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Krypts StraaAOOOub
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if you haven't heard the podcast lately, you haven't heard the podcast! what does that even mean, that's an identity…
One day laughing at @chainsawsuit's podcast is going to get me fired
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see a doctor if you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, or the chubs lasting longer than 8
what would you do... if you had worked out the perfect crime
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very excited about tomorrow's @chainsawsuit
if there was any doubt he was mine, this started happening on its own #vanderbeam
@krisstraub got my print back from the frame shop, came out awesome! Thought the barn wood worked really well
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just launched our @chainsawsuit all-things-podcast, animation and youtube channel patreon:… !
large, wholesome, juicy announcement in this week's @chainsawsuit episode (and a lot of fun besides)…
wish I could play the game everyone's playing that just came out! this tweet is evergreen, but this time i mean borderlands the pre-sequel
If you listen to one podcast this week, listen to my #GeekAWeek interview with @krisstraub. One great convo!…
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yikes RT @comicsalliance: New York Comic Con Is Officially Bigger Than San Diego Comic-Con
@krisstraub set your Twitter notifications to vibrate, say something about Bayonetta and apply phone to pressure points. Twitter massage.
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who is awake and wants to calm me down
Check out the new #GeekAWeek trading card of webcomic artist @krisstraub! New podcast & speed painting too!
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#GeekAWeek artist month continues with webcomic artist @krisstraub. See his new trading card, podcast & speed paint!
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war crimes tribunal in the morning is going to be a great way to go #iOS8predictivetext
blood on my iPhone and iPad and iPhone and iPad mini #iOS8predictivetext
don't forget about the best way to get a new phone case is not an easy way to get a new phone case #iOS8predictivetext
nobody wants to see you in my life and I don't think you should be able to get my money #iOS8predictivetext
who wants to see my mom and I love the new update to iOS devices #iOS8predictivetext
so many people have been in my life and death in my room is the best way to get a new one #iOS8predictivetext
nice to see the point where you can be found at the end of a sudden urge #iOS8predictivetext
i'm gonna drink anyways and PRETEND
man. i wish i was at @IndieCade AND @GeekGirlCon, damn. DAMN!
how would things have been different if "twitter" was called "twittr"
@krisstraub this girl just bought our album because she liked “all that blood.” “Look at all the blood! It’s dead!”
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i think about this scene every single day
According to @krisstraub, Interpol is "a white guy with a cold moaning three-syllable words," which is how I like it, apparently
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"I stand with Westboro Baptist Church. But not like the homophobic guys at funerals. Just the ones asking hard questions about journalism."
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threatening someone over the internet is indefensible. the absolute low watermark for human interaction
Threats and abuse are never ok. It's not "just the internet". If you see it happening, speak up.
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mercer freestyle. i'll be celebrating in the safeway parking lot all night
party time, greater seattle area! hoist a tall glass
"sorry, i accidentally brushed my own cheek"
the character's name is "mr. personal space"
of all the massage chainsawsuit comics (!), this one is my very favorite…
AI wasn't a good movie, but that obsolete robot scrap circus got me. the old one pleading, "but i can light the dark with my lamp" :(
it is a privilege for you to let me tell this story
day crowd: @broodhollow book 2 has ended, read from the beginning of it…
i got sad thinking about the 6 billion people who will never get out of my stranger zone
please put me in your friend zone
Broodhollow: Book 2 is over -- but will return with Book 3 in a couple months. Start from the beginning....
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.@MWhipple4 the child may sleep upon my bones
in other news i just woke from a 3-hour... i wouldn't call it a nap. a reversible death
would people rather have a per-project @Patreon, or a per-artist one? in other words, should i create one for broodhollow, etc etc