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Leigh-Allyn Baker
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Guys, I literally have the busiest week ever, my school gave us so much homework, I barely slept 4 hours this night😩 But beside all that, I'm so grateful with all the new pictures of Leigh! She's so adorable! Leigh is the reason why at the saddest part of my life, I smile. At confusion, I understan
LEIGH IS MORE THAN PERFECT! Leigh at the #CelebrityStuffathon today😊 I love her more than anything in this whole world! This sweet girl is so lucky, she's totally living my dream😍 #leighallynbaker #amyduncan #goodluckcharlie #glc #amy #duncan #good #luck #charlie #leigh #allyn #baker #love #idol #
I freaking love this adorable Duncan girls picture! I'm so glad they're still in touch with each other! I'm so thankful for that! Leigh is the one who changed my life and inspires me every day. Don't hate on someone's idol. Their idol could be the only reason why they're still alive. Leigh is foreve
Dear Leigh, you will probably never see this but I wanna let you know how you changed my life. Ever since I know you my life has gotten better. You make me happy everyday, everything you do makes me happy! I love you so much. And I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for being such a big inspiration
There's only one thing in my life that I'm proud of, it's my wonderful amazing idol, Leigh-Allyn Baker. I believe that one day I'll meet her. My lifesaver, my idol, my inspiration, my everything. I have the best idol in the world. Really Leigh changed my life, for better. Now I'm somebody, her Babam
I'm so thankful for Leigh, because she has practically changed my life and helped me become who I am today! Whenever I'm down, Leigh is always there to make me smile. Whenever I feel alone, she's always there for me. I'm glad I chose Leigh as my idol, I'm so proud of her and I'll support her at ever
🌸THE BEST TV FAMILY EVER🌸 Still not over the end of Good Luck Charlie😭 It wasn't just a TV show for me, it was a lot more than that & I know there are a lot of people who can relate to it! I'm so grateful to be in this fandom, I met a few of my best friend here! Thank you for everything, Leigh! I
I'm back from Cologne! I had an amazing schooltrip, I had so much fun! But I'm glad to be back on Instagram :) This is another perfect picture of Leigh on the red carpet of the 'Pants On Fire' premiere! Every day I start to adore Leigh more and more. I didn't even think it was possible to love her e
I adore Leigh's red carpet pictures! She always looks so on points! She's so incredible beautiful! I'm going to Cologne tomorrow with school, so I won't be able to post pictures this weekend! :( Leigh will ALWAYS have my support & love. No matter what happens, I'll be behind her defending & her ever
I'm so in love with all these new red carpet pictures of Leigh & the Good Luck Charlie cast! I'm soooo grateful they're together again! These are the people I grew up with, especially Leigh! Good Luck Charlie totally changed my life for better, I'm so thankful! Thank you for let us having new Good L
I'm SOO in love with this incredible cute picture of the Kauffman family! How adorable are they?! I love this sooo much! Cuteness overload! Leigh's clothes are so on point! The most amazing this is, that I have the same uggs as Leigh! So excited! They're all looking so amazing! Seeing Leigh smile br
I adore this incredible adorable picture of Leigh & Griffin in their Halloween costumes! This is so sweet! Leigh is such a great mother, her family means more than the world to her & that's the most amazing thing ever! I love it! So sweet! A job? Being a Babaminator. The goal? Support Leigh. The sal
I'm SO in love with Leigh & her family's Halloween costumes! Leigh's costume is so on point! It looks like she's a part of the movie! Leigh & Keith are best Storm Troopers I've ever seen! The cuteness is overload in the Kauffman family! I'm so obsessed with all these amazing pictures! So glad Leigh
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Flashback to Halloween with the hilarious Duncans! I loved this costume so much, it's so incredible adorable! What makes Leigh even more adorable than she already is, is her height. She's so small and petite and it just makes her even more cute. Leigh's sense of humour is just amaz
#tbt to a picture of 2011 of Leigh & Bradley with Sam after doing an interview at Disneyland for KTLA! Loved this interview & pictures!i can't believe this is already 3 years ago! Wow, time really flies! I have the best idol in the world. Really Leigh changed my life, for better. Now I'm somebody, h
Selfie of Leigh & Kalia! Love this beautiful picture! Leigh's new hair is so on point! I do miss her long locks, but she totally fits the short too! I still remember the day when Leigh became my idol, the best decision ever! My love for Leigh is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never! Ye
Every day is that little easier because of Leigh. Thank you, Leigh, for helping me through the things I thought I couldn't get through. Leigh inspires me to be a better person and I can't thank her enough for that, because she's made me the person I am today. Because of Leigh we are happy. Because o
Flashback to Leigh arriving at the RDMA's! Still so grateful she was a part of the show! I loved it! I cried of laughing! The fact haters don't even have a reason to why they hate Leigh just goes to show that they do it for attention. She's nothing of what they say. I definitely chose the right idol
My favorite TV family forever! I miss the Duncans so much! I watched the last episode of Good Luck Charlie again, I think I watched it like 50 times already & I still cry! It's so emotional seeing your favorite TV show or TV family go! I'm still not over it & I'll never be! It makes me so happy when
Beautiful picture of Leigh & Laura! For the people who don't know this yet, Leigh & Laura filmed a movie together, name Bad Hair Day! I'm so excited to watch it! They said it's coming soon! Aaahhhh! I'll totally freak out when it will be released! So glad to meet a lot of Laura fans because of this!
Leigh's hair is always so on point! She's so perfect in every single way! FINALLY ONE WEEK OF VACATION! Yayyy :) My mom has to hear the words "Leigh-Allyn" and "Baker" about 50 times per day :) Becoming a Babaminator has made me a stronger person, I want to thank Leigh for everything! She means the
Still can't believe someone stole Leigh's engagement ring! It was the most amazing ring I've ever seen! How could people ever do this?! Ugh! But her new one is so amazing too! I love it! This is another backstage picture of Leigh's photoshoot! Can't wait to see the full shoot! If Leigh would jump of
Another backstage picture of Leigh's flawless photoshoot with Griffin & Baker James! Look at her fabulous look! She's so gorgeous! She's a real photomodel, I would to see her more on the cover of magazines! I would totally freak out in a store if I ever saw Leigh on the cover of a magazine, I would
LOOK AT MY STUNNING GIRL! She's so incredible beautiful! & Look how adorable Baker James is! Awww! I believe that one day I'll meet her. My lifesaver, my idol, my inspiration, my everything, Leigh-Allyn Baker. I have the best idol in the world. Really Leigh changed my life, for better. Now I'm someb
I totally freaked out when I saw these new shots of Leigh! These backstage pictures of her shoot with her dog & her 2 sons Griffin & Baker are so perfect! They're so adorable! Awwww! Can't to see the full shoot! Will be awesome! Leigh is so amazing, I'm so glad I chose for her to be my idol, I'm so