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can auto correct stop making random words in all caps pls & ty
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why does everybody in shoreham wading river own a Porsche
why you laughin?
I could care less 😂
today blows 😒
iPhones fuckin up
I don't remember the last time I was actually stress free
I can't keep doing this shit every weekend
this new update looks like Facebook 😕
I don't understand people
fuck you autocorrect
I need a new number
people are really on my account..
RIP Pantone 11s 😞
if iOS 7 was so great why is it being updated already 😂
Perfect weather to sleep 💤
Carolina starts the 2014 season 2-0. #PantherNation never stopped believing. #KeepPounding
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I go on Facebook for pure entertainment
my neighbors must hate me 😂
" yeah my dad's friend used to have a possum "
love this temperature
@WhatTheFFacts: Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar made so much money that he had to spend $2,500 on rubber bands just to wrap his cash.” OG
what are friends
I hate it when people post shit and say "from a couple days ago" as if we give a shit when you took it lmao
I'm gonna own an island to myself in the future 🚶
lmao iphone 6 is a failure
who wants to go riding 🚲💨
it's kinda sad that nobody does research on their own government
You spent 300$ on Jordan's but you won't spend over 20$ for a gift to your parents 😩
there's nothing more off-putting than an arrogant human
let's see who wastes their money first on the new iphone
6th grade isn't just a school year, it's the beginning of MANHOOD 💁 Fights 👊 Sex 😏💦 Drugs 💊💉 Drinking 🍷 Friends 👦👧 Niggers 🌚🌚 ..& love 💏❤️🙌
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18th birthday comin means tattoo time
this "school" is ridiculous
the most ghetto tweets have every emoji on the keyboard
I almost fixed myself getting off that bus 😅
" He caught me.... It's over "
@ShitPussiesSay: I took a picture with the peanut guy and acted like security caught me” LMAOOO 😭
People really sleep on thrift stores 💤