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La vie n'est pas dure en soi le problème c'est nous humain.C'est nous qui faisons tourner le monde mais c'est aussi nous qui le compliquons
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Don't confuse "black twitter" with black people. "Black Twitter" is just grounds for stupid tweets by mostly ignorant blacks.
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Une rupture c'est comme un miroir brisé. Il vaut mieux le laisser brisé que de se blesser en tentant de le réparer
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Watch your crowd, as they will have influence on you, whether good or bad.
They just get better and better
I used to think that my former boss was the best boss in this world. But that was until I started working with my current boss. Both=great!
Les requins tuent environ une personne chaque année. Les humains tuent environ 114 requins par heure.
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Food tastes golden right now.
Loin des yeux, loin du coeur 👌
Allergy symptoms gone 😀
We can laugh about something without you feeling the need to come touch me. Thank you.
Idk what it is these days with girls feeling the need to grab my hand every time we're laughing about something
#Scorpio is very selective with whom they choose to associate.
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Ahh the sun has returned 🌞
Guess that's more time for me to run these errands now
Lost power at work today so we get out early.
At work today, and I don't mind, because I love my job that much.
Happy Indigenous Day :). Columbus who?
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Lenox earlier with my Angolans :) #Lenox #SundayFunday
Paint supplies are expensive, but are well worth it when you're admiring and/or selling your finished creations.
I love living so close to the best spots in Atlanta. #Convenience
No se puede creer todo lo que se escucha
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What a day, tgif!
#Scorpios don't mind running over a few people to get what they want. If you knew better you'd MOVE out the way ->>
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i say "idk" to everything when im not in the mood to talk
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But eh, at least you reached your destination. 😂😂
Lol @ ppl who argue over a parking spot
Bitter fools amuse me.
#Scorpio's are incredibly resilient. Like a phoenix rising from it's ashes, a Scorp wont stay down for long.
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Peoples' true colors are always revealed.
For what?? It's Monday. RT @RiaaaBinhaa can i jus pauseeeeee timeeeeeee
@TheBlackVoice Even in latino music, food and culture there is blatant evidence of African ties.
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I don't live my life according to what other people think.
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I like my new coworker, and the fact that she's a fellow Caribbean and also speaks Papiamento. Good vibes all day!
Finally updated LinkedIn page. I was well overdue for that.
Un minuto de silencio por todas las cosas que tengo que hacer, pero no estoy haciendo.
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We live in a world where the Browns can come back from 28-3 to win 29-28. This is the future. This is what Dippin' Dots were supposed to be.
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One of the things I love about Sundays, is preparing my Sunday dinners.
I've gotten onboard with Herbalife, and I'm looking forward to helping anyone looking to live healthier with more energy and/or weight loss! Thanks @N3ssK3lly for getting me onboard! She's also here to help. Let us know if you're interested. More to come soon. :) #herbalife
It's perfect how things work themselves out and negative people are naturally removed from the situation. 👌
That quiche sure hit the spot