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inactive bc uni
i need to go in a few. i'll try and be back sometime later. :)) @louisoholix love you. xx
I missed @louisoholix so fucking muchhhhhh
waited for 5 months lol
my cousin's gay and she's in love with her best friend who has a boyfriend. #uhoh
diana, let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes
I'm gonna be a teacher somedayyyyyy
but im back to normal lol
My typing's improved
But I can't tell you about it. :P
So there's this girl I like on campus.
I haven't used this account in a month, holy fucking shit.
But it's their idol so yeah. :) I get why they're all hyped up about it. Just like we were when BSE came out and other shit like that. x
You have to be honest though. Heartbreaker isn't even that good and Beliebers had to wait. I feel sad for them. :(
I'm just going to be a bit douchey and say on behalf of everyone, that Heartbreaker isn't that good. Isn't worth the wait tbh. #myopinion
follow @lukedawriter this person's an amazing writer. s/he's just using luke as his/her penname aha! ;)
#HarryHas16MillionFollowparty ✖ RT this ✖ Follow me ✖ I Follow back ✖ Follow everyone who RTs x17
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all right! back to classes!! bye! #off
another voting competition? *cracks knuckles* *wiggles fingers* let's do this #MTVSummerClash #OneDirection
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damn im fucking hungry i missed you twitter