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Khalid Al-Qabandi
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Mourinho : "My team did a fantastic performance. We completely controlled the game."
Retweeted by Khalid Al-Qabandi
Fiji water OG kush, yeah, I drink verses and eat hooks @a_ashkan
I Jack, I Rob, I sin Awww man, I'm Jackie Robinson #JayZ
نتائج اختبار سرعات الانترنت لشركات الاتصالات في #??????
Retweeted by Khalid Al-Qabandi
😍 Membership package arrived, officially a Red Devil!
No more Nigerian prince $1000000 give away scams, thanks Ebola.
When will i head to South America again #ayahuasca
Helen Keller, while blind and deaf, authored 12 books. OTOH, our PM loves to wear colourful dishdashas and shiny shoes. #Kuwait
سلسله بووم عجرة قنبلة.. From to "Samboosa" #pullthetriggergoaheadnowkilla
Hilarious! "Things Get Meta After Woman Spends Too Long Snapping #Selfies…"
Teacher to twerker… "What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant,"
Nothing but a dirty slate...
Watch "The Walking Dead" and play "The Last Of Us: Remastered"... #ShiiiiSon
The walking dead ladies and gents! #TWD #S05E01
"Kill it before it lays eggs"
#Aquarius is about independence, freedom, social reform, and being rebellious.
Retweeted by Khalid Al-Qabandi
I'm the kind of person you do not want to put on speakerphone.
You "Indian" he said, as a symbol of unintelligence, a brainless moron. Yet, "India" have made it to Mars. As for us? كيفي كويتي #Kuwait
That coffee is so bitter; feels like i used to date it.
Your cell phone battery level throughout the day is directly proportional to your productivity rate #Work
Should i check my bank account balance or just continue having a decent day?
Accomplishments during the holiday: "The last of us - Remastered" game done PS4.. Whats next?
Dude, pick up your camera, not some lotion and a box of tissue #Selfie
I'm not sure why people are excited over the new environment protection law. We are masterminds when it comes to laws, but.. #??_????_????