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Marc Kusnierz
I know #E3, E3, E3, but #HAWKS!!
Also, you know how "we" can help Shenmue III get funded...SONY COULD FUND THE GAME THEMSELVES!
The this is...Shenmue was never that good.
I am all for these four (get it) Devolver Digital games!
Congratulations everyone, you finally get to replay a not-so-great game from almost 20 years ago in HD.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but World of Final Fantasy looks like the Final Fantasy for me.
So...Media Molecule is making a much better version of Project Spark, eh. Cool. (But still dependent on user creativity.)
No Man's Sky sounds amazing and everything will be different when a lot of people are playing, but every demo right now just looks lonely.
The #E3 takeaway so far: it's good to be a PC gamer.
I do not care about exclusive betas at all. "Oh yay! I get to play your game early while it's not finished and probably broken...yippee!"
In the end, it is nice, at least, that it's still a thing and actually coming out (hopefully).
I hope The Last Guardian is amazing and have no doubts that it will be, but I don't know if it'll end up being worth the wait. was just so long and it doesn't really look like a game that's been in the works for as many years as it has been. :/
I love Team Ico and originally bought my PS3 for two games: MGS4 and whatever the next Team Ico game would be, but the wait...
People will hate me, but I can't help but think, watching the demo of The Last Guardian, "This is all you've done in all this time."
I know everyone's watching or at E3 but premium+ CR members need to visit right now! GET SOME TICKETS.
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Also, I'm watching more #UsagiDrop and lovin' it soooo much! It has the potential to end up as my new favorite #anime!
I have a little tease that may excite or terrify y'all: tonight's podcast is an hour and a half and all about #anime. You've been...warned?
It will be hilarious if Microsoft closes with the dumbest, "One last thing," announcement: New Battletoads. #XboxE3 #E32015 #E3
Cuphead looks awesome, but so did that one brother's beard! #XboxE3 #E32015 #E3
Microsoft is killing it so far. Makes me even more excited to see what Sony has to show tonight. #XboxE3 #E32015 #E3
Well, Microsoft is doing mighty fine so far, mighty fine indeed! #XboxE3 #E32015 #E3
WHAT. THE. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?! ...I was not expecting Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One. I repeat. WHAT. THE. FFFFFFFFFF?! #XboxE3
What I want from #XboxE3: The Maw 2, Viva Pinata, A BASEBALL GAME!!!, Country of Decay or whatever a co-op State of Decay would be named. :P
What I want most out of #E3: a bunch of ridiculous sales on XBL, PSN, and Wii U. Who needs new games when you can get old games for cheap?!
So... #UsagiDrop already has me in its tiny little fingers; it's quite pretty (w/beautiful coloring) and I can predict so many feels. #anime
I just had a thought, "I wonder what it would be like if I added a smidgen of instant coffee to my oatmeal?"
Other than the episodes being out of order chronologically, I absolutely adored #HumanityHasDeclined. #anime #Jintai
Every time I hear @pettycommajared on any podcast, I think, "This guy is so smart and someone I'd love to just sit down and chat with."
It would be quite nice to have a cuddle buddy to watch #anime with. That is all.
My out-there prediction for #E3: Microsoft announces Minecraft Worlds, a F2P MMO-esque pseudo-sequel to Minecraft w/heavy microtransactions.
So...I (finally) just started watching #HumanityHasDeclined and it's kind of brilliant and delightfully strange. Lovin' it! #anime #Jintai
Well, I just beat #RogueLegacy for a second time. Should I finally move onto another game or go for thirds?
Was lucky enough to see one of these #Totoro music boxes in person; it's quite lovely. #anime
So, when @BestBuy sells me a Blu-ray that is empty, what the hell am I supposed to do in that (empty) case?
So, I may be seconds away from watching my first ever episode of Star Trek: The Original Series...
(And the post now comes with timestamps for those only wanting to listen to a specific section.)
If you missed it, I review #SayILoveYou (#SukitteIiNaYo) and talk more about #PunchLine in the latest episode! #anime…
Well, that was fun for a few minutes, but now I actually just want to watch some rom coms. #MakeAMovieLessRomantic
Was looking into a specific Nendoroid and then I fell down a massive well of wish-list-adding and dozens and dozens of pages of Nendoroids.
Super happy with how the podcast I'll be posting later today came out. I think I'll be using this new(ish) format from now on!
So, #PunchLine finally turned a corner with episode 6 (and I'm now caught up), but I still don't know about that show. Hmmm... Oh, #anime!
If I could gift games on #XboxOne, I'd gift so many copies of Rogue Legacy! Gifting remains one of my favorite aspects of @steam_games.
It's beautiful. It's dark. It's beautifully dark and darkly beautiful. I highly recommend this book! #comics

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