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Lady Aleena
Is anyone else missing about a month's worth of @twitter notifications? @TweetDeck
I'll have to plan my next surgery better. This last one is a running disaster.
I've the best hubby in the world. He worked all day and is now putting dinner together while I sit on my butt b/c I can't hardly move.
Pain makes me sleepy.
I really need to get off my butt and do some stuff, but it is so hard to get motivated these days.
My timeline is rather slow today. Looks like a lot of people are having offline lives. WOW!
Remember when female comedians didn't have to be hot? In fact, they weren't supposed to be hot. I don't like that this is changing.
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Good TV shows do not need a "big bad" to keep me coming back for more. I like a lot of "little bads" more than a "big bad".
I've put @AgentsofSHIELD in my #waitforcancellation queue. I don't want to have to wait forever for the plots to be resolved.
The new @Syfy series, #DarkMatter will be put in the queue with others where I'll wait 'til its cancelled before watching it like #Defiance.
I'm tired of having to wait for TV series to be cancelled before watching because I KNOW they are going to drag the plot out too much.
I've read 1,000 page books which give good climax in less time than some TV series do in 22 episodes.
I've dropped so many series b/c the stories are so long winded. I get bored waiting for plot point resolutions. Give me a good climax now!
Why don't TV producers trust their audiences to come back the next week without having open ended plots which go no where fast?
Everyone is being so industrious here except me. :( I feel so useless at the moment.
Not being able to control my body is scary sometimes. Right now my back hurts horribly.
My cat is really missing laying over my legs and is letting me know very vocally at times.
I ate 2 graham crackers a few minutes ago and am now hungrier than I was before them. This makes no sense.
Original 'Star Wars' Script Settles Age-Old Debate via @ShareThis
"Political Correctness" has abjectly robbed words of their true power & forced them to be descriptively 'less than whole' of their meaning.
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I just love when crumbs go down the front of my dress. (eating graham crackers)
Home from my 1st post-op appt, & I'm told I'm doing very well. *\o/*
Off to see the doctor...hope he thinks I am doing well.
I am so tired of being a near invalid. #postsurgeryblues
GUH! @twhiddleston fans will go nuts after watching the trailer for #CrimsonPeak! I'm already on ice, but I still need a fan.
For mothers like mine, every day should be Mother's Day! She has done and is doing so much for me while I'm recovering. I love her so much!
Hello everyone. It is my 2nd full day back at home from the hospital. I'm in a lot of pain and not sleeping well at night.
I'm out of surgery. Not much else to say right now, other than ow!!!!!!
My mommy is here to help me after surgery and make me "all better". :)
Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be out of #hipreplacement surgery.
This is great!! It's so sad that force & laws were needed to make this happen!! Worldwide please!! #foodwaste #Logic
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Also a good day to remember the lies politicians tell in trying to justify war. A day to commit to speak truth to power. #MemorialDay
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Why is it whenever I see #vegan or #vegitarian mentioned, I crave a nice juicy steak?
This Memorial Day, please remember the families who sacrifice much to support the parent/spouse/child who fights for everyone! #MemorialDay
Why are all the pain killers in my house blood thinners?!
While my countrypeople are running around having fun this Memorial Day, I'm sitting here in agony! I hurt so much w/o pain killers.
Will someone please explain why anyone would want a bird for a pet? No snuggles as from mammals and no relaxation as from watching fish.
I think I am going to skip sanity today.
I'm in too much pain to sit at my desk anymore. Having to be off of pain killers before surgery is making life hard.
Can someone tell me why children from novels gain 5-10 years when novels are adapted to film? #ChildrenofDune @SyfyTV @EndersGameMovie
I wish that instead of making @PacificRim 2, they'd made #Hellboy 3 to pay off the prophesy of him destroying the world. I want to see that
I wish the film industry would cure itself of sequelitis. Films like @PacificRim DO NOT need sequels.
In spite of all odds, my surgery is on track for 2015-05-27. *lol* *\o/* *lol*
Ladies, in the next year, check the ages of lead actors in romance films, & if they are in the age range, boycott!…
I need a medical co-coordinator to get everything in order. Too bad there isn't such a position.
The United States medical industry hates night owls. I'm turning my life upside down to get this surgery done. And now it may not happen!
I just wish one day the United States medical industry will get its act together & make things EASY for patients instead of HARDER!
As those who follow my general tweets may know, there are times I can't walk from one side of my house to the other w/o pain & limping.

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