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Ky Johnson
#HZC4 #HawaiiZombieCrawl
Dear American Media: When the urge to fear-monger over Ebola strikes, ask yourself, "What would Cronkite do?" #WWCD All the best, Me.
Because it hadn't been done and it should've been. #anahawaii #TropicalStormAna
So I'm gonna need for Jax *not* to shoot first and ask questions later, just this once, so that Gemma can get her comeuppance. #SOAFX
Oh, Juice. Dead man walking. #SOAFX
As a mother, I have to constantly resist the urge to tell these guys to use their words. #SOAFX
I will go down with this ship. #OrThisShipWillGoDown Probably literally with this show's track record. Jarry and Chibs float my boat.
You know what Jax hasn't had recently? A shower. Yes, I'm shallow. #SoAFX
"Smoke 'em if you got 'em" - Don't mind if I do, @SonsofAnarchy
Paging @AviQuijada. Would @AviQuijada please come to the customer service desk for a #SOAFX viewing.
The boys are back tonight in @SonsofAnarchy - Will we see more of @annabethgish & Chibs!? Find out on FX @ 10PM
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It's casual Friday for @robertpatrickT2 on #Scorpion this week. I'm digging his duds.
No, I am not concerned about Iranian warships off the east coast threatening to cut off our oil. #RoboCallFail #WhoBuysThisBullshit
Whoops! You wanna call @robertpatrickT2 yet, Walter? #Scorpion
That was a terrible Windows 8 plug, @ScorpionCBS. Besides the fact that nobody kept Windows 8 but grandmas.
"Is the panic spreading faster than the virus?" the news asks, un-ironically.
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So, @annabethgish...The narco-napping @AviQuijada tells me that you are responsible for making her drink decaf. I think you broke my bestie.
My one gripe. No self-respecting geek would play a game that cheesy. #Castle
"@XFilesNews: #AVisionofFire Sweepstakes Winners…" Did you win all the things?!?!
Dear @castle_writers, After that episode, I am left with only one request. #MusicalMurderMontages. I miss them. Love to love ya, babies.
Once upon a time... @DaraCreasey and @chadgcreasey won at writing, and lets be real, at life. The end. #Castle
Happy #Muldermas, all! Tape an X to your window and grab a bag of sunflower seeds, because where I'm from, it's always 1013.
If you're a photoshop addict and design fiend like I am, you know how porny this is...…
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Could the person who stole my laptop please crack the third act of my screenplay?
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Dinner is served. #Unf
It was like searching for a needle in a needle stack. #AVisionofFire
Fly your name on @NASA_Orion's flight test/future #JourneyToMars missions Deadline: 10/31…
New hair. New profile pic. That's how it works right?
Gemma has godawful luck with giant SUVs and embankments. #SOAFX
Ahh, murder by 60's musical remake montage. Love to love ya, #SOAFX.
The mother in me can only think about the porn-sheets these kids are sleeping on. *shudder* #SOAFX
"@TwinPeaksArchve: 2016." Make @therealraywise BOB and this is possibly the best foreshadowing ever.
"Its my job to keep these people safe" You are doing a terrible, no good, awful job, Jax. :P #SOAFX
Let it be known, @AviQuijada, that henceforth my pen name is gonna be Diosa Kylie.
Check out the autographs in one of today's lucky fans! #AVOF
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Authors @GillianA and Jeff Rovin sign books for the fans at Bookends #AVOF
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We're only a few minutes out from @GillianA's book signing! #AVOF
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Better fire up that percolator and find my black suit :-) #Twinpeaks
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Meanwhile, Twin Peaks is trending again and my heart swells. <3 This has been the flailiest of Mondays.
Guys, if you're not watching #Scorpion, you should be.
"You're a cop if you believe you're a cop." Hahaha! #Scorpion
When Happy speaks, I want to gouge my eardrums out. She sounds like Bart Simpson. #Scorpion. #OtherwiseAwesome
I am ready for next week. So, so, really, really ready. #Castle