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Lane Adams
Game day for the Pokes!!! #OkSt 🍊🔫
@LAdamsKC Thx Lane! We appreciate you, and love that you are a part of the MaxBat family. #TeamMaxBat
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S/O to the people at @MaxBatBaseball for taking care of me for another season. Great bats and even better people.
Asked @LAdamsKC to tell me something sweet.. "You have an amazing appetite" 😐#foodyy
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My new favorite round of BP. Situational hitting. Situation: nobody on, get em in.
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#NationalDogDay makes me want a dog. Rottweiler specifically
Águilas asegura a los importados Lane Adams y Miguel González
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If you deposit a child into this world we're going to have more issues than him giving up homers.…
Only took me 14 years after the first one came out but I'm finally starting the #HarryPotter Series
First time Tiger's red shirt has been relevant for quite sometime. #ChampionshipSunday
This South Carolina Little League team is taking "Line drive right field" to another level. @WhitMerrifield
Listening to the best rap album ever created on this glorious Wednesday. #TheChronic ... Save it @WhitMerrifield nobody jams to Nelly
I mean we all knew Texas was big but... My god. @MicahGibbs
bubbastar10 is such a sweetheart 😘
My cancer diagnosis in 97, I prayed to see my baby turn 18. Today I celebrate with him in Australia. #prayeranswered
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2 kids at GJ's school said he could be on their team if he said he doesn't love his mom. GJ said, nope, I love my mom. Sweet little badass.
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Go ahead and peep those 9's. My mom always had me in the slickest J's
"Brittney Griner could play in the NBA" ☕️🐸g
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Bubba was a big hit in the RF beer garden 2nite. Couldve been that he hit 4 the cycle, my guess is bcuz his name is Bubba & he likes to hunt
Oldest niece doesn't look too fond of roller coasters
If your significant other doesn't know your Taco Bell order, are you even together? @LAdamsKC
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Somehow he's single ladies. Eggs, cheese, hash browns, sausage, toast and onions all mixed w/ ketchup. @kylezimmer11
Golfers from around world ventured to AR to compete in the @nwanaturals open. Top 3 finishers came from Italy,DR,US.
I see Gundy is wearing his "I've got a big-time QB and my entire defense back and we just beat OU" tie.
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Stephen Hawking's and Russian Billionaire backing $100M in search for ET life? That's intense and AWESOME!!!
Hey Mr @POTUS sorry about the confederate flag thing earlier..OK ranks 48th/50 in education. We literally have no idea what were doing.
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No one will convince me that the first thought that comes to mind when they see a Confederate flag is anything but slavery and oppression.
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And... That's why people make fun of Oklahoma. #Rednecks
Very exciting that the @POTUS is visiting the @choctawnationOK In Durant today.
@LAdamsKC @MicahGibbs @kylezimmer11 @crazylegselman 😂😂 you step inside, stand across from @thefrakmir like...Jc
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Would you get shunned if you aren't a fan of the "volt" color way? Asking for a friend. He says they're over doing it
As much ask despise the University of Arkansas they do have awesome athletic facilities.
Talent without character is like a car with no gas. It's useless without the fuel that drives it. Character drives talent toward greatness.
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SHOCKER!!!!! Balbino got a hit.
Cats Ben? Cats? That's the word you're going with?…
Nephew was born at 9.5 lbs. #DHstatus
A little motivation today from @BayBay_02
Big hearts conquered small minds today
Rough week for rednecks
Kris Bryant is the epitome of not swinging down on the ball. #RAKE

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