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Lady Aleena
My cat is very eager to get into my lap, putting her front paws on the arm of my chair, and looking pitiful.
Whenever I can get a stranger to smile, it is as if God is smiling at me. Have a nice day everyone!
I get the impression when people start favoriting my tweets during a conversation, the conversation is nearly or completely over.
Unusual relief with embedded painting of Madonna and Child -- early mixed media ?
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Posting reviews for unreleased/unaired films/TV series seems so rude. Let viewers see it w/o outside prejudice. @RottenTomatoes
.@CantrellJason I'm glad someone understands.
Dammit! I got my hair tangled in a scrunchie!
.@CantrellJason I get worried there is something wrong w/my brain. I begin to wonder if it is b/c I didn't take English Lit. seriously.
I sometimes feel so alone in my choice of favorites in film/TV. Those which most like, I find hard to watch or just boring.
Is it just me or are the most critically acclaimed films/TV series also the most boring?
You wouldn't want to watch a film w/me. The last new film I watched, I ended up fast forwarding through half of it & I'd hadn't seen it.
I'd like a TV show where 2 people have sex when they're horny or bored and aren't in a monogamous relationship w/others. Friend sex is fun.
When will film & TV writers get away from the whole sex equals love thing? Sex does not equal love, it is something fun to do to pass time.
Hubby is more into watching new films than I am. He'll watch almost anything. He's watching @BoyhoodMovie. I want to watch @PersonInterest.
I'm so out of touch with what's on TV, I didn't know the #Emmys were on last night. I've a feeling none of my favorites won anything.
I miss #Waldenbooks as a place to buy books and a work place. I can't go to @amazon & read the first chapter to see if I want to buy a book.
I used to love to read, but these days, picking up something new to read is so hit & miss. Self-publishing has killed the quality of books.
Has my attention slipped so much when I'd prefer to read encyclopedic entries on fictional subjects rather than reading the fiction?
.@Kyle_MacLachlan Do you keep in contact with your on-screen sister from #Dune, @aliciawitty? Alicia, did you ever read the Dune novels?
I'd love for some computer hardware guru to come over and sort out my mess of computers here and maybe get things set up better.
I want to know how cats determine where they are going to sleep. Mine just flopped down in my normal walking path.
I'm sitting staring at my screen not having anything to say or to think. Boredom has captured my mind, I fear apathy is approaching fast.
Just when I thought they were nearly extinct, animated gifs return with a fury on @twitter to annoy the hell out of me once more.
Physical therapy was rough today.
I found a spider in my bowl of cereal. :S
.@CBS @CBSTweet Do you really want to add @supergirlcbs to the following continuity? NO cross with @ScorpionCBS!
I'm begging the @CBS gods to NOT cross @ScorpionCBS and @supergirlcbs. You do NOT want that headache! I do NOT want that headache! NO NO NO!
The one thing I'll miss with the new @starwars film is the @20thcenturyfox fanfare at the beginning, @Disney.
If @actualApophis & @cliffmsimon were in a buddy-cop film/series, who would be the good cop? #randomishthoughts tonight.
I've got an image in my head of what would happen if @actualApophis & @cliffmsimon were in buddy-cop film/series. I'd be giggling too much.
I wish the various paint programs had a triangle drawing tool. #computerdrawing #Kolourpaint
.@MGLeet I am kind of cool at the moment, but only because the air conditioner is blowing directly on me, ;)
.@MzGossipGirl Sept 13 is the 25th anniversary of the #LawandOrder franchise, w/ only @nbcsvu still on the air. #LawandOrder25
I think #Hollywood would collapse from the collective gasp if @MelBrooks ever made #HistoryoftheWorldPart2 or #Spaceballs2.
It looks like I am talking to myself again tonight.
I'm curious... retweet if you've seen #TheSoundofMusic more than 4 times! Favorite if you've NEVER seen TSoM. #Airplane2 @WilliamShatner
For #LawandOrder25,"A crime so big, police and prosecutors from all over New York, past and present, work the case!" @nbc @nbclawandorder
I wonder if @nbc is doing anything special for the 25th anniversary of @nbclawandorder in 10 days.
GUH! There are children entering high school this year who have never lived life without @Wikipedia!
GUH! In one year, there will be people buying their first bottle of wine on @eBay who have never known life without #eBay!
GUH! I just found out there are people who can buy their first bottle of wine on @amazon who have never known life without #Amazon.
GUH! I can not believe in just 1 year there will be legal adults who have never lived a day without @google.
.@GroovyBruce you're a very sly man. People ask for new #EvilDead film, you say when monkeys fly, then make a TV series. Slick! #LoveAsh

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