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Kris Straub
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bleah! i do not feel hot today sports fans
.@Mr_Mammon the mightiest duck is compassion
.@deedala you can always count on family to lift you up when your dumbo drops
.@jacquicollins_ air bud taught us the real bud isn't air, it's friendship
disney's blank check taught us that the blankest check of all is love
i like how they changed skype for iOS so it looks like zune. boy howdy i miss zune, i always wanted a zune phone and this is like having zun
.@nostrangenames the only reason i make things is so i can make advertisements for them
stoked to rim again MT @Legendary: #PACIFICRIM2 will be released in 3D and @IMAX 3D on April 7, 2017.
hey cool team, just putting this on your radar! i'm a stretch goal in this kicksy…
hmm, a skill i guess we'll need to learn when we have kids is taking up the entire goddamned aisle at ikea with 4 shopping carts
Finished printing my @broodhollow stencil :D created it in #b3d will do a test spray in a little bit.
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Sometimes I curse my partial hearing loss. And other times, I use it to make T-shirts.…
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who's your favorite teen-ace newton it's-a-turtle
i keep trying to get into the new yorker. maybe this time
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(2/2) So: I made this DRIVE watercolor for eBay. Whatever it raises, I’m gonna double to give to Parkinson’s research
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ICYMI: (1/2) I’ve been thinking a lot about the brilliant & hilarious cartoonist Richard Thompson, who’s career was robbed by Parkinson’s...
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what is wrong with these directv marionette ads, i think they are great!! they are supposed to look kind of creepy!
had a good experience with @teespring so far! here is the shirt you missed out on
also - i'm on listen 20 or so of this amazing elliott smith cover…