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R.I.P. Robin Williams :(
This summer is going by faaast
Perfect Day - Hoku ... Always gets me going in the morn
Ready 2 get drunk already.. who's with me??
Getting lost in Oshawa was the cherry on top of my cake #yup
Nice to know you're absolutely fucking insane
Rolled the quad yesterday and almost killed me and @johnnieniles
Having another outer body experience
So tired I am hallucinating
That's pretty rough..
Don't really care about much these days..
That was a dick move
So tell me you love me only for tonight
I have a season pass so whoever is down to take me to Wonderland, be my guest!
When you start wondering if you can trust someone is when you know you can’t trust them
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I wish guys acted less like what is in their pants
Got so excited when @mariecarterr told me I looked tan yesterday #YES
Pizza n wings? Hell yeeeah
He says to "be cool" but I don't know how yet
So much stress before school starts
Sushi or copious amounts of cheese on anything sounds good right now
I NEED the Vapshot mini
I wish girls were always as nice to each other as they are when they're drunk together in a bathroom at a party
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I'm gonna eat the shit outta this meal #starving
accept that you are not normal.
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Guess blonde doesn't suit everybody #pisshair #ratchet
@kylieblais your cool buddy is sad u wont watch movies with him
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It's national ice cream day and I'm not eating any.... tf
Time to make food before I wither away to nothing
What a successful day drink that was
I think it's great that all of my friends drink on week days
How did I even let my room get like this? #dirtbag #disgusting #lol
My dog's best ability: animal vacuum
Made out with a hotdog? Omg, that was one time!!
The one thing I can't STAND is a liar and people dumb enough to think I am dumb enough to believe their lies hahahaha