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Leigh-Allyn Baker
Flashback to Leigh & Aubrey on the set of 'The Little Savages' movie! SO excited to watch this movie! I really can't wait till it airs! Leigh holds a special place in my heart, and no matter what happens, she'll always mean the world to me. She's the sun in my day, the moon in my night, the smile on
Flashback to Leigh with a lucky fan at the Expo D23 in 2011! I so wanna be that incredible lucky girl! My dream😍 Saying that Leigh has no talent, is like saying: a sun has no shine, an iPod has no music, sugar isn't sweet! Out of 7 billion people in the world, is Leigh the one who inspires me and c
Flashback to Leigh in the car going to 'Radio Disney Music Awards'! I'm so inlove with her make up, ring, dress, shoes & earrings! She looked AMAZING! She looked so gorgeous on the RDMA's red carpet! Leigh is the reason why at the saddest part of my life, I smile. At confusion, I understand. In fear
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Flashback to Leigh at 'Baby 2 Baby'! Love this beautiful picture & I'm totally obsessed with her clothes! Leigh has such a great sense of style! I still remember the day when Leigh became my idol, the best decision ever! My love for Leigh is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never! If I c
Leigh-Allyn Baker Radiant At The Creative Arts Emmy Awards -- Dress by Emmy Nom, Claire Nadon via @teeninfonet
Flashback to this hilarious episode of Good Luck Charlie! I really really really miss my favorite TV show, Good Luck Charlie! Do you remember this episode? I absolutely loved it! This episode is totally hilarious!!!! Maybe is Leigh-Allyn Baker just a name for you, for me she's my life, my inspiratio
Bob and Amy! One last time at the Emmys! @EricAllanKramer disneychannel. #CutestTVCouple!
Flashback to Leigh and her beautiful family at the Doc McStuffins Mobile Tour! Leigh, Keith, Griffin & Baker James are so adorable together! Such a wonderful family! Best family ever! I'm so blessed that I found the right idol for me, Leigh makes my life complete. Babaminators are a family, we're un
We had a wonderful time last night! Congrats to all the winners. #CreativeArtsEmmys. @DisneyChannelPR
Emmy dress by designer Claire Nadon!
I'M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT ABOUT LEIGH NEW PICTURES! Wow, she looks so gorgeous! This picture is taking 30 minutes ago, she's on her way to the Emmy Awards! I totally hope Good Luck Charlie wins this year! My beautiful queen looks so fabulous! How can a person be that perfect? Wow!! Can't wait to see
Oh Patile and Suzanne suzannekalan How beautiful are your jewels!!!! #youMakeMeFeelLikeAPrincess!
Emmy, here we come! Good Luck Charlie!!
Flashback to the beautiful vow renewal of Leigh & Keith in 2011! Every picture of that amazing day it is so perfect! It seemed the best vow renewal ever, so many smiles, laughs & true love! I love & totally ship Keigh! I definitely chose the right idol, and her name is Leigh-Allyn Baker. Leigh is so
Flashback to an old but gold picture of Leigh! Yes, I'm one of those crazy teenage girls who's having an idol! I'm overlyobsessed with Leigh. She's my lifesaver. They keep saying me that I'll forget Leigh when I get older. No, I won't! I'm a Babaminator and Leigh is my amazing idol forever! I stay f
I really hope to see Leigh getting nominated for an award soon because she deserves that so much. It makes me so happy when I see Leigh genuinely happy because she deserves every bit of happiness that she gets in her life. Leigh has given me strength and courage over the years to be who I am today a
Picture of Leigh, Mia & Claire with a fan last year in the Expo D23! I wish I was there too! My dream, meeting my girl Leigh! Saying that Leigh has no talent, is like saying: a sun has no shine, an iPod has no music, sugar isn't sweet! Out of 7 billion people in the world, is Leigh the one who inspi
Another flashback picture of Leigh with a lucky fan on the set of Good Luck Charlie! I wish I went to the set too, I dreamed everyday about attending a Good Luck Charlie taping! Now that became impossible because there's nothing of the set left :( But I'll never stop dreaming meeting Leigh! NEVER! M
An amazing backstage picture of Leigh together with Cameron, Peyton, Skai & Karan on the set of Jessie! Leigh produced this Jessie episode, the episode aired yesterday! I really love this picture! A circle is round, it has no ends, that's how long I want to be Leigh's biggest fan. So many ways to sa
Flashback to the Expo D23 in 2011! An amazing picture of Leigh with an incredible lucky fan! This is my one & only dream, meeting my girl Leigh! My idol learned me to love myself for who I am and take care of myself. Everyone is beautiful, you should know it! She means the world to me. That will nev
#tbt Leigh & Bradley with an incredible lucky fan in Disneyland. I have the best idol in the world. Really Leigh changed my life, for better. Now I'm somebody, her Babaminator. I'm so proud. Leigh is such a beautiful person on the inside and outside. I'm so lucky to call her my idol! Do you ever ima