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1 more thing; Choosing a “side” is terrible. I don’t want anyone to take this situation as an opportunity...
Today was 1 of the most emotional days of my life. I know I don’t even have to explain why, as the whole...
biggest derps in the league ~ 👹
«on ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur; l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux»
just saw this video of my 2 dear friends' new baby being birthed... I feel so happy. Life is amazing & beautiful. Cherish that shit.
~dark shadow boyz milkshake edition~ @limandco @spreme 🌚
Since it's already 9/9 in our beautiful city of Chicago, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @spreme!!!! My ride or die, best friend, fellow dark shadow boy, the obi wan to my Anakin, creative inspiration, confidante, and so much more. I hope you have the best year of your life. This is your fucking year!! I can't wait
but then I remember that I don't have a rocket ship
sometimes I wanna just get in my rocket ship and fly to the moon, cuz planet earth is too fucked up for me
my baby made it all the way to Vegas from Chicago on her move to LA. what a trouper!!! ✨🌟💫
moments of peace w the love of my life⚡️
Photo: My dear krew, some of you may not know but it is JAHAN’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! 25 years ago, my big...
educate yourselves, break out of your bubble; there is more to life than what is being force fed to you
blows my mind that ppl care more about looking cool on the internet than the crises of our world #Ferguson #Gaza #Syria #etc #PLANETEARTH
Chicago skyline x arctic monkeys @ Lolla 🌃✨
I was just attacked with kisses from my baby Juno 😍❤️😘
#tbt with my daddy, it's his bday today!! @sohail_yousaf so happy to be with my favorite man in the world on his special day ✨
baby & mama in Mykonos ❤️
ruins of a sanctuary to the gods in Delos, Greece 🗿
bossin at tmrwland @krewellajahan 💨
#tbt to the verge campus tour. miss u lads 👾 @logic301 @classic4evr @lotzofzotz @djrhetorik @nickmahar
grazie Italia for creating this joy *heavy breathing~biggest jar of Nutella I've ever seen* 🇮🇹
more beauty in Ibiza today; near a place the locals call "Atlantis", a spiral of zen towers that you can walk through. I am conflicted bc I want to share this pure joy with everyone but I feel like I've stolen a sacred moment from this hard-to-find gem of a place🙇
photos can't do Ibiza justice!!!!
1 of my most beautiful days to date, with the best; @milesevert @krewellajahan @caseydeidrick 🌊☀️❤️
how my day began cc; @milesevert
so (sorry not sorry) for getting a bit preachy on twitter. gnite beautiful peeps
I used to think it was ok shutting my mouth & keeping my opinions inside. but who are you if you don't even stand for anything?
every human has the capacity,its a matter of tapping into it; its like striking gold when 1 can look at every person to be on the same level
I'm lucky to have been raised to believe in equality. my ideals arent perfect but I have the capacity to accept what I don't fully relate to
some ppl don't know anything but hate though; they were raised to believe certain types of humans or actions are the enemy
Imagine a world where we love & accept no matter the race, religion, gender, sexual preference; that is a world I would like to live in
@nikkolamere thank u luv🙏✨📷
life's short. don't waste it on twitter.
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but we've got a fuckton of work left in the department of discrimination, 'murica
Crazy to think that only half a century ago discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, & national origin was made illegal
50 yrs ago today the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed, LEGENDARY
STUDIO GREMLIN @killagrahams 😡
HBD CHRISTIANNNN @adventureclub 👺👹👺
happy bday to my favorite gingy Christian @adventureclub. I hope tonight is equally as blurry as this Polaroid ✨👹✨
my dad is my real-life superhero. happy Father's Day to the BEST, @sohail_yousaf. I love you and miss you so much, Abu ❤️❤️❤️