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Ky Johnson
Castle, his dad, 3xk, Bracken peeps & the mob. Together in a basket of bad guy. Explosion. KBex pregnant, Alexis dies. The end. #fakespoils
Love this! Concept Art: The World Where Everything’s an Iceberg: 90% Is Under the Surface
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Guys! I made a thing! Because #SneakPeek And #OMFG And #Spoilers. You've been warned. #CastleSeason7
Haleakala. On top of the world.
I have reached mecca.
I will #NeverForget but I choose to focus on the quiet grace and innate goodness of humanity that was shown worldwide
Never be ashamed of being a fangirl. Trot around like the unicorn you are.
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Some claim the USA is a Christian nation, compelling me to wonder which assault rifle Jesus would choose: the AR-15 or AK-47.
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BREAKING! We are currently driving 1,000 phone calls per minute to Congress demanding real #netneutrality. Call now!
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Nooooooo! Ope! #KyWatchesSoA Stupid show with its stupid feels.
#SOAFX is worse than bloody crack. 12:30am, gotta be up in 5 hours to take kids to school? Who cares! Tally ho, season 5!
"I don't exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor." A woman after my own heart. #RIPJoanRivers
Can I go back to my #SoA marathon now?
They're gonna need the heavy duty magic erasers, @AviQuijada.
Pretty sure I'm only hanging around for Demian Bichir's accent at this point.
Commence snark-watching in 3... 2... 1! Burn all the #TheBridgeFXs!
$900 a month in maintenance fees and the building is growing breasts.
I hate Excel. That is all.
Watching #SoA and Mitch Pileggi shows up. Skinner? What happened? Meawhile, SoA is my new drug. I'll be up for air in a couple weeks.
You know who you are. Thank you. :)
Posts link to charity. No clicks, favs, RTs. Certainly no donations. Posts Castle vid. ALL THE THINGS! You guys suck a little. For reals.
Jennifer Lawrence Is Not a Thing To Be Passed Around | Playboy… #sfw via @Playboy
After much consideration, I've decided that exercise just isn't for me. #SendMotrin
Do something good today and your donation will be matched.…
Bless this person very very much. The entire #Castle Always through After the Storm sequence.
From Here to Eternity, this show is never gonna redeem itself. #MistressesFinale
Ugh! I feel like this show just took a nose dive from nighttime soap to daytime. #Mistresses
Oh for fucks sake. Of COURSE he pensively strolled to the beach. #Mistresses
See, April? Karen gives TERRIBLE advice. #Mistresses
God damn it. Make it stop! #Mistresses
Ugh! Can he run off the road ala the Season 1 finale? #Mistresses
I hate this dress almost as much as the urinating sparkles dress of KBex's. So not getting married. #Mistresses
You know, I'm fine with Joss not wanting to get hitched to shoe-boy, but can I have him? Because shoes, that house. And SHOES! #Mistresses
And Karen reverts to giving awful advice. #Mistresses
Nawww, April. <3 This is so going to blow up in your face. #Mistresses
Awww, Joss grew up. <3 For now, at least. 15 mins left for them to force this icky ship on me. Bracing myself. #Mistresses
I miss this show being about the girls. I feel like it's lost its cohesiveness this season. #MistressesFinale
Hahaha. He deserved that. #Mistresses
OMG!! *high fives Karen* Ka-POW!
April, I need you to stop being so stupid sometime soon. Because you're so gorgeous and I want to love you but.. SO STUPID. #Mistresses
"I have anger." Me too, Karen. Me too. <3 #Mistresses