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Marc Kusnierz
That moment when you have to blow up a couple of tanks and realize you left your rocket launcher at home. #MGSV
Right now seems like a good time to not be a Star Wars fan. I'm just relaxing at home, fultoning bears and shit. #MGSV
A brand new podcast is here, full of #MGSV, Forza 6, Whispering Willows, and good ol' #anime! Enjoy the weirdness! :D…
I don't really care about Furby or Chewbacca, but I kind of want this and I don't know why...WHY?!
I hate it when Best Buy emails me about my "Lucky Day" 'cause I left something in my cart and can buy it for full price like any other day.
I just found "Take On Me" in #MGSV and I couldn't be happier.
Also, I don't want to podcast today, I just want to play more #MGSV. long is this #MGSV server maintenance gonna last, eh?
It's been so long since I've genuinely loved a game, but I am lovin' every bit of #MGSV. I'm still early on, but boy does this feel nice. :)
Just remembered that DMs can now be longer than 140 characters as I kept typing and typing and never had to break my message into parts.
Does playing #MGSV make anyone else want a new Red Dead even more than they already do?
...I honestly don't know if I'd still be a "gamer" if not for that amazing experience so long ago. Thanks, @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN, for everything.
Just about to start #MGSV as mixed feelings of joy and sadness overcome me. The original MGS showed me games could be so much more and...
'Tis a bit sad seeing the @IGN and @DigiGods partnership come to an end; though, it always seemed a bit odd anyway. The show shall go on!
That Xbox One Lunar White controller...I kinda dig it...a lot.
Oh my god! I'm watching videos on Prototype running on an Xbox One 'cause SOMEONE HELP ME NOW!!
So, the Prototype bundle in on sale on Xbox LIVE for $33.49 and I don't want to want it but I want it. I hate myself.
Episode #172: Gears of War, Planet of the Eyes, Curses 'N Chaos, Steam Marines, Borderlands & MORE!
Retweeted by Marc Kusnierz
A new episode is here and in it I talk about Payday 2, #Mushishi, and how you're SUPPOSED to pronounce "aunt!" #anime…
Recording today's podcast and I just went on a tangent about how one should pronounce aunt for WAY too long.
A brand new @PixelatedRadio is here and full of way too many games--including GoW, Fable Legends, and so much more!…
And if ya tell me it's because the only way to play Payday 2 is with other real people, well, *expletive* you; maybe I don't always want to.
The fact that your AI teammates in Payday 2 can't pickup bags is just stupid and ridiculous and ridiculous and stupid.
I've said this a few times in the past, but boy does it feel good when I type up and tweet and coincidentally hit exactly 140 characters. :)
I'm sad every year when I can't make #PAXPrime not 'cause I'm missing a bunch of games, but my chance to meet @melissadingmon already. #fact
Also, I forgot how PAYDAY 2 just throws you into the action without much guidance. "HERE'S A WHOLE LOTTA CRAP...GOOD LUCK!" *Runs away*
Just played PAYDAY 2 on Xbox One for the first time and John Wick was part of my crew. I guess we were robbing a puppy killer or something.
I wish there were some early Mad Max reviews out there.
Just remembered Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is coming out on last-gen platforms too.
Thinkin' about ordering a few WaveBirds 'cause I've found myself annoyed by wires lately; are they really as great as y'all always say?
Today was a good day on eBay; managed to snag Vol. 1-8 of Pluto (in Like New condition) for $42 total. :) #manga #NaokiUrasawa
So, you're saying It was so good, you couldn't stop playing until dawn...…
A brand new podcast is here! I talk about @MondoNews, the lovely #Mushishi, CoJ: Gunslinger, and Bounty Train. #anime…
I suddenly have a strong desire to watch Small Soldiers and I don't know why.
So, when recording the intro for today's podcast, I got more emotional talking about my experience with @MondoNews than I expected...
Well, guess I won't ever be (or need to be) messing around with Mondo again.
Fully prepared to do the Mondo TMNT subscription, had it in my cart, was going through checkout process, error, try again, sold out...
I really wish @MondoNews didn't have to make something so ridiculously awesome and TMNT-related 'cause I don't want to need, BUT I NEED 'EM!
Listen to me hate on My Little Monster, lov-ike #AoHaruRide, and talk about Alan Wake's American Nightzzzzzz.… #anime
Hmmm. Maybe I'll finally play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger; I've played all the other ones--yes, I've played The Cartel and it was terrible.
Alan Wake's American Nightmare is done. What should I play next? (Reminder: Lookin' to "clear" massive last-gen backlog.)
In today's episode I talk about #anime as usual, hit a video game or two, and randomly read reviews off of Netflix...…
Though, it really just makes me want Alan Wake 2...
Finally playing Alan Wake's American Nightmare and I'm enjoying my return the gameplay, but the story is cheesy in all the worst ways.
Soooo, I visited a friend at my LCS earlier today and then this happened...
Whenever I'm looking to buy a used copy of a book and see, "Ex-Library Book," I immediately move onto the next copy.
"And introducing Colin Kaepernick as Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman." ...What? #Madden16
In today's episode, I talk about the first #anime I actively hate, other anime I don't hate, and more Dead Space 2.…
And it's an #anime that is generally loved by many. (Something I cannot understand at all, but I don't hate and tell...until podcast time.)

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