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Lisa Alves
I have to run, sing, & read today.I instantly say ugh Because I'm tiredness but then I breath it in & I realize I couldn't be more happy
I have so many things open on my computer, I can't deal right now
Do I begin watching #WalkingDead today...?
I liked a @YouTube video Taylor Swift - Riptide (BBC Live Lounge 2014)
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist JARED JEWELRY COMMERCIAL
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Lindt Lindor Truffles "Do you dream in chocolate?" 30-second TV
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Colgate Optic White TV Best commercial, 'Accessories'
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Meet Me at Starbucks
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Verizon Commercial 2014 | Inspire Her Mind - Extended | Verizon
I liked a @YouTube video Paramore: Hate To See Your Heart Break ft. Joy Williams [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
I liked a @YouTube video from @UKF Modestep - Sunlight (Official Video)
"Oh man, don’t hit me with those negative waves so early in the morning." - Sgt. Oddball
I can’t believe dogs are being skinned alive for their meat. SIGN THE PETITION to help end the #DogMeatTrade.
Comparing ur relationship to R+J to express how in love u r is like using Hamlet to demonstrate how close & well-adjusted ur family life is
Best way to spend a Friday night: @masseyhall with @SarahMcLachlan I cried, I laughed, I stomped, I snapped, I sang, I cheered ❤️
First set = complete @SarahMcLachlan you are simply amazing
I'm seeing @SarahMcLachlan and my 16 year old self is going to cry so hard tonight in all the awe and beauty! 😭
I went to @StarbucksCanada today and... SOOOO MUCH CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE?!
I used to think the way I was talked to was because I was young. But I'm not that young now & it hasn't stopped. Probably it's sexism.
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Which scary should I choose?!
I can either go gory scary, or funny scary, or demon scary, or psychologically scary, or classic scary
The real question tonight is what type of scary movie do I want to watch?
My underwear matches my sweater and it's my favourite colour and I'm so disappointed that no one's going to see it!
Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder
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I like to waste my life away on tumblr, in books, and with friends
Gender equality is not a women's issue, it's a human rights issue. @HeforShe
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Ginger is the one thing that apparently cures my ailments... That and deep breathing. Huzzah!
I liked a @YouTube video Bette Davis on The Sexes | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios
I think the biggest thing I'm learning from my time at theatre school is, even if you don't want to or feel that you can't, you do it anyway
I really don't want to do anything today. Of course, I have nine hours of studio time to face. Nothing feels good.
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I can get up and face the day because I'm the bravest individual I have ever met!
I liked a @YouTube video Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - But Beautiful (Studio Video)
I liked a @YouTube video The Lumineers - "Flowers In Your Hair" Tour Video
THIS IS HILARIOUS 13 Holistic Remedies Every Girl Uses When She Just Can’t Even With Life… via @EliteDaily
I am smouldering with indignation at the way we women act - Lysistrata
Thank you at @Indie88Toronto for not sharing the name of the gunman. It honours the city, the nation and the heroes
Didn't study for this psych test & I'm going to fail, but that's okay because Im just going to watch Eternal Sunshine... to boost my grade
I am so confused about Renee Zellweger... Is the universe playing some kind of cruel joke?
At least my creative spirit is high and mighty amongst all this.
I vote crying!
Some days I want to smile at everything and other days all I can do is cry. Let's see what today will be.
K bye I'm in need of all you can eat sushi
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I love a man that blushes! #GilmoreGirls
Go call your mom and tell her you love her now.
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