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Ky Johnson
Ohm... Ohm... Finding my happy place.…
I'm just gonna go and bask in this and pretend the last 30 or so episodes didn't happen. Hope for some hidden logic.…
Hypocritical, whiny Castle. Waffling, backsliding Kbex. Thank god for unicorn Katic perfectly toying with my feelings. Gimme moar angst!
I am confused my my #Castle feelings right now.
Hey @JKMuir, Just finished The X-Files FAQ. Nice job, man. Review to follow shortly. #cough Tomorrow after i sleep. #cough
During #NYCC time we will be running contests & activities for fans in-site & off-site. It will be a party 4 everyone! Stay tuned for deets!
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I request that #CastleSeason8 brings back these kinds of #feels for me. Please?
NYC throws last surviving 9/11 rescue dog a sweet 16 birthday party… #imnotcryingyourecrying
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Thought of the day. Week. Month.
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Oh how I wish. Somebody go and flail for me. Meanwhile, I hear Hawaii is a great place for an event...…
Perhaps not... shocking... but I am ex-static to be acting as a... conduit... between Philes and this episode. :D…
This appeared on my desk this morning. I approve of the new title and shall immediately go forth with the business card alterations. 😃 #officeninja
We talked to @Annealiz1 about all the science & more. Here's the 1st part of it!… @thexfiles
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Dear @HomeDepot and @Frigidaire, You suck. Try calling a customer back, whydontcha? #BrokenFridge #RuinedFood #ShittyCustomerService
classy is gillian anderson's middle name
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And the unicorn just keeps on shining brighter in my eyes. <3…
Why, @HomeDepot? 46 wasted pieces of paper. Have you considered hugging a tree today?
Over a year later and we are still salivating for this vid to be finished. Happy #FanvidFriday all!…
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So... how much botox was spent on the @FoxNews hosts tonight. Nary an eyebrow nor forehead did quirk. #GOPDebate
What happened to the separation of Church and State?? #GOPDebate
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"Are You There, God? It's Me, A Republican Presidential Candidate" #GOPDebate
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"I am unequivocally pro-life....." & "The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things" #GOPDebate #GiveMeBackMyBrainCells
Marco Rubio wants to "make America fair again" by going back to laws that let banks get a bailout as they foreclosed your home #GOPDebate
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"I made a lot of money (going bankrupt & running away from responsibilities) in Atlantic City." Trump, ladies and gents #GOPDebate #HeadDesk
It disturbs me how excited this audience gets over the mention of blowing countries up. #GOPDebate
I want to believe #WhenTrumpIsElected the aliens will finally realize they need to step in.
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1st #XFRewatchTooms is @ 6am ET! 2nd happens @ 10pm ET! Intl. X-Philes, @KyinHI hosts 4 u! Graphic by @XFilesCookie
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"I think people are looking hard for miracles - so hard that maybe they make themselves see what they want to see." #XFRewatchMiracleMan
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My love for #Castle might be going through a slump, but nothing will ever dull my love for @tamalajones in this ep.
Mulder and Scully are back! Take off your pants! Err, I mean.. #PickUpThePoster #XFilesRevival
Fan of The X Files? Be sure to join our #XFilesBinge SUN 26th July 2015 – Spread the Word #XFilesRevival
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