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Halo: Reach's UNSC Savannah in LEGO form:
It's fall, which means it's time for funny Japanese scarecrows:
The potato salad Kickstarter festival actually happened: via @Kotaku_UK
The Xbox One is struggling in South Korea, according to reports:
Minecraft's new world type, explained with an amazing timelapse video:
Space cats, meet space sumo wrestler:
In video games, even bad controls can be good:
If Iron Chef was made by Studio Ghibli, and was a video game
Okay, so it's a... narhwal jousting game
31 of the most satisfying feelings in board games:
Look at the insane moves you can pull off in this indie shooter:
We've got a bunch of weird car glitches, and the most intense match of League of Legends:
Destiny's loot cave lives on forever in goofy tribute game
Pokemon would make awesome Monster Hunter bosses
Destiny's story is, uh, hard to explain:
Dragon Age: Inquisition character creation has everything from eye makeup to eyelash sliders.
Ryse looks way better on (very beefy) gaming PCs:
Game of the Year editions are so silly:
This Nintendo character quiz isn't what you'd expect
The story behind the only Square RPG developed in North America: via @koTAYku
Korean League of Legends announcer hype is the best:
11 months after launch, some smart system updates are finally making the Xbox One shine Great improvements for gamers
You'll have to pay extra to fight Sauron in Shadow of Mordor:
FIFA 15 is a faster, more attacking game. Our review:
The 7 best classic '80s Transformers episodes: via @Kotaku_UK
50 ways Superman could beat Batman:
Someone beat Ninja Gaiden II's hardest setting without taking damage
Joke World of Warcraft cosplay is funny and wonderful:
StarCraft II, turned into an arena shooter:
People in China actually lined up for the Xbox One:
One of Japan's Scariest-Looking Train Stations:
Anime cat is an attack on China, says journalist:
This looks like a Dragon Quest Slime car, but it isn't.
Minecraft 2 runs on - what else - Microsoft Excel:
Latest Smash Bros. 3DS glitch makes characters Godzilla-sized:
Secrets from the man inside the Godzilla suit:
Nintendo characters made even cuter.
Trying to log into Destiny over and over again when the servers are down is, ironically, a lot like playing Destiny
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The stream is over! Here's three hours of Ar Nosurge: Ode to An Unborn Star all at once, all for you.
Sunday streaming special: Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
There's an awesome Star Fox easter egg in Bayonetta 2.
Destiny leak shows what future DLC could bring:
An excellent way to retire an unused gaming machine.
We're refilling Destiny's Loot Cave in this week's 'Shop Contest.
The battle cries and animations of all 251 critters in Pokemon Stadium 2.
Is it really Sunday without Sunday Comics? Yes, but still.
What's on the other side of the most embarrassing gaming moment of 2014? Only our 'shop contest winners know for sure
It' s the Game of Thrones opening, only with a man eating soup instead of castles and whatnot.