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Lisa Alves
I deserve fish and chips after the month I've been having.
Lordy lord, I have the curls of Carrie Bradshaw ladies and gentlemen
I liked a @YouTube video Pros and Cons: Dating Britney Spears
I didn't know requesting something in the words 'as soon as possible' comes across as rude and demanding. #Sensitive #FastAndFurious
I liked a @YouTube video Marion Harris "Afraid of You," Metro Movietone 1928
I'm going to sleep now because I deserve it. #werkinggal #busy #theatrelife
Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt
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I feel dead and tired, but at least I'm feeling things which means I'm alive.
Tomorrow is going to be scary, horrifying, wonderful, and the beginning of the end at my time at Humber. So yeah, it ain't going to be easy.
I liked a @YouTube video from @AnnaAkana Calling people's bullshit
I want to thank @bastardburrito on Queen St E for being awesome, even with our big order. @Tuti_Fruiti @angela_dawn #delicious
Michelle Obama should launch a "fight obesity, go straight" campaign, pundit claims
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Queen Elizabeth I & Bette Davis please help your soul rider these next months, she's going to need you the most #WhatIsThisAnger #NewEmotion
Why do stuffed animal companies think I want them to name my animal for me Idgf that you think "Chester" is a good name for a toy lobster
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I need to vent, but I shan't do it on twitter, jesus would shake his head a such a thing. #HollaJesus #Vent #Anger #JournalItOut
I am not doing anything today. No monologues, no scenes, no work whatsoever. #LastDayOff
Have a read of the second issue of FIERCE, where we explore the meaning, origins & implications of aesthetics.
BRAVO @canadianstage #AsYouLikeIt was wonderful! I'm so happy I caught the last performance! ☺️
Rashida Jones is so underrated and super cool.
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Just witnessed one of the most phenomenal performances. Thank you @stratfest #sfLear
Intermission at @stratfest #sfCourage. Oh Seana! What wonderfulness! 😍☺️
Between 3 shows, theatre Ontario showcase, character study &graduating, I have a feeling a lot of hyperventilating is gonna happen this year
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So instead of working or going to sleep, I'm going to catch up on #SYTYCD because I deserve it.
Stop signs could be suggestions when there arent other vehicles around... BUT IF THERE ARE, YOU FUCKING STOP AND USE THE RIGHT OF WAY RULES
You're pregnant and you're smoking... I'm going to judge you.
I liked a @YouTube video Ryn Weaver - Promises (Audio)
Going to witness one of my favourite musicals @Shawtheatre
I liked a @YouTube video I feel better gotye with cups!
I liked a @YouTube video 73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe
So I'm just going to watch Jumanji and cry #bye #RIPRobinWilliams
it's good to feel again. Even if the feelings aren't the greatest. ha.
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I liked a @YouTube video Mad Men - Bye bye birdie
At @canadianstage waiting to see #Titus woot woot!
I liked a @YouTube video Ida Maria Oh My God
Actor Raquel Duffy talks with @nowtoronto about Tartuffe (starting tonight!) and her growth in the company:
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GUYZ In one week I have managed to watch 4.5 seasons of Mad Men. This is one of my best accomplishments this summer :,)
I liked a @YouTube video Lissie - They All Want You
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Present day Manhattan versus what it would have looked like 400 years ago
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WOWOWOWOWOW, it's taken me 7 years to finally put together Mad Men are named after Madison Avenue. Madison Men, Mad Men. OMG! #revelation
Wow! Fuck the patriarchy!