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Ky Johnson
Survivor Man: Bigfoot... on @ScienceChannel?? That's it! I quit @Discovery networks. They should just rename themselves #hillbilliesRus
Any time you'd like to bring the power back, that would be nice, @HwnElectric. Or at least update your page.
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous @annabethgish. You should all go and follow her for #FF. Hau`oli la Hanau, pretty lady!
Our recap and review of last night's heartwrenching @BetterCallSaul is up. Did you catch it?… ^KJ
Retweeted by Ky Johnson
"Who's the lady with the log?" "We call her the log lady." I just love this show so much. <3 #TwinPeaks
Yearly watch commencing in 3...2...1... #itishappeningagain
I believe I have reached the pinnacle of parenting. I asked the eldest to make me a perfect sandwich and, oh boy, did he deliver.
Have you seen this week's @BetterCallSaul? Watch, and then read @KyinHI's recap and review.… ^KJ
Retweeted by Ky Johnson
Fifth replay. Stomach still doing the flippy thing. *swooooon* #CastleAlways #WhoNeedsSleep
Omg let's have a relationship like the one in 50 shades of grey "One where I completely dominate you?" No where you buy me an Audi
Retweeted by Ky Johnson
Remember what I said about like-new viewing, @AviQuijada? I'm gonna need a moist towelette. #CastleAlways
*knock knock knock knock* Somebody hold me while I puke rainbows. #CastleAlways
I *do* have a #Castle gripe right now. What happened to all the awesome music? I don't think I've updated my playlist in 3 seasons.
See? Ryan saving the day... all the time. All the time. @seamusdever deserves a cookie. All the cookies. #CastleAlways
Retweeted by Ky Johnson
Will somebody PLEASE listen to the cute guy in the fancy suit? Poor Ryan. #CastleAlways
"How am I supposed to trust anything you say?" *sobs* #CastleAlways
"Because I love you." *weeps* #CastleAlways
Oh god. I wasn't prepared for this scene. Hold me, @AviQuijada! #CastleAlways
This is the one scene I can't stand. This wife is over the top cliche. #CastleAlways
How come Kate *still* gets shit from the fandom for her secret but Castle basically gets off scott free for his?
.."the same man who put a bullet in your heart." Way to sugar-coat that Espo. #CastleAlways
Heeeee, guilty caught hand holding in the cookie jar. #CastleAlways
This scene though. Her fear, his guilt, both of their yearnings. #CastleAlways
Next up, they ooze some chemistry without teary eyes or overly breathy exhalations while setting up a John Woo date. Nawww!
Now for a little comparison viewing. Rather than looking up at a giant penis building, we start out with KBex hanging off one. #Compelling
"Previously on Castle..." Phew! @AviQuijada, you up for a repeat palate cleansing?
Thank GOD that's over with. Somebody get me a coffee, a cigarette and a dose of Castle #Always right this second.
She practically begs him to whip the shit out of her and then acts surprised when he does. GAH! I HATE HER! #50SOS
"Why do you want to hurt me?" Because you are a whiny, stupid, insipid disgrace to all womankind. #50SOS
Obligatory tortured asshole plays the piano so he can't be *all* bad scene. #50SOS
God, why doesn't she just bone the chauffeur instead???? God damn, Max Martini's voice is hot. #50SOS
Oh, but it's okay. He's spending obscene amounts of money so she's happy again. #50SOS
Showing up in Georgia? Creepiest thing ever. #50SOS
He's ball-twitchingly mad she's going to visit her mom, so slaps her ass like she's a two year old. Middle-aged ladies how's this sexy? Ugh!
Sorry, I'm slacking on my snark. Blah, blah, WTF, blah blah, REALLY? Blah, blah, BLAHHHH! #50SOS
So, @awolnation's version of "I'm on Fire" might be the highlight of this crappy movie even if it only appeared for about 6 seconds.
Asshole just sold her classic slug bug! So rude!
Currently mainlining brownie bites as a way to cope with this shitty movie. #50SOS #50lbsofBrownie
Contract negotiations are going well it seems. Buttplugs in, duct tape out. #50SOS
The soundtrack is kind of like something you'd hear on Miss Marple or Downton Abbey right now... It's off putting.
Did he just say "Laters, Babe"???
Come to think of it... #MaxMartini should go in the business of audiobooks. I'd buy quantum physics encyclopedias if he narrated them.
Retweeted by Ky Johnson
Even his collection of cars are "shades of grey" #Barf
If #maxmartini would just read me the phone book it would be a good 5000% hotter than this movie. #50SOS
On the plus side, these digitally inserted pubes are top-notch. #50SOS
The very first sex scene is him doing exactly what he says he can't/won't. Ergo, the rest of this movie is bullshit and he's just a prick.
This movie is just unsettling. On the plus side, it might have inspired me to write some actual sexytimes. #50SOS