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Ky Johnson
I might cry. The @Keurig just stopped working. 6am is gonna suck donkey balls.
OMG, Savy, murder that hoebag! #Mistresses
Karen is much too happy. I expect some stalkery roommate action any second now.
#LegendsTNT! Oh thank god. There's something to cleanse with after The Bridge.
Guh! They don't make me want to watch enough to have to actually *watch* and read subtitles.
Because who knows when I will next clean the tank. :D
#LegendsTNT was surprisingly awesome.
"I got new panties. We should G+ so I can show you." #SuchGoodFriends
Not a freaking hint of Annabeth tonight! Damn it! @AviQuijada can we do that thing now?
Entire cast is albino? Thus explaining why all the lights are on in this scene yet I can't see jack. It's color correction run amok! Amok!
At this point I only watch when a @MatthewLillard or @annabethgish scene happens. So.. about 4 minutes per episode. #TheBridgeFX
In case you're keeping track, #Ferguson PD has now: - Blocked aerial coverage; - Refused to release name of officer; - Arrested reporters.
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Can't wait to find out Sonya's random personality of the week on #TheBridgeFX.
No clue why Lilo & Stitch is trending but nevertheless it warms the cockles of my heart.
Well, well, well, #Mistresses. Upping your game with the April reveal. For once, a twist I didn't see coming. *high fives*
Seriously #TheBridgeFX, who do I send funds to for the electric bill?
Aww, @GuyHagi has to be kicking himself that he chose this week to go on vacation. #DoubleWhammy.
Hahaha! My kid is a snarky little brat and I love him for it.
Quite frankly, I question the moral fiber of anyone who doesn't love #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy. It's my Avengers.
I'm hooked on a feeling and that feeling is that #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy was fucking awesome.
I need this movie in my life right now.