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Ky Johnson
Hahaha! @JossaDosBichos flailing over #papillon is the best thing ever.
Pretty sure there's a rat in my ceiling at the office that's the size of a small poodle. #Waikiki. #Glamorous.
The difference between WTF is going on and I don't care WTF is going on. #Extant vs. #TheBridgeFX
The boy is a robot. Still more believable than Diane Kruger.
Ok, @AviQuijada. Shall we cleanse with some #Extant? It can't be worse.
Turns out there is also a spectacular lack of anything happening. #TheBridgeFX
There is a spectacular lack of @annabethgish in this episode of #TheBridgeFX
#MajorCrimes: Is that something I wanna commit to?
God damn but do I love me some J.B. Fletcher. #nostalgiamarathon
"Buy a Mac," they said. "It'll be great," they said. Exactly 3 months to the day & I'm back on my old PC because the Macbook Pro died. Gah!
Be still, my heart. Looky what I found on the interwebs.
Twas the night before launch... #OCO2 is ready for its 5:56am ET launch! Watch live:
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The solution to the current state of affairs is for every progressive woman to come together and incorporate. Then we'd be people, right?
#UnderTheDome: In which one of my most favorite reads is systematically turned into a joke, 43 minutes at a time.
I hope any woman who sets foot in a Hobby Lobby is smote with an unwanted pregnancy.
I had my doubts about McSteamy as a Navy Commander but hot damn, I buy the steely resolve. Show wasn't too shabby either. #TheLastShip
Crisis averted. It's come back. :)
Not to be an alarmist, but is #facebookdownagain?
Have learned much during my #mysocalledlife marathon. But #1 is that though Jared Leto creeps me out, I'd still drop panties for J.Catalano.
If watching My So-Called Life at 2am is wrong, I don't want to be right.
I feel like Google+ is sitting there like this right now. #facebookdown
And Act III, take two, is complete. #Productive #Roons