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Ky Johnson
I might cry. The @Keurig just stopped working. 6am is gonna suck donkey balls.
OMG, Savy, murder that hoebag! #Mistresses
Karen is much too happy. I expect some stalkery roommate action any second now.
#LegendsTNT! Oh thank god. There's something to cleanse with after The Bridge.
Guh! They don't make me want to watch enough to have to actually *watch* and read subtitles.
Because who knows when I will next clean the tank. :D
#LegendsTNT was surprisingly awesome.
"I got new panties. We should G+ so I can show you." #SuchGoodFriends
Not a freaking hint of Annabeth tonight! Damn it! @AviQuijada can we do that thing now?
Entire cast is albino? Thus explaining why all the lights are on in this scene yet I can't see jack. It's color correction run amok! Amok!
At this point I only watch when a @MatthewLillard or @annabethgish scene happens. So.. about 4 minutes per episode. #TheBridgeFX
In case you're keeping track, #Ferguson PD has now: - Blocked aerial coverage; - Refused to release name of officer; - Arrested reporters.
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Can't wait to find out Sonya's random personality of the week on #TheBridgeFX.
No clue why Lilo & Stitch is trending but nevertheless it warms the cockles of my heart.
Well, well, well, #Mistresses. Upping your game with the April reveal. For once, a twist I didn't see coming. *high fives*
Seriously #TheBridgeFX, who do I send funds to for the electric bill?
Aww, @GuyHagi has to be kicking himself that he chose this week to go on vacation. #DoubleWhammy.
Hahaha! My kid is a snarky little brat and I love him for it.
Quite frankly, I question the moral fiber of anyone who doesn't love #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy. It's my Avengers.
I'm hooked on a feeling and that feeling is that #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy was fucking awesome.
I need this movie in my life right now.
It’s DUCT tape, not DUCK tape. Now fuct off.
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This cause is dear to our, well, hearts. Donate to Camp del Corazon to get that #Castle writers photo you asked for:…
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Also: Who decided going back to school on a Friday was a good idea??
Summer break over for kids. So not ready to begin getting up at 6:30am again. I'm a writer, damn it!
Why does the kids' school make me fill out the same god damned forms every single year? Send Motrin. Hand hurts.
Brina geeks out to her very first comic book. <3
It's been nice knowing you, San Diego.
So long #SDCC. It's been a blast.
Thanks for being delightful, @NathanFillion and @AlanTudyk
Ready to bask in the glow of @NathanFillion. #NerdHQ
My Rib went to #SDCC and (all) I got were these kick ass IWTB socks! Much xoxoxo to @XFilesNews @KyinHI @AviQuijada
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A bit more of @joeharris tonight! A little panel “Story Worlds: The Alchemy of Franchise Creation” - He’ll be talking about working with XF.
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Robert Patrick is a class act. The #Scorpion pilot was pretty damn awesome too.
Woohoo! #Hannibal panel for the win! #SDCC2014
We are at the #Scorpion Panel, Mr. @robertpatrickT2 is in the house! The pilot is great and he rocks Agent Gallo.
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Thinking of starting a kickstarter to raise money for @TheBridgeFX's lighting department. I've seen black holes brighter than this show.
The hashtag #RuffaloColumbo is still making me strangely enraged and furious. Naturally this calls for a Columbo marathon. :D