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The rise and fall of Nintendo... as a rock band
One Diablo III feature that gets the game back to its roots:
The struggle to save League of Legends' most neglected mode
The internet reacts to secret Super Smash Bros. characters:
'Xenosaga HD Collection' is actually a thing that could happen. Wow.
Star Wars is anticlimactic without music:
Sims 4 concept art looks like Final Fantasy:
Leaked video shows what looks like a Kinect-controlled Gears of War strategy game
It was only a matter of time before someone made a Sims 4 nudity mod:
Want a gold PS4 or Xbox One? That'll be $13,700.
Two more Smash Bros. characters uncovered, one returning, one a newcomer:
Beautiful video game environments get tribute in a book that's just as pretty
Six video game characters who only had one job to do:
Final Fantasy XIV has its own version of The Powerpuff Girls:
Shigeru Miyamoto is making an animated movie about Pikmin:
There's a new Final Fantasy game coming. It's a... typing game.
So why is the new Ace Attorney set in England? Because Phoenix Wright's ancestor has to meet Sherlock Holmes:
Modder turns Doom into a Donkey Kong platformer:
Resident Evil Revelations 2 gets first trailer, will be episodic:
Japanese porn needs more male porn stars. Apparently.
We're up to seven secret Smash Bros. characters now. So far, the leak seems true:
Even typing on a laptop is epic when you're a karate master:
A sixth secret character has been found in Smash Bros. Another familiar (evil) face:
A fifth, somewhat expected secret Smash Bros. character has been found:
A fourth, somewhat ridiculous secret character has been found in Smash Bros.:
People are starting to unlock secret Smash Bros. characters:
Here's what the new Batmobile looks like
League of Legends' rebooted lore in action for the first time
The Sims 4 already has a nudity mod:
Mario is a super jerk, to both humans and cats alike:
How to find all of Destiny's golden chests:
The best way to shoot in Counter-Strike, from a top pro gamer
It's a shame we may never be able to play this gorgeous game
Want to beat a video game level without looking? Sing
It's never been as fun to play with Sims as it is in The Sims 4. Our review:
Folks are getting hyped on the Japanese Smash Bros. demo:
Paul McCartney's Destiny theme song is pretty silly:
Real-life Sonic the Hedgehog outruns tram:
PSA: Nintendo's new 3DS bundles are NOT the New 3DS. The New 3DS won't be out in the US until next year or later.
How to get free ammo in Destiny:
When Fallout mods turn the first town into hell:
Want to watch the 2014 GameStop Expo streaming live? You can do that here.
How to be a Ghostbuster without CGI
Planning to play Destiny this week? Check out our tips for the game:
Is that an NES controller-themed 3DS? Hell yes it is.
Watch Dogs finally comes to Wii U in November:
If you beat up Mario Kart's AI for long enough, eventually it'll want revenge: