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Twitter is fucking pointless 😂
I have no friends
This week is gonna drag 🐌
I really just don't care anymore. If it happens, oh well
the younger me was so embarrassing
A day or B day?
I wish I could talk to animals
good morning posts on instagram honestly get me pissed
I want to watch Harry Potter for the rest of my life
just want today to be over
don't wanna be here 🔫
Everybody is glued to their phone it's fuckin pathetic
everybody a jeter fan now?
"good morning"posts on IG..? grow up 😂😂
Sleeping in was much needed
today's gonna be a long day I can already tell
Nap time is the best time
can auto correct stop making random words in all caps pls & ty
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why does everybody in shoreham wading river own a Porsche
why you laughin?
I could care less 😂
today blows 😒
iPhones fuckin up
I don't remember the last time I was actually stress free
I can't keep doing this shit every weekend
this new update looks like Facebook 😕
I don't understand people
fuck you autocorrect
I need a new number
people are really on my account..
RIP Pantone 11s 😞
if iOS 7 was so great why is it being updated already 😂