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Go away Iggy Azalea
Back at it this morning. 4 months until #NEFL tryouts
Do the Twin Cities Titans have a twit page? @NEFLinfo @StPaulPioneers
Love you Rufus. Say hi to lokey for me up in puppy heaven, I'll never forget you and what you did for me. πŸ™
Cleaned her up a bit today, cleannnnnnn!
I'm paying to work!? Go my paycheck and after expenses? NEGATIVE $205....WTF
LeSean McCoy's 20-cent tip receipt is up on eBay, the current bid, $85k+.
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Seriously, if America thought more like @Ganzobean we would all be smarter, happier, and less fucked up in the head.
It's frustrating how much and how easily pro athletes get off the hook for awful actions. It's time for a change. They are not above us.
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Dudes who spend more on shoes than they do on groceries...
Anyone hiring!? πŸ™πŸ™
@KyleJamesBurtJr I'm sure his publicist took it down. Doesn't matter. It happened and Snoop is still Homophobic.
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Due to the whole U2 album to my iPhone debacle, I am now switching to @samsung ... Great job idiots at Apple for exposing your weaknesses
My favorite season, autumn. @sperrytopsider #sperry #fall #autumn #minnesota #minneapolis
Go Patriots! No, go Vikings! No, nvm both teams can lose because football Is lame.
Adrian Peterson is in trouble for disciplining his child, but Casey Anthony murdered her daughter & is still free. πŸΈβ˜•
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Sad that fans care more about their teams future than the kid who was "abused"...another reason I no longer care much about sports
Time to move on, I'm done caring for assholes
David Icke is a pile of trash. #fake #DavidIcke
One of the greatest feelings, singing LIVE with Journey. #mnstatefair
I missed the @edsheeran tix giveaways this morning due to an injury :((( @1013KDWB @daveryankdwb @falenkdwb
Sports suck. Football blows. Hockey stinks. Baseball.....sorry I fell asleep. Basketball is "ok"...and soccer? No. #JK
Happy 3 months to the beautiful little lady!!
6:20 am the @daveryankdwb show TO WIN SOME @edsheeran TICKETS!! #leggo
Welcome to the jungle.
For once in my life, I don't have to pretend to be happy. It just comes naturally with you in my life. @tiff1actress
"True love stories never have endings." - Richard Bach Love you Tiffany.
Centertown Minnesota
Hello Minneapolis
Tonight, we rocked out with Joan Jett and never stopped believing with Journey. @tiff1actress #mnstatefair
Blur skies #summer
The family. @tiff1actress Maizey, Max and Abbigail #family #love #puppies
#SightsOfNortheast abandoned theatre #minneapolis #theatre #abandoned
Oh man. @blindskate @tjrogers @thereddragons #skateboarding πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Today's sunset was pretty epic thanks in part to camera+ #sunset #summer #minnesota #beach
@fran_molina_1992 has creeped into my Top 5 skaters recently. This guy has relentless pop I just can't fathom. The international scene has always produced some poppers, an this guy carries that tradition! #skate #skateboarding #europe #blunt
#NewBrighton sesh with little dudes! #skate #skateboarding #minneapolis #summer
Getting skate tips from the young gunners! #skate #skateboarding #theyouth boneless flips are his go to! Great seeing the kids continue to carry on
This one actually hits. RIP to a legend that opened many doors to the skate world, now go show them angels how to properly shred and teach them, "style is sverything" #RIPjayadams
#flashbackfriday with @coreymillett croooooookin' away in #minneapolis #skate #skateboarding