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Khalid Al-Qabandi
#NowWatching @tiesto - Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2014... This is how every tuesday's should be :D…
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Fall in love with the expected, you shall forever hate the actual.
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"Trying to stay sane is like a full time hobby"
I don't know where he got that quote from but it's 100% accurate. I am a narcissistic witty handsome man. #PreviousReTweet @KQabandi
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"I like to skim through my old tweets from time to time and smile smugly at my sparkling wit." - @a_ashkan
It started off with Hearts and Diamonds, now it's ending with Clubs and Spades, probably knives too. #Deckofcards
I haven't seen @ealmeshal for weeks while she gets ready for Amsterdam. Two words that make my heart ache, @ealmeshal and Amsterdam
WeChat App, recommended.
If i was on that Malaysian airplane, my mother would've found me within minutes.
You can Tweet with total security and no one here in Kuwait can know who you are. DO NOT OPEN ANY DOC OR PDF FILE!
#6 FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS! Or else your IP WILL be revealed. Eg downloading torrents while on Tor will open a port and see your real ip
#5 The downside is that the bandwidth is limited. You cannot download.
#4 Hackers, drug dealers, businessmen, politicians etc all use Tor.
#3 State security included! No government can ask for your IP as it will not be provided
#2 It is untraceable. It defends against traffic analysis, network surveillance and anything threatens personal freedom and privacy.
#1 Tor is a free open network software based on adhoc P2P creating a whole new layer ontop of the internet layer.
For untraceable secure encrypted browsing - Tor
الخالدية مترها وصل 3000 دينار؟؟؟؟ هالمنطقة حسنتها الوحيدة ان احمد عبدالعزيز السعدون من سكانها غير ذلك مافيها زود
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فيديو يعرض نتائج استبيان القضية الاسكانيه #?????_???
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"I'm bored" to someone. Someone: "want to get together?". Now I have to explain that I'm not quite that bored.
هذي المشاريع الصغيره اللي تحتاج تشجيع مو كب كيك و جباتي ب١٥ دينار #?????_?????????_?????????
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بعد الحمل الكاذب: ألغي تأسيس الشركات ومعه حق المواطنين ب٥٠٪ من الأسهم و٧٠٪ من الوظائف في: هيئة الاتصالات وهيئة النقل لصالح أصحاب المصال
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مالهدف من سرية جلسة مناقشة الحالة المالية للدولة! أليس من حق الشعب ان يعرف الأرقام المخيفة للانفاق الحكومي، والهدر في المال العام!
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Who needs sugar with an American coffee.... The encounter was already sweet.
The difference between McD's and my workplace is that McD's has only one clown running the show..... #McDonalds