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... i don't want it if it's at the expense of my happiness.. and i don't want it if it's at the expense of my sanity
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You stop dreaming once reality punches you in the face.
Work until your bank account looks like a phone number.
I'm sooo ready to start college next semester. I lowkey missed it. 😩😩 Finally going for what I want... 💉💉😷😷😬😬
College will have thinking there has to be another way to become rich 😩
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If I don't get a deposit I will be a no show dude 💵💶💸💱💲
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Most people want the fast life over longevity!
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Everyone always be like youre to beautiful to work here and I'm always like I'm to talented to work here...
Two hard headed ppl together bruh 😴 when it gets ugly y'all like enemies when it's good y'all like Jayz & Beyoncé
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@Damn_She_Meann: "@FazeyBaby: Crazy Girlfriends Be Like......😂😂"😂😂😂” 😭😭😭😭😭😭💀
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I'm being petty. Excuse me. 😭😭
It could all be so simple. 😒 just 😝🐱 and I will shut up. 😭😭
I'm not going to tell you that you're beautiful everyday cause you already know it ... Ummm I still wanna hear it everyday df 😒😒
Ultimately, you have complete control over whether you are happy or unhappy in life.
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"@mantiz186: @DjLacrave hey can I send you my new single?" Sure can
What nigga who really sells keys gonna tell the world I sell keys on a track and be OK with it. 😒 y'all lying or just plain bold I guess
The inconvenient truth: Any gangsta rapper that says they are keeping it real are either lying or they are snitching on themselves in song
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sometimes all I wanna do is go back and do everything I did wrong the right way.
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They don't miss you when you're gone.. they miss you when you're doing better.. straight up
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Sometimes you gotta lose in order to come up on top with the win.
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20 minutes before I get up and get dress for work 😪😪 Blahhhhh
"@YoFuckDJ: Females swear they want a hood nigga until he stashing zips in ya crib & your house become his homie trap" 😭😭 dumb hood niggas
Since the old lady downstairs wanna call the police while I'm practicing djing... I should call about her damn dogs 😏 petty much 😎
Every time you deny a desire, ignore a passion, neglect a true calling or silence a truth within you, your SPIRIT fades. Follow your #BLISS!
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😔😔 my vine still doing numbers. . . Thanks everyone for reminding me 😔
& half of these ppl can't manage anyway.
When an old head Dj finds out who I am they always end up selling some let's get money dream... Nawww I'm good. Hear it too many times.
Atl or NY will be my next move when I get everything together...
99% of my prayers don't make it to Twitter.
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Instead of you going to get it, you rather ask for something...
I been quiet lately on all my social sites... Just know I'm scheming and I'm eating.
U ain't Neva turned up 4real if u ain't ever took shots of Everclear
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Eat, sleep, work at the same time everyday... 21 & bored. 😔😔
Good morning twitter fam... rise and grind baby ;)
"@JColeNC: If the shit aint real I don't want it"
i don't care what you do. just don't fuck up my life and my plans and we're good.
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Late night drive here I come !!!!
I don't respect you as much if you wasn't there for me when I was down but wanna be around when im up...
Chilling on this beautiful day. ❤️
@DjLacrave you ready for thelabor day party? Free VIP juice for everyone ima be drunk
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Let me put on a smile real quick 😬