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do not put your height or your sexuality in your bio nobody fucking cares
just wanna sit back one day and say "I made it" I AM DEAD 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
why are these people screaming
it smells like fucking shit in this cafe
this is seriously too early to do anything
I wish I could turn off retweets for everybody
Gatorade me bitch
I always like looking at my girls pictures and seeing all those boys wishing they have what I got 😎
I just love deleting 100 pictures and then deleting them again 😄
ferguson cops are really fuckin up 😂😂
autumn lasted like a week
I swear girls tell each other to retweet their pics to get more favorites lol
I ❤️ meth
I smell like shit
someone fucking kill me
why tf am I up
if you chew with your mouth open im going to stab you
girls are crazy 😂
I wish I could go back to sleep for a day or two
oh no 😂😭
I couldn't imagine a better girl than stephanie 😻
there's a baboon in the auditorium
but they be smilin when we meet
I wish I had the ability to talk to animals 😕
gotta love when nobody texts you back 😊😊
people who put their height in their bio 😂😂😂
my bus is a bunch of assholes
Woulda thought I was going in tm
If you sneeze without covering your face you can have a one way ticket to burn in hell
Twitter is a bunch of recycled jokes and pictures
People wake up everyday trying to impress people that don't give a flying fuck
have you ever gotten so pissed at something you became calm?
I hate when people chew with their mouth open
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