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Kris Straub
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As a #HeForShe, I'm committed to #genderequality. I invite you to stand with me. @HeforShe
thanks for the reminder! today is the autumn thrall festival in @broodhollow
time is really flying lately. can't believe it's almost my death
Gold Locks from @mc_frontalot's new album is a pretty badass bit of narrative reversal:
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welcome to my nicemare
say, you remind me of a person i hate: you. that burn is free, you're welcome
man, i don't like you, facebook privacy dinosaur
deeply regret the delay, but there's a new @broodhollow up now
.@MrBildango modest little shows like SDCC are in the pocket of Big Co$play
"i haven't heard of your stuff! but i'm a huge marvel fan - i just spent $60 on avengers merch." Is Avengers Merch Ruining Comic Con?
"does the thing people like spending money on affect my ability to convince them to spend it on me?"…
ok gang, I had a fun morning but I've been up since 3am. after my nap I will bring you @broodhollow
And now an idea of my own JK IT'S ANOTHER #badASMRvideos INVENTED BY Kris Straub
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there's a new @chainsawsuit podcast up, but one year ago we did an episode no one has ever forgotten:…
new podcast this week! episode 72: the footsteps actually don't pan
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i haven't given the new interpol a lot of time, but i love "all the rage back home"
I reset my iPhone keyboard dictionary and I'm no longer plagued by all the terrible choices of my past
@krisstraub Drives me nuts. They built this beautiful playground and didn't put any fucking swings in it.
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i never really bought into "don't worry, i'm sure they'll make it interesting/add that feature later"
what's weird is, the scope of the ideas in destiny is so vast and potentially deep - but besides introducing it, they don't use any of it.
late last night i read a lot of the destiny grimoire lore and it turned me around s little on it. it's fun worldbuilding! if plotless
cool nudes. self-assured nudes. nude and in control in the boardroom
sometimes to indicate extreme terror, i'll use "BBBBBBORF"
@krisstraub the first, the latter is more an exclamation of Relaxing.
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to me the H is exhalation with no vocal chord movement; the A is where all the power comes from. AHHH is getting into a nice soft bed
thank you, this is exactly my feeling about it. “@vsRobots: @krisstraub AAAAAAAH! … the other way is like relief/relaxation”
poll: which would you use to indicate a scream, "AAAAAAH!" or "AHHHHHH!"
Seriously @krisstraub this is you and I don't think you drew this and I'm hella confused “
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hmm i see you're still not convinced. what if i say the thing i already said again
if you disagree with me, you have to listen to my arguments as long as it takes for me to change your mind. that's called being polite
@krisstraub i have a disease that requires all federal agents and police to be polite to me only
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i went into a job interview. the boss looked like he wasn't interested, until i handed him a flyer that said "you have to be nice to me"
Ew and wow. Maybe we don't strike up convos because we don't want to. RT @MissZindzi: This is pathetic and scary
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now @gnarloh is sick! keep off the kid, germs
part of it was learning who knew what asmr was, and who was just introduced to it. i only learned about it a couple months ago