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Kris Aquino
Yes, we are SHOOTING a TVC! Hard at work w/ @lizzzuy @celestetuviera @juansarte @alvingagui ❤️❤️❤️
Now cooking, wagyu salpicao. 😋
I normally would have ignored this bit but because Tito Ricky Lo is credible & an entertainment institution, I need to clarify. Tuesday night on our way to my taping in Baclaran, @jasminip & @darlasauler showed me an article also from's tabloid about my supposed new boyfriend... I will
My Life: All in God's hands, All in His Time, and All because of His Love... #completesurrender #faith #trust
Good Night IG Friends. God bless you all, always. 😇😴💤💤
Waiting for me in my dressing room, flowers from the fans of @janeoineza & @jeronalvinteng... Thank you for the appreciation. Looking forward to having them both on KRIS TV. ❤️❤️❤️
From my future inaanaks sa kasal, @deniseaquino & @miasposadas... In December I'll be Ninang for 2 couples & in January I'm Ninang for this lovely couple. It's heartwarming for someone like me who believes in love yet is still trying to get it right to be asked to be godmother by 3 couples who will
Because "Timing is everything. If it's meant to happen it will, at the right time and for the right reasons." Thank you my loves @markednicdao @juansarte @nantealingasa & @lizzzuy ❤️❤️❤️
Woke up to such lovely surprises. My favorite Ben's Cookies (tried them in London, had them again in Dubai but these were bought by my friend Gigi from Seoul), pretty bouquet from @poevirginia w/ a gracious note & a box of different types of gummies from @tootsyangara & @sonnyangara. I got up to ha
I had a very productive day. Had a home tour w/ the charming couple Senator @sonnyangara & @tootsyangara. Then A&A. Followed by Baclaran Church tour for Kris Tv, then midnight snacking food trip w/ the always lovely @thisiskcconcepcion & the pretty & fun @janeoineza. It's been a long work day, I'm r
This is the direct quote I mentioned to Boy on A&A... My interpretation was: "I believe in love, so I have to keep trying." Happy Tuesday everyone. ❤️
@luiandrada HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Everything I wish for you, I wrote in my card... I hope you realize how much I love, cherish, treasure, and value you- not just as my TALK UNIT BOSS, but more because you are my true friend! Thank you for all the late night conversations, for letting me cry whenever I was
Dahil mahal na mahal ko sya. ❤️❤️❤️
Because he is my best friend, because I'm so grateful he's alive & because I want to make him happy. I gave Boy the Hummer tonight after A&A. Uulitin ko, kulang pa this gift because sobra sobra ang pagmamahal, pagtiwala at pag aasikasong naibigay at patuloy na binibigay nya sa kin. Together w/ my br
Just signed my CHOW KING Franchise awarding papers. My fast food franchise ownership goal is now a reality. (This isn't part of my contract, I'm paying for my 1st franchise from hard earned money, my CK Family had offered that this be part of my contract renewal package, but I felt that I needed to
Home from Kris Tv LIVE, taping, and dubbing for an endorsement's TVC. Home enjoying fresh orange & pomelo juice. I saw my HUROM billboard on the way home & decided to post so that you'll all know that we really use at home what I endorse... I'll post other favorite juice blends soon. #healthiswealth
My roommates & I want to say GOOD NIGHT to all my IG Friends. 😘😴
What a lovely way to wake up this Sunday morning, coffee in bed & Bimb trying to carry the huge bouquet of roses that arrived just now. 😘 See you on the Buzz!
