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Lisa Alves
"Grade 10, tiller tells you to create yourself. Grade 11, sprague tells you to prove yourself. Grade 12, Swyer tells you to be yourself." 😭
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I was suppose to wake up at 6:30, it's 7:30 now. Time needs to slow down, please and thank you! #stoprightnow #busybusybusy
"Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism." - Bette Davis @_BetteDavis
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Based on my car interior I somehow must have six kids.
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Been having a blast facilitating the ECiD Program these past two days! @KUTProject #culturalhotspots #artsetobicoke
Congratulations to Angelina Jolie and Margaret Atwood on graduating #HumberConvo @humbercreative
That moment when they mispronounce your name as you walk across the stage #HumberConvo
Nathan Yo Mar Jesse Julie Jenn Emma Michael Steven Katelin Liz Stefan Richard Evan (Hon. Mention Kayla) WE DID IT!!!! #HumberConvo
Maaaaaaammmmmm I love you!!! #HumberConvo
Sunday is the day for cuddling with my dog, watching #LawAndOrderSVU, listening to @flo_tweet, and playing my ukulele. BYE #WkndTings
I'm back at the cupcakes again! #recitals
My dog could be on Broadway... Maybe...? #TonyAwards
The music is cute and catchy until you remember The King and I is about an interracial relationship ending in DEATH #TonyAwards
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Kelli O'Hara slays me! #TonyAwards
YAS DAME HELEN MIRREN! Not only is she talented, she's got style and wit! #TonyAwards
Tony's 💃😎👌
It's difficult going into a class where the kids don't know what's coming But when you see that they learned something, it's all pure joy!
"Canada Council to simplify access to arts funding" - The Globe and Mail
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It's a good thing I like my job, or I'd hate getting up this early #teacher #uptown #kids
Working dance recitals are always fun #cupcakes #dance #ballet #toronto #spring 👯🍭
"As I was lead deeper and deeper into my imagination...I began creating a narrative" -@LAALVEZZ… #Torontoart #art
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Lisa Simpson is my favourite Simpsons character #MrBurnsPlay
Joseph Recinos (from the bowl): Youth training programs need to provide comprehensive opportunities, train artists not performers #TOFest
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wait a second I thought dust was just flakes of people's skin am I technically allergic to people too
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well joke's on you fit people because if my body ever needs to be identified they can figure it out based on my unique stretch marks
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GUYZ @flo_tweet is on @nbcsnl right now and I'm so happy!
FLASH FEATURE Terrence Bryant Associate Producer of 2015 Soulofestival Terrence Bryant is an award-winning...
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FLASH FEATURE John Lazarus On May 24th during the Soulofestival, John will be joining Tracey Erin Smith in...
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FLASH FEATURE Sandy Simona Performing her show Lost In Lvov and hosting her workshop Traveling Stories on May...
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Thank you so much @PaprikaFest #TheIntersection was the bomb diggity. Had a packed day @TheatreCentre with insightful and wonderful people.
FLASH FEATURE We have Tracey Erin Smith Artistic Director of Soulo Theatre and the master mind…
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