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Keep your eye on the ultimate goal.
There's no stopping this woman.
I will be Dr. Tucker one day. 😊
There's so much you're capable of getting done when you're sitting in the Atl traffic.
I always like to be one step ahead. In fact, I must always be.
Consuming chocolate on a daily basis can significantly improve math skills.
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I don't think I'll ever tire of working with them.
Kids are my favorite people.
But maybe next lifetime, as we aren't as advanced as them yet.
Would be nice to visit other planets for vacation.
Some times you just need to sit outside with your dog and be happy :)
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It's never that serious lol.
This morning as I was driving to work, I saw one driver flip another one off, & I was just thinking, it's way too early for this. Lol.
These kinds of connections are the best. She is awesome.
We're almost too much alike, but in a good way
I swear my coworker almost has the same mind as me
Extra long day at work, due to the open house at the school. Glad to be home!
Flight attendant: "You look tired today" Me: "Long week" Attendant: "It's Monday"
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Bill Cosby tonight on Jimmy Fallon holy shit
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Interestingly enough, some of my best memories and experiences in life did not take place in the US.