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Marc Kusnierz
Oh, Homura, you so lovely. #figures #anime #madokamagica
Fun fact: when you watch the first episode of a dozen new series in two days, everything starts to blend together and what, huh, who? #anime
There's no better way to start one's day than with a podcast full of #anime:… | #SOA #gate_anime #aoharu_anime
I love long, ridiculous, literal #anime titles, but when they consist of 70+ characters, tweeting about 'em is not so easy... #shimoseka
Last anime of the morning, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, was also quite good; @FUNimation has a lot of great simulcasts! #anime #akagami_anime
Oh, Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai, 'tis love at first sight; I docking love it! #anime #shimoseka @FUNimation
Finally watched #Gangsta. and really enjoyed it (like I hoped I would). I can't get enough of little ol' Nic! :D #anime #?????? @FUNimation
And I really liked the story and characters of Ushio to Tora, but I have one huge problem...I think it's incredibly ugly. #anime #ushitora
I'm pretty much sold on Rokka no Yuusha after just the first episode; I quite enjoyed it on all fronts. #anime #rokka_anime
(In other words, I'm terrible.)
Ori and the Blind Forest is one of many games on sale on XBL and I want to buy it, but I've been conditioned to scoff at "only" 25% off. :/
Brand new podcast is here and full of a whole lotta #anime, old and new! #SOA #gate_anime #???? #???? #aoharu_anime |…
Time to start working on today's podcast, full of new #anime, #animemidwest chatter, and reviews of Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji and Un-Go.
Aoharu x Kikanjuu was interesting; an anime about bb gun survival games...alright. #aoharu_anime #anime
And now onto the last #anime of the morning: Aoharu x Kikanjuu. (I know nothing 'bout this one.) #aoharu_anime
Classroom☆Crisis didn't really grab me with its first episode, not even a little bit. :/ ...have any of y'all checked it out? #anime #????
Just watched 8 uncensored minutes of My Wife is the Student Council President! Not really my thing, but if it's yours good on ya. #?????????
Gate looks like it could be interesting and a bit of fun, but I need to see more. Onto the next one. #gate_anime #anime
About to finally dive into the new series of this here Summer season, starting with Gate and Classroom☆Crisis. #gate_anime #???? #anime
This Link #Nendoroid really is quite lovely. #Zelda #videogames #Nintendo #figures #goodsmile
Messing around with what time I had left in the trial for The Long Dark on Xbox One and I kinda really dug it. Hmmm...
Using a 360 controller for the first time in months made me realize the XB1 controller has a lot more subtle differences than I realized.
Bored, so I threw this dumb thing together in a few minutes. It's Captain Animerica! :P #anime #comics #doodles #nonsense
I can think of no better way to celebrate this very American holiday than by watching anime... :P Happy #FourthofJuly everyone! :D #anime
Wolf Girl and Black Prince didn't do anything too special or surprising, but it was an enjoyable little ride. #anime #OokamiShoujotoKuroouji
Finally starting to feel better after a terrible first impression with #AnimeMidwest that left we sick and annoyed. Me still sad, though. :/
#AnimeMidwest is making a terrible first impression. :/
The line for badge pickup is...nonsensical. #animemidwest
As y'all get ready for #AX2015 and @animemidwest (I'll be here), why not listen to me talk about #anime?… #SOA #ReKan
When I tell people I still get DVDs from Netflix, they be like, "Why?!" ...well, need I say more?
This arrived today, making me quite the happy camper. :) #anime #Miyazaki
Doin' a bit of #doodling with Elsie of The World God Only Knows. #anime #Kaminomi #art #penandink #doodles
Was at Best Buy picking up something and figured, "Why not check the #amiibo section," and found a silver Mario; they must have made a ton of 'em. Still haven't seen any other wave 4 figures at BB, not even Pac-Man. :/ #videogames #nintendo
I know #E3, E3, E3, but #HAWKS!!
Also, you know how "we" can help Shenmue III get funded...SONY COULD FUND THE GAME THEMSELVES!
The this is...Shenmue was never that good.
I am all for these four (get it) Devolver Digital games!
Congratulations everyone, you finally get to replay a not-so-great game from almost 20 years ago in HD.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but World of Final Fantasy looks like the Final Fantasy for me.
So...Media Molecule is making a much better version of Project Spark, eh. Cool. (But still dependent on user creativity.)
No Man's Sky sounds amazing and everything will be different when a lot of people are playing, but every demo right now just looks lonely.
The #E3 takeaway so far: it's good to be a PC gamer.
I do not care about exclusive betas at all. "Oh yay! I get to play your game early while it's not finished and probably broken...yippee!"
In the end, it is nice, at least, that it's still a thing and actually coming out (hopefully).
I hope The Last Guardian is amazing and have no doubts that it will be, but I don't know if it'll end up being worth the wait. was just so long and it doesn't really look like a game that's been in the works for as many years as it has been. :/
I love Team Ico and originally bought my PS3 for two games: MGS4 and whatever the next Team Ico game would be, but the wait...
People will hate me, but I can't help but think, watching the demo of The Last Guardian, "This is all you've done in all this time."
I know everyone's watching or at E3 but premium+ CR members need to visit right now! GET SOME TICKETS.
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