are good, so I called @GeekSquad to see if they could. They said no. :(
HELP! I need to know how to get #Debian to tell me if I am connected to the internet or not. Right now, no web, IRC, email, or pinging able.
#wordhelp please? If you are not certain of something & want to lessen its impact, you do <this> to the subject.
I think I need sleeping pills and anti-depressants to get back on track. I guess I'm calling my surgeon tomorrow to see about getting them.
Whenever I go to stretch a little bit, I can't because it hurts so damned much.
Teens react to those gigantic muli-volume dictionary things people used to drag around.
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Is there such a thing as post-surgical depression?
I just wish I didn't have to seriously consider sleeping pills.
I want to sleep like normal people at night when the sun is down not during the day when the sun is up! Every since surgery, I can't!
I also wonder if @alan_tudyk invited any #GalaxyQuest actors to play in @ConManSeries. Meta squared, imo, esp. if Sigourney Weaver is in.
I wonder if #Firefly fans would take to an almost inevitable remake. @NathanFillion @alan_tudyk @AdamBaldwin @JewelStaite @Sean_M_Maher
I think @GroovyBruce has it just a smidge easier than @carrieffisher, @HamillHimself, & #HarrisonFord. Ash's lifestyle is less active.
I'm wondering if #hipreplacement surgery was worth it. +6 weeks later, & I'm in more pain than before surgery.
I wish @RizzoliIslesTNT had followed through w/the Maura (@sashaalexander)/Frankie (@Jordan_Bridges) relationship. Sad they backed off.
12 of George Washington's Rules of Civility That Still Apply —
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Will I ever get my body back to normal where I can stretch my back and not spasm in pain?
The only emails I receive on my birthday are automatically generated by forum software. At least computers remember, right?
Anyone who agrees with innocent animals being hunted and murdered in the name of "sport" are twisted!! Evil!! #keeptheban
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Well, my birthday just had to fall on the same weekend as @Comic_Con this year, so those I'd ask for b-day wishes are all busy.
This is why I'll never go to @Comic_Con, the lines are atrocious!…
I said no to the @StarTrek #TOS prequels, I am saying no to @starwars #HanSolo prequel. #HarrisonFord is the only Han Solo who shot first!
I wish crunchy food didn't produce as many crumbs.
The Wikimedia community has mobilized to support the freedom of panorama right. #saveFoP…
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Did I read this article about #IndependenceDayResurgence saying @BrentSpiner is returning? What?! via @TheWrap
How did the #arial #font lose popularity? For a while there, it was the goto #sansserif font.
Is there such a thing as full body cortisone shots?
I will never go under the knife for cosmetic reasons since I now know post surgical recovery is such a bitch.
As of right now, I can NOT recommend any surgery when there is a pharmaceutical option.
You'll be as good or better than new! #liessurgeonstell
Anyone else have surgical remorse (not including purely cosmetic surgery)?
I'm beginning to think I should've gone the cortisone shot route instead of hip replacement surgery. I'm taking too damned long to heal.
Without interaction, I get bored easily.
For some reason I am suddenly very tired. I just woke up a few hours ago! Why am I so tired?
I finally got nearly 8 hours of sleep, however it is 4pm! I want to get back to something akin to normal sleep please?
Darn it! I'm going to lose my left pinky nail! :(
For those who don't know, there was a time #sexting was known as #cybersex or #netsex. Did we really NEED a new word for it?
#Writetip addendum: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious @CiaraBallintyne :)
#Writetip: Don't let @twitter/#texting remove larger words from your vocabulary while you're writing. @CiaraBallintyne
Is @twitter killing the longer words in our vocabulary? Sometimes bigger words are just so much more expressive.
BTW, when did #IndependenceDay get shortened to #4thofJuly? Laziness?
I am white & found the lack of diversity of musicians at #July4thPBS disturbing. Country & disco were the best they could come up with?
Next year on #July4thPBS please get a better camera angle for the fireworks, upwind would be nice. :) Also, more modern acts!
Remember them days when there weren't 5000 production companies mentioned before a film? (Of course not, most of you were born an hour ago.)
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