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Marc Kusnierz
So, I talk about #oatmeal a lot, but I've never shown a picture of it 'cause I fully expect most people will think it looks terrible, but, today, I figured, what the hell, eh.
(I have quite a few Xbox 360 games and want to eat away at my enormous backlog.)
Someone recommend me any Xbox 360 game and, if I haven't already played it, I'll play it right now no matter what it is (if I have it).
It's both incredibly funny and incredibly sad how Donald Trump has turned the current presidential race into a real-life SNL skit.
The best way to spend your afternoon is with a podcast full of #anime, #comics, and #videogames! This has all three!:…
The only funny thing about me is that there are people out there who think I'm funny.
Brand new podcast is here and full of #anime, #comics, and Win 10--including Kill la Kill and 8House: Arclight!…
Finally got a chance to try out game streaming on Windows 10 and it worked wonderfully; the picture quality wasn't 1080p, but it was smooth.
Well, I guess I can finally scratch seeing Lenny Kravitz's dick off my bucket list.
The Australian episode of Free!: Eternal Summer is super weird; all the Australians sound like text-to-speech robots. #anime #tv_free
You know an OP is great when you think about re-watching a series just to see the OP again...and again...and again. #anime
Buying a new Surface 3 and having to wait to upgrade to Windows 10 is just a wee bit annoying. Also, still waiting to upgrade my main PC. :/
I do not understand why everyone is going crazy about this ad crap with MS Solitaire; it's been that way since the launch of Windows 8...
I gots a brand new podcast full of #anime, like #TV_Free - Iwatobi Swim Club, #Gangsta, #Shimoseka, and MY OATMEAL!!…
Finally, one of my PCs is ready for Windows 10... ... ...and it's the one I care about least/reserved a spot for last. What the poo-poo?! :(
To my friends heading home from Gen Con, stay safe and I hope y'all had a great time! :)
If I ever got married, I wouldn't have a best man; I would have my best people and they would simply be everyone I invited.
Watching the first season of Free! after accidentally watching 6 episodes of the second season first is weird. #anime #tv_free
Don't forget to check out the latest podcast, full of #anime and whatnot, including Free!, Kuusen Madoushi, and more!…
A brand new podcast is here, full of the usual #anime and #videogame nonsense--including #TV_Free and #MKX! AHHHH!!!…
It's been a busy few days, but, if ya missed it Monday, listen to me talk about #anime, games, and other nonsense:…
How many summer #anime series are y'all (still) watching? ...I'm at 27 right now and may add a few more. And no, I don't like all of 'em.
Nothing like a dead stray to ruin your day. :/
Brand new podcast is here, full of #anime and games--including #Hataraku, Ping Pong The Animation, and #QUBE!…
Been meaning to watch Ping Pong The Animation for forever and I'm finally making it happen; (already knew I'd) love the animation. #anime
Finally watching some Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) and so far so good...and not just part of the time. :P #anime
On today's show, I review #Barakamon, talk about the "pillow boys" #anime, #makuranodanshi, hit a few games, & more.…
So, I was thinking about starting the GoT Telltale game, but I haven't finished the latest season; should I finish season 5 before playing?
I'm also ready to finally see what's like to be bread.
Alright. #Barakamon is super kawaii and just so very delightful. :) #anime #brkmn_anime
When your @Crunchyroll queue looks like this, ya can't help but be all kinds of sad faces. #anime #comingsoon
My interest in a Minecraft movie just went from non-existent to, "Can I see it now, please?"…
I wrote a little something about my love/hate relationship with Himouto! Umaru-chan:… | #anime #umaru_anime
If ya want to hear about some #anime and games--like #VictorVran, #shimoseka, and #umaru_anime--give this a listen:…
So, I just watched the first two episodes of #Danchigai and, this is a general thing, I just don't get 3-5 minute #anime.
Brand new podcast is finally here and it's full of #anime and #videogames, including #VictorVran and #RollingGirls!…
A new PS podcast will hit later tonight, but, while ya wait, why not listen to the latest @PixelatedRadio, eh?…
A brand new @PixelatedRadio is here and it's full of Batman, Ant-Man, Rocket League, So Many Me, and much more!…
I'm so tired and out if it that I'm taking pictures of myself. At least my beard is nice and beardy.
Crazy how time flies, realizing it's been 15 years since 8th grade graduation and next year will mark 30 years on earth for my dumb ass.
Thanks, @RothCornet, for filling my ears with absolute delightfulness these last few years; I look forward to seeing what ya do at HitFix.
Was so excited for a new Keepin' It Reel with @JimVejvoda and @RothCornet...then I heard the news and now hope this episode never ends.
When selling crap on eBay, I can't help but check the auctions over and over and over again until they're sold. It's a problem.
Wanna hear me talk about #Skyhill, #gangsta, #monmusu, and #toradora? Well, then this is the show for you!… #anime
Oooohhhh, a new episode of Ushio to Toro is now available. Yes, please! :D #anime #ushitora
A brand new podcast is here and, in it, I preview the point-and-click survival roguelike, #Skyhill, and talk #anime!…
These last few days have been so busy that I feel like I've been really slacking with the ol' #anime; only really been watching Toradora!...
I'm not yet sure how I feel about the game bit--it seems a...bit repetitive--but the music in Spectra: 8bit Racing is absolutely fantastic.
I don't know about y'all, but this whole Amazon Prime Day has been pretty underwhelming.

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