1st scene w/ the Great CHITO ROÑO, hard to believe it's 10 years after... Kayo mo bang TAKASAN ang TADHANA? #fengshuiday1 #mmff2014
I was on my way out the door when Bimb showed me this Good Luck Bouquet that arrived late last night when we were already fast asleep. Headed to shooting. #fengshuiday1 💚💚💚
I love my job. Thank You David Blaine for a MAGICAL experience having you as our guest on A&A. And because I do love my job, I need to get into character, time to EMBODY "Joy" because I'll shoot Feng Shui on Saturday. So I'm saying GOOD NIGHT & signing off for the next few days. I'll miss you IG Fri
My 1st ever #throwbackthursday post. This was from PDI's August 21, 2014 front page. Picture was taken during 1 of my Dad's Martial Law Trials, in this picture I'm assuming I was about 3 years old. Apart from my Dad & Mom, Senator Jovito Salonga is pictured as well as my Baptismal Ninong, Senator Ge
GOD BLESS YOU my IG Friends. Time to work. 💛
Revisiting my favorite works of Jeffrey Archer, before John Grisham & James Patterson, he was my original favorite author. 👓 #happynerd #readingismyrelaxation
Pleasantly surprised that my guest Neil Perez (PO2 Mariano Flormata Jr) obliged when I asked for him to show our audience if he has maintained his abs... I have been challenging myself to come up w/ new way to say Good Night on A&A, tonight it was Have a Colorful Night. Nitey IG Friends. ❤️
Future plans' dream about to be fulfilled! I have always believed that w/ good food from a respected Filipino company, I couldn't go wrong. 1st half of this year I became JFC CHOW KING's endorser, and before yearend I'll be their newest franchise owner. In getting to know their products, their setup
Very proud friend, congrats @ramsayderek11 for the September cover & feature on Men's Health Philippines... Na guilty ako, he told me about this last week pa & I forgot to buy my copy, bumabawi today w/ this post. "Compromise, Communication, and Consistency are needed in all relationships, not just
RG @ramsayderek11 FINALLY we'll all have a chance to watch this movie in cinemas nationwide. It's supposed to be a NO TALK day, but I've missed Derek & Boy Abunda- so for my 2 dear friends, dumedma muna sa vocal rest. And it was just so uplifting to hear their voices & catch up. 😊
Seems I talked nonstop the whole day & night, understandable because it's how I earn my living, but nakaka SAD kasi puro dialogue, spiels, interview questions, voice overs & work related matter lang ang conversations ko (except for short catching up post-prayer w/ my friends) nakaka-MISS yung may ka
Umuulan, pagod, senti sound trip muna... On my way to meet my Prayer Gang.
Hard at work, had to stop because the strong rain is interfering w/ my audio. ❤️
A beautiful reminder. ⌚️ is ❤️
Good Morning. Ready to travel to my location. ☕️
Prada was waiting up for me to get home. Smiling & happy puppy... Shooting the TVC I had to cancel last week when I was sick tomorrow. Good Night IG Friends. 💛💛💛
My future wedding inaanaks @itsnachua & @chadominic (who will be my Chow King franchise managing partner, opening this November 2014) came to bring the tela for my gown for their December wedding. My dress tonight came from Caster's sister, Caster was my Mom's PSG food taster & he is now w/ PNoy, su
Before I sleep, Sept 8 is Mama Mary's birthday. Happy Birthday Mama Mary! Thank you for giving birth to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Thank You for the numerous times you've interceded on our behalf. 💙
Just finished Mass. 😇 (My sons are so cooperative, we finally found a UNISEX brand that the 3 of us can wear, since it makes me happy, the 2 happily oblige na mag TERNO kaming magnanay❤️) Time to get ready for The Buzz.
"Flowers arrived for you, Mama." Bouquet was as big as Bimb! Good Morning & Happy Sunday to all. See you on The Buzz. 😊
Bimb came from his 1st party & checked on me to make sure I was okay. Now Kuya & Bimb are going to another party, while Prada will keep me company. A dear friend sent over Epsom Salts & told me to soak in an Epsom Salt Bath to get rid of my body aches & leftover cough. Will try it now. Happy Saturda
Not yet 100% okay, still coughing & still feeling weak... Home already & will REST until it's time for Buzz on Sunday. It's been taking too long for me to get healthy again... 😷😴
Prada was showing me new batch of flowers delivered today. The blue roses are uniquely beautiful & impressive! Getting ready to go to taping. 😊
My sons are normally fast asleep when I get home, but Prada was waiting up for me. Good Night IG Friends! 😷😘😴💤
More Get Well Soon Flowers. 😊
W/ the super pleasant @jeronalvinteng Thank you @juansarte for beautifying not so healthy me 💛💛💛
Kahit may sakit, pa-cute pa rin my jammies. (Yes, kailangan terno sa mug hehehe). I think my selfie skills have improved (at least di na blurred). 😷😘 See you later (will be made up so di na maputla) 💛💛💛
Sipping salabat/turmeric w/ lemon & Manuka honey. Salinase Nasal Drops helped a lot to ease my congestion, Vicks on my chest & my feet w/ socks on, and also using Kamillosan throat spray... Waiting for Ate Mel our cook to come back because she bought ingredients for my lunch so I can take my 2nd dos
Sinus congestion has improved. Feeling a bit better, thank God. 😇
Get well soon, Mama! My 2 roommates have thankfully stayed healthy. Good Night. 😴