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Marc Kusnierz
Crazy to think a podcast I started with @Kush3 got nominated for podcast of the year 5 years ago
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Anyone else remember this movie?
Sometimes, I can't help but think Best Buy is the worst.
Well...this happened (I was just there).…
Well, Assassin's Creed Unity has been assassinated by some absolutely terrible frame rate and general poor performance. (Playing on XB1.)
Monster Mansion is ending in a few hours and, while I wish I had time to review it, y'all should still check it out:…
...because it adds to the game itself and also keeps the game from going way too long--which is something co-op games are good at.
I love co-op games and always like when a game mixes it up a bit. Monster Mansion is such a game and I love the way it uses real-time...
People are all like, "Press X to grieve," but I'm all like, "Press RS to kill Kevin Spacey."
My next tweet will contain a spoiler for the latest CoD game, one that I believe is already well-known, but, if you're a spoiler-nut...
Also, I'm really liking Black Fleet (board game) because it's easy to pick up, beautiful to look at, and has a nice bit of strategy.
Too many games coming out in the next two weeks. (And I still feel like Far Cry 4 is going to be delayed and I don't know why.)
I just realized Lords of the Fallen is Lords of the Fallen and not a game based on that Viking TV show...
Messing around with tattoo ideas and whatnot.
I'm really liking Sunset Overdrive, but it's an exhausting game; if I'm not moving around super-fast, it just feels wrong.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare actually looks kind of interesting and I don't know what to do with that.
This whole GTA: San Andreas re-release on 360 with achievements and all that jazz seems awfully odd with how it was just thrown out there.
Quick little sketch. #TMNT
The whole family is together and, as to be expected, Raph is angry about something. #TMNT
If a person doesn't like me, I don't care. If a cat doesn't like me, I shed a tear.
First one is in. Today is a good day. #TMNT
Everyone wants drinking buddies, but I want singing buddies.
Messing around in between actual work.
I Kickstarted a beard comb because, duh, but, I received more than just a comb... I was very surprised to find a condom keeping my comb company when I opened the package and have no idea what to do with it because I have absolutely no use for it, so, anyone want a free condom?
Everything is ok, but it's taken up the time I would use for certain things and I just wanted to let y'all know I haven't forgotten y'all.
I've been dealing with a few personal things these past few weeks--family, etc--that included a hospital visit, so, that's it in a nutshell.
Other than a few NBA 2K15 tweets, I've been relatively quiet lately and figured I should probably give a little explanation...
Well, I won't be touching NBA 2K15 until they get their ship together because this constant deletion of MyPlayer's face is ridiculous.
The NBA 2K15 launch is one lovely mess of server issues and random MyPlayer face scan deletions. And, by "lovely," I mean horrible.
Just a little wet...
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is pretty good, eh. Pretty pretty, too. And I already know I'm not witty. But no one cares in this city...
My beard is a bit long, but I just thought of a video game character I could dress up as... "Jason?...JASON?... jason?"
Well...this happened. #haircut
I finally had some real fun with @DestinyTheGame yesterday after playing one of the strike missions; though, said fun wasn't worth the wait.
Check out the latest @PSausage podcast, featuring Sushi Go!, Ca$h 'n Guns, and some weird singing... #boardgames…
I will never understand how anyone can enjoy exercising.
Also, the whole sushi theme works really well with the drafting mechanic, and the art is delightfully cute and charming.
I finally played Sushi Go! and really like it. As someone who enjoys drafting, having a light game I can play/teach in minutes is great!
My latest custom creation.
I was wondering why I wasn't seeing a new course...then I realized I just completed every course in Fairway Solitaire Blast. Time to 3-star.
I don't typically post pictures of food, but I'm still enjoying my cauliflower honeymoon, going on 3 months now.
Listen to @hendersonman and @RolexDPracer talk about Destiny, Warframe, Super Smash Bros., Minecraft, and more!
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Check out the latest @PSausage podcast, featuring Abyss, 5Pax, metal gaming coins, and more! #boardgames #tabletop |…
And a new @PixelatedRadio will be posted for your listening pleasure tomorrow morning. :)
Well, that was a crazy game. #dabears
I have Super Smash Bros. codes. I have no idea what to do with 'em.
Check out @JasonGrantz's review of Francis Drake from @EagleGames/Kayal Games:… | Spoiler: He kinda likes it.
Watching a live stream of Destiny and I still don't get the excitement. And the lack of any reviews, in this rare case, bothers me.
I feel like I can get what I like about Abyss from Splendor without all the complications; though, I need to play it some more, of course.