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Ky Johnson
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Aww, I love rooftop moments between @robertpatrickT2 and @ElyesGabel. #TeamScorpion
Dry-docking this 'ship after it's maiden voyage is cruel and unusual punishment @ScorpionWriters and @ScorpionCBS. #TeamScorpion #Cabecca?
A #Castle take on the Brady Bunch HI special? Comedy gold. Tiki curses! Tarantulas! Surfing! @castle_writers should pay me for this shit.
Dear @castle_writers, I need the obligatory 7th season, team goes to Hawaii story. For reasons. #NotStalkingReasons #NotMuchAnyway
Put Beckett in a poodle skirt and give Castle a pair of black-rimmed glasses.. could complete the Back to the Future homage. #CaskettAtLast
I am personally going to hunt down and stab with a rusty spoon any fangirl who has complaints about that episode... #CaskettAtLast
Gates made my heart grow three sizes just now. #CaskettAtLast
So much cheesy goodness in this episode. It was like deep fried munster wrapped in mozzarella and dipped in brie. #CaskettAtLast #Loveit
#Castle 7x07 should have been called: The good, the bad, and the UNF-y! #CaskettAtLast
Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a camel, @Stana_Katic! That outfit should be illegal. Thank god it's not. #CaskettAtLast
Not the snake in the grass we were all hoping for. #CaskettAtLast
Finally a gay on my show! Can they put him in their steamer trunk and take him back to New York with them? #CaskettAtLast
My little show that could just keeps getting better and better. Moonlighting curse, what Moonlighting curse?#CaskettAtLast
Still waiting on #SnakeTheInternet, in which heavily photoshopped dick pics forge ahead with breaking men's spirits.
Kardashian Block Plus - Surf the web without annoying women! #FixTheInternet
I have found #nirvana and it's at the bottom of this carton.
FINALLY! I'm gonna need it to be next week now. #SOAFinalRide
Weekly reminder that this mess is all Gemma's doing. #SOA
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My feels for Tig and Venus seem to have come out of nowhere but this is breaking my heart a little. #SOAFX #SOAFinalRide
Damn! Sons are popping up like jack in the boxes all over that house. #SOAFX
Oh Abel, you psychotic little munchkin, you. Kid doesn't speak for 7 seasons and now all of a sudden, every one is a zinger. #SOAFinalRide
Unser is awfully badass for someone supposedly on death's door since season one. #SOAFX
What is it with the Teller family and kitchen utensils? Poetic really. Go on, Abel. Stick a fork in 'her, she's done. #SOAFX #SOAFinalRide
Oh dear, Courtney Love planting ideas into Abel's head. This can't end well/will end in an amazing blaze of glory for the little dude.#SOAFX
It's possible that I'm currently most invested in the Tig and Venus 'ship. #SOAFX
This seems relevant. Bedtime now. #CaskettAtLast
I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that #CaskettAtLast wasn't the finale and that there's MORE to come next week. Bless this show.
The holding of her stomach though... because she's feeling all the feels too. My heart just grew three sizes. #CaskettAtLast
It makes me so warm and fuzzy that #CaskettAtLast is out-trending a live football game.
Because why just parallel the Pilot when you can tear out my heart and parallel some Knockout as well? Love it! #AngstWhore #CaskettAtLast
I really wish Alt!Castle would have 'accidentally' broken the elephants for Captain!KBex. #CaskettAtLast
It's like all my favorite fanfics got together and had a Morman style wedding and twelve flaily babies. #CaskettAtLast
I would watch them build a relationship all over again in this universe. I would watch that SO hard. #CaskettAtLast
I am more verklempt over this wedding than I was my own. #CaskettAtLast
Just finally watched An Affair to Remember. Is fanfic for that a thing? I need it to be a thing. I also need to be held. #UnexpectedFeels
Holy shit!!! Husband wins at anniversaries.
Post-gimp-doctoring lunching. Any excuse for a lunching.
Drum roll please...The winning pumpkin was carved by Hannah who will be getting some special XF goodies in the mail!
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I can't be the only one on their fifth replay of the #IntoTheWoods trailer can I? I need this movie right now.
My #SOAFX partner demands @annabethgish boning in garage and then it immediately happens. Are you a good witch, or a bad witch, @AviQuijada?
I need a musical montage to make this hurt go away @sutterink. To quote me, just now: Fuck. Bobby. No. Fuck. #SOAFX
Jax really needs to reevaluate his definition of a 'setback'. #SOAFX
People poll overwhelmingly Democrat on issues. Then the majority votes Republican... What am I missing here? #aussieinamericaisconfuzzled
I hope that in a bitchy fit of what's good for the gooseism the Democrats spend the next 2 years filibustering the shit out of Republicans.