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Courtlyn,due June 26
Going into work at 5 in the morning is not the move
If the Clippers decide to boycott and not play.. I'd respect the hell out of their stance.. #SorryNotSorrySterling
"You need to smile more" You need to shut the fuck up
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26
Just be yourself.. nothing more, nothing less..
the only bad thing about bacon is absolutely nothing
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26
Anyone see the guy Bosh was waving at?
"@CadynSpruell: I have a love/hate relationship with fireball."
Not that you'll notice or anything.. but I'm back, twitches
Doc Rivers’ son has best response to Donald Sterling’s comments…
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26
Chris Bosh's wave tho.. I'm weak!
I hate it for some of you ladies.. The thirst or here is real..
Is Instagram really all that?
when people smack while eating<<<
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26
In this walmart.. waiting to get my oil changed.. bored as a mother fkr
It pisses me off when I see people texting and driving. So irresponsible! Makes me want to roll down my window and throw my beer at them.
Not being able to sleep in.. on off days <<<
I hope that you take a moment to appreciate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom..
Anybody going to stone mountain tomorrow?
The Spurs are a bad match up for Miami. Lebron is a bad match up for everyone.
Watching Lincoln the vampire Hunter.. ehh
Sex can make a bad day go great.. or worse.
That one person that is always down for a game of phone tag.
Black girls twerk, Hispanic girls hip roll, Indian girls belly dance and white girls just get drunk."
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26
Girls are like busses.. miss one, next 15 one coming..
Hate being disappointed tho..
Not everyone is ready for a relationship.
About to see the hangover and then fast 6.. turnt up!
Game 1 Lebron: Clutch. Game 2 Lebron: What had happened was..
My followers suck on the slick..
Sadly, the book of my life is written in pen.. I can't go back and erase my mistakes..
"EX" means: Thank you for the EXperience.. Our time has EXpired.. Now, EXit my life..
Those Amber Alert texts that I get in the morning stay waking me up..
Don't call me by a nickname that you used with your ex.. rather it be pumpkin, babe, love, or sexy.. Im better than your ex.. get creative.
Yeah, I like to fuck.. I got a fucking problem
The day that you let someone else control your life is the day that you begin ceasing to exist..
;; Take a step back from the drama & bullshit in your life & realize you are young, alive & healthy with a huge future ahead of you.
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26
I wish you the best.. I guess.
Tired as fk.. not looking forward to work in the morning
You don't fuck with me now ? Okayy . 😏 You ignoring me now ? Cool . 👏 Oh, you need me now ? Bitch Swerve . 👋✌😂
Retweeted by Courtlyn,due June 26