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Lady Aleena
I have gone past being the answer to life, the universe, and everything. :( PARTY!
Okay, off to get naked and wet. I might be back in about an hour.
I wish I were about 1% as successful as most who follow me.
I hurt my left arm cleaning today, and I do almost everything, except write, left handed! !@#$ %^&*
My heart is breaking, I'll never be able to hear some songs ever again because they were never released on CD or in digital format. :(
Is no one else tired of every single TV series out there having "big bads"? Can't we go back to just the "baddie of the week" stories?
I feel left out, everyone else appears to have had at least one drink this evening. I can't due to my prescriptions.
I cut wires every color of the rainbow tonight and a few colors dulled by age.
Sometimes I feel like I'm tweeting to a wall.
I'm a little desperate to be #ecofriendly & want to #recycle #VHS tapes, #floppydisks, etc. I just can't find a place to do it free. :(
GUH! I called @BestBuy to see if they recycled 3.5" & @Iomega disks, & the rep. didn't know what an #iOmega disk is!
.@UniversalEnt It's a dark stormy night, great for #NR3onDVD, but you haven't released it yet. :( @NecRoughness @calliopethorne @scottecohen
It is only ~6pm here and I am flaking out. I have things to do still. I can't seem to get motivated again.
You know I've been cleaning, but my dark grey soles would fool you.
There is no fucking way in this world where I will pay $200 to upgrade from @Windows XP to 8. I have TWELVE computers in my house!
I need motivation to continue today. I can't seen to get myself together this afternoon.
Sigh. If you're going to do scripted stunts on your "reality" show, maybe hire a stunt coordinator?… via @Deadline
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I'm at the point in cleaning where I've to wait for certain events (dishes to dry & dryer finishes) to occur. The wait kills my motivation
Hubby and I will be ducking out of here in about 15 minutes to watch @Your4State news. Enjoy us while you can! *giggle*
*sighs* All my @PEZofficial are gone. *mopes* Time for M&Ms.
By the way, I am getting a sugar high from eating @PEZofficial, so I might get rather silly tonight.
Everyone say hello to hubby, he's with us tonight! *giggles while hubby groans*
My cat just butt clicked my mouse.
I'm wondering if textbooks for @Microsoft @Office 2000 are worth hanging onto, or should I just recycle them. I'm looking for shelf space.
.@UniversalEnt No #NR3onDVD + extras still? *weeps* Please release it soon! I love #DaNico! @NecRoughness @calliopethorne @scottecohen