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Tgif #sourapple
I want some apple pie. Why? Beacuse why not! 🍴
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"Life is a spell so exquisite that everything conspires to break it." —Emily Dickinson, class of 1849.
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do you think regular dogs see police dogs and think "oh shit it's the cops"
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Dinner w/my fellow West Indians ♥️🌴
Full belly, feelin good :)
Au supermarché, quand la caissière te dit "Au revoir", toi t'es toujours là 5 minutes après à galérer avec tes sacs.
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When you get that well-deserved promotion 😊🌟🙌 >>>>>>
Life hack: Don't give a fuck
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🎂Bon anniversaire à La Grande Vadrouille sortie au cinéma le 8 déc 1966 qui dépassa les 17 millions d'entrées🔝 RT
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Been working on my owl painting tonight. It's not quite finished yet, but almost! #Artsy #Painting
#Tbt: Late hs days
"Et je mélange je mélange je mélange je mélange je mélange.." 🎧🎧🎶✋
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Too much to do everyday.
I always tell myself I should take a lil nap after work each day, but it never ends up happening.
She was my heroine growing up, and is still my inspiration today. #SallyRide
I've always loved this app. #Waze
Today was a great day at work for a Monday 😊
Music and sleep, two great ways to escape from everything. #psychology
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Indians literally have it all! Good looks, good morals, style, money, intelligence, & naturally social and popular!
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Perhaps I should give them mine. Lol.
Just overheard someone say that they want big ears that stick out. Smh lol the things I've overheard today...
Man, the supermarket is basically a human zoo today. Lol.
Grins & giggles :) #Mystudent
"Mockingjay" star Willow Shields drops a major truthbomb about what happens to Prim (spoilers)
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Idk why you guys expected justice for Mike brown. its not even just a race thing its a cop abusing his power and getting off the hook.
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that new Aaliyah movie got Aaliyah looking down from heaven like
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The tweets about the #aaliyahmovie are better then the actual movie
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